Rumor: LG plans full HD phone for Q1 2013, Optimus G2 will come in fall

by: Shea HarrisJanuary 14, 2013


If you thought that LG’s next flagship smartphone release would be the Optimus G2, think again.

It looks like LG will hit the market with a new high-end smartphone in the first quarter of 2013. The phone, codenamed GK, will feature a 5.5-inch full HD screen and a quad-core processor. Judging by these specs, the device is one to keep an eye on leading up to its launch. It’s very likely that we’ll see this GK phone at the upcoming fair Mobile World Congress in late February.

LG’s display making unit has taken to CES 2013 to show off its 5.5-inch full HD display, which is likely to equip the next flagship device from the Koreans.

Word from South Korean news agency Yonhap News is that LG’s goal with the device’s first quarter release is to carve out a bigger share of the market by releasing before the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5S. That seems to be the same strategy that HTC has adopted for the launch of its flagship M7. Both LG and HTC are aware that Samsung will steal the show with the Galaxy S4, leaving their hard-worked creations to gather dust. The only solution for the two smaller Android manufacturers is to make a meaningful impact before the S4 lands.

The recent rumors about an upcoming Optimus G2 seemed to be debunked by this report. The successor to the G2 was supposed to come at CES, which obviously did not happen. According to Yonhap, LG is now gunning for an autumn release window.

Sounds like a sound strategy if the GK turns out to be a great device. What do you guys think? Does LG have a shot at cutting out a bigger piece of the smartphone pie?

  • jes

    What about jelly bean for the current Optimus g?

  • Rishank

    Can they release the Nexus 4 properly first? They had a sure hit on their hands and they screwed it up royally!

  • mrband

    Will it come with Froyo, I presume? :p


    • bastion

      most probably GK will come with no sdcard slot and non-removable battery, just like Optimus G/ Nexus 4.

      well, it will fail, regardless their launch before or after S4, because lack of feature.

  • Thinking in the rumors that LG is shutting down the assembly lines of Nexus 4 (and reopening in Brazil), to give place to produce new phones, and possibly a new Nexus…

    Don’t make sense release a new Nexus phone now! But make sense release a Nexus Phablet to compleat the Nexus Family.

    The Optimus G gave rise to the Nexus 4.

    Could the Optimus GK give rise to the Nexus 5 (5.5″ with Stylus Pen)?

    The Google I/O is coming…

  • Caliber

    after owning a g2x I’ll never go back to LG. I’m happy with my note ii

  • LG won’t even dent SAMSUNG OR APPLE.

  • Darknut

    Personally I think LG is going to be the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer this year.

  • Michelle

    How about offering customers something more than 16 gb of internal storage with 5 of that being used for the OS & bloatware???