LG G5 launching on March 31, will come with extra battery in the US, Cam Plus in some markets

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 18, 2016


LG has confirmed that its new G5 flagship will become available globally starting March 31.

The G5 was released at MWC 2016 to mixed reactions – its design is divisive, even though the G5 is the first phone in the series to feature a metallic body, without sacrificing either the microSD card slot or the removable battery.

The experimental nature of the G5 poses some risks for LG, but the company hopes that customers will appreciate the modular design and the ability to add so-called Friends to the mix – specialized modules that tuck into the bottom of the G5, including a camera grip and a dedicated audio module co-branded with Bang & Olufsen.

Depending on the market, LG will bundle the G5 with either a CAM Plus camera module or an extra battery and battery charging dock worth around $100. LG will also offer a 38% discount on the Hi-Fi Plus audio module, but its price hasn’t been revealed yet.

In the United States, the LG G5 launch bundle will include the extra battery and battery charging dock, as well as a microUSB adapter that allows the Type C-equipped G5 to work with older USB cables.

lg g5 us bundle

According to a credible leak on Reddit the official Best Buy promo page, the LG G5 will go on pre-order today on AT&T and Sprint and from March 24 on Verizon, with in-store availability from April 1. At Best Buy, the un-activated price of the LG G5 will be $799, while subscribers who get a two-year activation will be able to get it for $99.

lg g5 best buy

For more on the LG G5, make sure to check out our hands-on impressions from MWC 2016, as well as our comparison with the Galaxy S7.

Thoughts on the LG G5? Were you hoping to get a different launch bundle? Will you get the LG G5 on April 1?

  • LastKings31

    If the G5 is 800 on tmobile. I’m going for the s7 edge

  • Mohammed Faisal

    Wanted the same release date for the UK. Very disappointed. Kept us waiting too long

  • Charley Harper

    anybody know where I can find that blue stock wallpaper?? The one that’s on the phone in Josh’s hand? I’ve looked everywhere and I’ve downloaded every single LGG5 stock wallpapers zip I can find but none of them have that exact wallpaper… Any help??

    • Dante Sparda

      Check phone arena. They have all the G5 wallpapers and S7 as well for full size download.

  • Mateusz Bernat

    Any way to get the extra battery pack in Europe?

    • No, we’ll get shitty Cam module…

      • Mateusz Bernat

        Anyone experience with pre-ordering from abroad?

      • Fred

        I think the cam module is nice, also has an extra battery built in. I hope mohpie builds a module which acts as a case and a backup battery.

  • Fred

    Instead of adding all this free stuff, LG should Price it around $500.

  • jasonlowr

    Lol. With that price, rather go for the s7 edge

  • trwb

    I would wait a couple months. This phone will be probably be down to $450 in a couple of months because of poor sales imo. Looks pretty bad.

  • Scott Ricketts

    It’s $629 on T-Mo. Sold.

    • Where did you find a T-mo price?

      • Scott Ricketts

        The other article with the T-Mo headline.

  • patstar5

    $799! Forget it, I’ll get the OnePlus 3 or next Moto x

  • King_Android

    >500? Um no. That price I am sure includes the “free” battery and “free” camera module. I hate when companies toss the word “free” and people really jump on the “deal” thinking its a legitimate deal. They just included these “free” items into the mix to boost the appeal. Nothing but a really really old marketing ploy. And I’m no longer interested in any phone that costs over $600 bucks. Its ridiculous at this day of age in mobile tech. My $375 64gb Gold Huawei Nexus 6P FTW!!!!!

  • ben

    Certainly would never pay 800. With the G4 and Moto X Pure going for ~300, the G5 couldn’t justify 800.

  • fn noobee

    $800?! I can get a decent gaming laptop for that. Um, no thanks.