LG makes everything from smartphones to refrigerators, and now they’ve added robots to their repertoire.

At the center of your future smart home, LG pictures a stationary robot assistant called the Hub Robot. It looks as non-threatening as you would want a robot that stays in your house to look, with a smooth, round design complete with digital quirky expressions. It even dances along with the music you play, which is both odd and adorable.

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The screen that acts as its face is where you’ll find the eyes, which appear to wait expectantly for you to command it. Like many products at CES this year, the Hub Robot takes aim squarely at the smart home. LG has partnered with Amazon and Google to bring similar AI functionality to their robot. Unlike the Echo or Google Home however, you can rename the Hub Robot to whatever you want. So if you aren’t fond of yelling out “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa”, you can simply rename it to something like Fred. Hey Fred.

In LG’s vision of the future, your virtual assistant will work with all of your home appliances thanks to SmartThinQ. Everything from your refrigerator to the lock on your front door can be taken care of by the Hub Robot. There’s no word on pricing or availability just yet, but the functionality is still pretty exciting.

Be sure to stay tuned to Android Authority for more coverage on the latest tech at CES 2017.

  • Abinash Pal

    What if, it get stolen after knowing everything about you?

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      I assume you disable it with your companion app, like you would an Echo with the Alexa app. And I’m pretty sure a stolen Echo won’t work on another network unless you can log in with the owner’s account to set up the WiFi connection.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    Partnered with Amazon and Google? What part of this robot is Google, other than the base Android code? Does it have Google Home ability as well as Echo/Alexa?

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  • Grant Ding

    If this is anything like Claptrap then I’ll be both super excited but also a little annoyed. For those of you who have never experience borderlands, I mean endearingly annoying as fuck and unable to climb stairs, but generally fun to be around.

  • Nickname303

    So what happens when the LG robot bootloops and you can’t unlock your front door?…

    • S.L Jones


    • gliveron

      Comments are getting old bro!