LG GW620

LG GW620

Today LG formally announced the GW620, the company’s first Android-powered smartphone. While the company did provide two photos, below, and a Q4 2009 time frame for the GW620, it has provided little in terms of real specs other than to say that the GW620eatures a 3-inch touchscreen and a customer user interface that should suit novices as well as experienced users.

That’s not much to go on.  But we can, of course, tell from the photos that the phone’s slide-out QWERTY keyboard sports 5 full rows of keys and some dedicated arrow keys.

The socket on the top of the device looks large enough to be a 3.5mm headphone port, and the keys that straddle the center select button, the back and home keys, look to be touch sensitive.  Hard to say if that center select button is perhaps also an optical joystick or some other navigation device, but it might not be as Android devices get by pretty well just with touchscreens.

In any case, we’ll post more information when we get it.  The larger photos are available after the jump.

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