LG working on a new Nexus smartphone, “futuristic projects” under discussion with Google

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 2, 2013

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LG and Google executives met to discuss an “alliance in futuristic projects”, say Korean sources. LG is said to be working on a new Nexus smartphone.

Google’s CEO Larry Page visited South Korea last week, in a move that highlights the growing importance of the Asian nation as a hub of the global tech industry. During his trip, Page met with the country’s president, but also with the leaders of two largest technology conglomerates that hail from Korea, Samsung and LG.

Samsung’s Vice Chairman and heir apparent, Lee Jay-yong, casually slipped an interesting piece of information after he met Larry Page, that made pundits speculate about a possible partnership between the two technology giants. Specifically, Lee said Google was interested in Samsung’s blossoming OLED manufacturing business. However, without more details, it’s very hard to infer what this collaboration could mean for the consumer.

But it seems that Google is also in talks with the smaller, less ostentatious Korean tech manufacturer, LG Group. And, in LG’s case, we have a better idea of what the collaboration with Google would entail.

LG is reportedly working on a new Nexus smartphone, after the Nexus 4, released in November 2012, proved a hit. Moreover, LG is pushing hard to expand the Google partnership to other products, such as a Google-integrated OLED TV and even a collaboration on a Glass-like device. The information comes from a Korea Times report that quotes unnamed “sources” close to the discussions.

LG sees the partnership with Google as the engine of its turnaround:

[quote qtext=”LG needs help from Google to continue its business momentum in smartphones and TVs. That’s why Koo (Koo Bon-joon, LG Electronics Vice Chairman) met Page.” qperson=” ” qsource=” ” qposition=”center”]

It’s not surprising to learn that LG is working on a new Nexus smartphone. The Nexus 4 was well received, and extending the collaboration with a new device seems logical. What we find more intriguing is the reference to Glass and other futuristic projects:

[quote qtext=”They exchanged views about the latest mega trend in the global information technology (IT) industry. They also discussed how to form an alliance in futuristic projects as part of the big picture.” qperson=” ” qsource=” ” qposition=”center”]

LG has been reported last month to be working on a smartwatch of its own, but also on a Glass-like device. Today’s report also seems to corroborate with recent information emerging from an LG patent application covering a Glass-like head mounted computer.

As for the TV business, LG is already making television sets that integrate Google’s TV platform, and it now seems that the company is looking to bring Google TV to its new line of OLED TVs, including maybe those crazy curved OLED sets that LG has just started selling this week.

One thing is for sure – LG is an up and comer, so prepare to read a whole lot more about it in the next years.

  • Stonehenge mousehole

    I really hope Google doesn’t cripple the next series of nexus devices by making them so cheap, I would rather pay a bit more and get the absolute best android has to offer. Things such as lte, SD card slot, removable battery, large battery, aluminium unibody or something similar, better camera.

    • Arthur Vincent Simon

      As someone who would have bought the Nexus 4 if it had an SD card slot and removable battery, I very much agree!

      • Qbancelli

        At what point do we stop asking for an SD card slot in Nexus devices?


      • tomn1ce

        By puting 32/64GB of internal storage I don’t think that the device would get that more expensive and there wouldn’t be a need for an microSD slot. I’m just hoping that they don’t aim for a 8/16GB of internal storage again. Not everyone likes/trust the cloud. The Snapdragon 600/800 already come with LTE baked in them so making the next Nexus with no LTE shouldn’t be an option. Heck even the Exynos 5 have LTE and by the time the next Nexus is released Samsung should had figure out how to make it play nice with the different LTE bands.

        • Arthur Vincent Simon

          At 32/64GB storage, I would agree that the SD card slot will become less important unless you are storing loads and loads of files(videos especially).

          Still would love the option though….

      • Justin Rebar

        I dont get this whole removable battery movement…

        • Tony Willis

          You probably don’t get why their were sd cards and removable batteries in the first place…People these days, crippling technology with their foolish desisions

          • no only samsung fans

          • Justin Rebar

            Maybe its because I dont care about a removable battery. I had an Evo then I got the Nexus 4. Im not dying without a removable battery and sd card. How about you buy what you like, and dont complain about something you dont care about?

        • Arthur Vincent Simon

          Some people are power/heavy users or are road warriors .They would very much appreciate not having to worry about battery life.

          On the flipside, some people don’t need a big battery life because they ahve access to a socket all day.

          It is all a matter of needs. The reason I like having a removable battery on my phones is because it is a win-win option.

          I don’t think people who don’t need a big battery life would complain that his battery is “removable” unless that person value build quality and the removable option affects it.

      • anywherehome

        I would immediately buy with replaceable battery!!

        but hope they will not make another easily breakable sh*t (like glassed iToy) without a possibility to replace a battery on the go!

    • chocho

      disagree. Nexus is the only high end device that you can buy at an affordable price without contract. So no.. I hope Google keep them at a low price..

      • Oli72

        Totally agree. Have a Nexus 4 is hands down a beast.

    • porter86

      No-one cares about having an SD card slot and removable battery (apart from hardcore nerds).

