Earlier today we leaked an image of the LG G5 with a unique module attached to it that basically added a strange hump to the device. While we were certain the image was legit, we weren’t as sure what exactly the accessory was, though we postulated that it might in fact be some kind of camera attachment. According to a new Venture Beat report written by Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), it seems we were correct in our belief.

Apparently the image above is of a special accessory called the LG Cam Plus, a camera grip that not only adds common camera hardware buttons like zoom, shutter release, and a flash toggle, it also doubles as a 1,100 mAh supplemental battery pack. This one of two modules LG plans to show off at MWC during the LG G5 launch event.

As for the other module? Reportedly LG teamed up with Bang and Olufsen to develop a DAC, dubbed the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which improves the native sound experience and supposedly can even allow other devices to be connected to it for enhancing their audio, though obviously we don’t know all the details just yet.

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March 29, 2016

The two magic slot modules are said to be part of a program called “G5 and Friends”, with both modules being controlled by a special app called the LG Friends Manager. While LG will only have the two modules to show off at launch, Evan Blass indicates we can expect several other accessories such as a 360 Cam and a head-mounted wearable called the LG 360 VR. The VR is said to offer nine-axis sensors and an 83-degree lens with its own LCD display. Lastly, LG reportedly has a special smartphone controlled drone called the Rolling Bot, complete with its own speaker and camera. This drone isn’t a flying one, however, but rolls around the house and can even turn smart appliances on and off.

Now let’s be perfectly clear, all these claims come from Venture Beat, and so we can’t personally confirm the validity of the report. That said, the idea of the LG Cam Plus isn’t too surprising, based on the one image we have. As for the rest of the alleged accessories, it’s really hard to say for sure.

We do find it interesting that Qualcomm’s confirmation of the LG G5’s Snapdragon 820 used several emoji including a phone, a camera, a music/headphone symbol, and a pair of glasses – all of which happen to be the kind of accessories mentioned above. Of course, we could be reading into it way too much. Either way, we only have four days left until we learn more about LG’s plans for the magic slot.

Providing the rumored accessories prove to be true, do you find the idea innovative or just another gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Andrew Grush
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  • RockMarz

    Going to wait and see.

  • LG….*faints*

  • Diego

    G5 or v11?
    What should I get?

    • SamsaraGuru

      Be patient, be wise and act as all in history who have been so and who have amassed wealth and security have acted: bide your time and make your decision based on careful, intelligent research and predicated on your individual and personal needs and what actions and situation will best serve you and your needs.

      The world is filled with countless individuals who will be more than happy to manipulate you, use you to their best interests irrespective of whether they will help or hinder you or make your strong.

      Your job – must be – to do your best to figure it out; not let them manipulate you and make a wise choice.

      The big question – since time began – is whether we have the courage to take that type of stand – or, choose to follow the flock of sheep who don’t and are afraid of thinking for themselves.

      Trust yourself and that emotional compass you have within you – in your heart of hearts – that is always trying to tell you what is right and wrong! It will never lead you astray – be it in choosing a phone, a mate or the direction of your life! lol

      • wettitab

        the fuck!

    • moew

      V11 will have a larger second screen, last year’s processor and be the heaviest phone out there. :)

  • LoLNO

    poor LG.
    childish gimmicks, hideous design, pathetic LG front logo.

    LG is about to go bankrupt, but thinks someone needs an additional $25 battery (drone, bot or VR) from LG.
    just put a 3,500mAh battery in it!

    “LG and friends”. #facepalm

    • Watcher

      Rather have the option of a larger battery then being stuck with what ever thing is in the galaxy s6.

      • Char

        I hope the camera grip comes in a leather option to make it stand out against the phone.

  • Robin George

    That moment when I see foolish Samsung fanboys right about gimmick here…. Lols
    Pathetic people think it’s unremovable… Well I piece of craps it is removable for freaks sake…

    • Aki I.


  • Bill Watts

    LG would be better off if they started making Galaxy phones

    • Watcher

      Galaxy phones? Why would they go through the trouble of making something another company already does? That’s how ingenuity dies also the legal trouble of making “galaxy phones” would be horrible and cost way to much.

      • Bill Watts

        galaxy phones made samsung the company they are today. LG would be wise to follow their example and start making galaxy phones as well

        • Samsung is a pretty bad company. It’s kinda obvious that LG would want to follow its footsteps.

          • Žiga Štupar

            well this is your opinion, but in reality Samsung is at this moment best android smartphone manufacturer

        • ConCal

          How does one, “make a Galaxy phone?”

          • Bill Watts

            the easiest way would be to purchase one from samsung

    • Andre Senge

      Shut up old fart, Galaxy phones are garbage!

    • lolwut


  • Watcher

    I am actually really exited for this phone. It is going to be a great alternative to all the other brands and it has really cool innovation. And the greatest thing is every boy and their dog won’t have this phone like the galaxies.

    • King_Android

      Yea but they will still have Samsung Pay. Revolutionary once people actually realize the true benefits of it. I heard rumors the LG has a similar tech hopefully they put it in this phone for a future software update when G Pay launches.

  • V-Phuc

    At first glance, the hump looks hideous. Remember all the laughter when Apple released their humpback battery case. Boy, I hope that LG doesn’t follow the same path to ridicule. Having said that, I can’t wait to see what this phone is all about. Just got the LG G4 with leather back, and loved everything about it.

  • Craigus

    Magic Slot.
    – gimmick
    Just like the iPAQ strap-on accessories of yesteryear. The majority of people don’t want a strap-on that has to be carted about to be used and adds an exceptional amount of bulk when fitted.
    Sorry, but this is not the type of innovation we need.

  • RG

    These modules will be OPTIONAL. It won’t change the physical setup of the phone in its default physique and will mean that you can swap out the battery in a metal bodied phone.. something that won’t be possible with the S7.

    Jeez, some people are getting way too negative and over excited about these modules. We haven’t even had a proper look at them yet.

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      People just love to be negative. I guess it is easier for some than actually thinking about the potential of new ideas.

  • Felipe

    G5 or S7?
    The S7 is sounding much better with its water resistant certification

    • Žiga Štupar

      I personaly will go with S7, but cannot say about others its a personal chioce and besides you cannot go wrong with both off them

  • 1213 1213

    Looks like the g5 will be kinda gimmicky, some of these features sound cool, but only for a moment. In the end the only way it can compete with the s7 is price, but with this nonsense it wouldn’t be surprising if it costs close to the s7.

  • wettitab

    Wow..this might get my money! Hope the camera thing is true. This reminds me of the accessory L1020 had. Good old day Nokia were the innovators

  • T_Durden

    LG, give me a gamepad module! Those bluetooth one always has some lag.

  • saas lesa

    This is not gimmick, it is good idea, really. Project, I can say. But the problem is because is this phone light years away from G series. I really liked G3 and G4, and this is not what I want from G series. So, they had to make completely new series of phones, and named… and continue to work with existing G series. I think with this turn LG will loose old owners of G series (mostly), and hardly to attract significant number of new customers. In my opinion, v10 is great concept, and they had to stick with that.