      • Stonehenge mousehole

        I disagree I think they are pretty useful features

      • MasterMuffin

        you don’t = nobody does…

      • Laz99

        I can live without an SD card slot, but the removable battery has been a must so far in my experience with Android, unfortunately.

    • Ivan Myring

      The nexus 4 wasn’t crippled and it was dirt cheap. They are gonna keep this strategy as it fucking well ships loads of phones. The design is actually pretty premium.

    • Mike Reid

      Past actions show Google hates FM.

      Even their Motorola division has removed the unofficial FM access in JB updates for Bionic and Razr I.

    • anywherehome

      Nexus 4 is a good quality and very very cheap through Google play….but youre right

    • 26

      Nexus is a high-end device with affordable price. If you still need and need and need sd card, go buy the google editions! And that could be twice and/or more expensive than nexus.

  • Infinite7154

    I have a Nexus 4 and I have no issue with having no SD slot. No Nexus on earth has an SD slot so I don’t expect and SD slot. I do think the minimum storage should be 16 gb. I have great speeds without LTE so that’s not an issue. As far as the build, I love the look and feel of my N4. People bashed Google for allowing LG to make the N4 without even having it in their hands. It looks and feels way better than the Galaxy Nexus Samsung created. I wouldn’t have any issue with LG creating the N5, especially at the $350 price point.

    • Ivan Myring

      I completely agree. And if it was lte (in the UK) data would cost more than the phone over 2 years. It sure feels more premium than any samsung

    • Mikel Pr

      Didn’t the nexus one have a SD slot?

      • Infinite7154

        You are right…none since then

  • Ivan Myring

    I think (just opinion) that Google is partnering with each company for 2 generations. Samsung made 2 phones and all rumours say Asus will make the N7 2. I think lg could do well with this

    • Cole Raney

      There are 2 irregularities with your thought. The nexus one was made by HTC, and Samsung made the nexus 10.

      • porter86

        Yeh but HTC also made the G1 which was kind of a nexus device, and the Nexus 10 is the first generation of that product.

  • Ian Huey

    You can’t really say that $349.99 is dirt cheap, sorry. It is cheaper off contract than any other device on the market though and a better value. Here’s to hoping the new Nexus device retains the same pricing with updated components and they may gain even more customers. 8 GB models are unacceptable, and even 16GB is pushing it with no expandable storage. Flash memory isn’t exactly expensive, and I believe phone manufacturers should make 32GB the new minimum standard. If the same issues regarding supply happen again, it will be very discouraging for many people.

  • cycad007

    Good lord..another LG Nexus?! I’m not exactly happy with the battery life or build quality of the Nexus 4. The *LAST THING* I want is for LG to design & build another inferior phone. I’ll seriously just wait til an Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola Nexus phone. LG = *CRAP*.

  • TheMimic12

    WHY LG? HTC can make a great Nexus!! I really want a great Nexus from HTC!!

    • pppp

      HTC cannot make a good phone. Period.

      • cycad007

        I call BS. The HTC One is better than whatever model you have. For the record, HTC has made a number of good phones…you ignorant dolt! :p

        • Cole Raney

          Good Lord you both need to shut up. You stink of fanboyism.

    • pppp

      HTC sux, period

    • Kevin Hill

      Because HTC doesn’t contain an entire ecosystem within their company. You notice both HTC and Samsung have a great number of patents in display, radio, and silicon technologies. HTC doesn’t have as many. Google is more flexible with LG and Samsung, therefore they side with them.

  • mike

    The thing is most of guy who are taking about nexus 4 here don’t own one. So I don’t have much to say to them. All what I want is 64gb or 128gb inbuilt memory on next generation nexus phone.

    • Cole Raney

      That would make me stop asking for an SD card. That sounds amazing.

      • Tony Willis

        SD card and removable battery is why the Samsung devices always sell higher that anything else.Apple can get away with it because they started it, and it was built that way for ease, they also have apple store’s for repairs and replacements(and i’ll get to why that important later).All these other non-removable battery phones are dumb for the exception of a few and even then the significance of having sd card and removable battery does actually make or brake a phone.If the nexus 4 or HTC ONE had removable battery 9/10 they would sell more that Samsung device’s. Period. People like having the option, and i do to,What happens if apps freeze the phone? Can’t pull the battery, got to do some secret button operation(Like the Evo LTE). What happens if you battery dies completely or just stop functioning properly and your out of warranty and have no phone protection service?(just saying it can happen).You ether have to hope they will try to fix and charge you a small fee or buy a new phone. Apple has stores to fix devices meaning their is an even better chance with apple that you will walk out happy in addition to the carrier stores they work with.How ever, they don’t soly rely on carries unlike others (hence why they can get away with non-removable battery and no sd card slot, it apart of the iphone’s nature)..HTC does not have a device store to fix their hardware , alteast not in the U.S.,Samsung is just starting and i’m not to sure on others.Nexus 4 is ok but it would have been way better with removable battery and SD card slot.I don’t know why Google is kicking themselves.And i don’t know how or why people think having less capabilities and less choice is a good thing…..

  • youxian