LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 offering just 32GB – without adoptable storage support, is that enough?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 25, 2016
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Yesterday we learned that both the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge) have decided to forgo Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature. That’s LG and Samsung’s decision to make, but we can’t help but wonder why they didn’t give us more internal storage variants then. The LG G5 will only have 32GB internal storage and while Samsung is offering a 64GB model, it isn’t coming to the United States or Europe. In 2016, is 32GB storage enough room for all your apps? Depends on who you ask.

with some games like Final Fantasy IX taking as much as 4GB of space – it’s easy to see how gamers and power users might run into issues when it comes to internal storage

On one hand, the microSD slot will still store all your music, movies, and photos (generally by default), and there’s even a few apps that can be transferred manually to microSD on many phones out there (apps like Facebook, etc). Still, with some games like Final Fantasy IX taking as much as 4GB of space – it’s easy to see how gamers and power users might run into issues when it comes to internal storage on the G5 and Galaxy S7.

With adoptable storage, this wouldn’t be an issue. As most of you probably know, adoptable storage allows you to basically merge your microSD and internal storage into one partition, with the OS automatically placing things wherever there’s room – including all your apps.

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Of course, adoptable storage has its own potential downfalls. First, Samsung and LG argue that it’s confusing, mainly because a memory card used as adoptable storage is then locked to at phone, making the card unreadable elsewhere and making it useless for quick data transfers directly from the card. Another possibly pitfall is the huge disparity in performance with a ‘cheap’ memory card versus a higher-end card, a distinction many casual folks won’t probably be able to make. If someone turns on adoptable storage with a cheapo card, the end result will be a much more sluggish experience.

We can understand why Samsung and LG might want to prevent these things from negatively affecting people’s opinions of their phones. When it comes down to it though, many of those who are upset about this decision suggest LG and Samsung could have made this a hidden option (under developer’s options, etc), thus ensuring that only those who know what they are doing ever attempt to turn it on. Instead, the only way we’ll ever get this choice is through custom ROMs.

So that leads us to the crux of the matter: do you feel 32GB storage is enough? Would you have liked more storage options, or is having microSD – even without adoptable storage support – more than good enough?

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    For apps and other things you can download from the play store, 32 gb is plenty considering you put all your photos and music on the sd. However now that samsung is packaging the Vr headset with the phone it’s actually a bit more concerning. For the two months I had the VR, there was at least 4 gb + of VR content on my phone. By which point I was left with about a gig and half on my s6. About 8 gigs for android and touchwiz, 4 gigs for misc. apps, 4+ gigs for VR, a gig + for photos and 2 gigs for videos and music and my s6 memory was all but gone.

    • Reed

      It’s plenty for you**

      I have most of the final fantasy games installed on my phone. That alone takes up a huge chunk of space.

      They should have offered larger size options so everyone can find what works best for them, instead of telling people to compromise.

    • downhilldude

      VR content will go on the SD card now…

      • nikolas ostropolskiy

        Haven’t heard about that yet, but if so that would be pretty nice.

  • gargoyals

    I still don’t get it. It’s a free android feature. Why remove it? What does confusion matter? It’s the users choice to combine the storage or use stand alone sd. Only advanced users will know how to activate the feature anyway.

    • Tim R.

      i think on the s7 you can’t use the sd cards as a internal storage because of the much faster UFS2.0 storage onboard… and Samsung said that they a sd card as internal storage would makes it inflexible because you can’t remove the sd card if you using it as internal…
      i hope you understand what i mean.. :D

      (sorry for my bad english ^^)

      • gargoyals

        Ah oK. If it’s a hardware/compatibility limitation then I understand. However this article says they removed it because it was “confusing.” That would not be a valid excuse. I honestly thought this was one of the best new Android features.

        • Rafael

          Still there’s a Matter of Android N. And they have that new card that has 250 GB. I feel is a combination of things… Ultimately, someone dropped the ball and should have told DJ that he should provide 32, 64 and 128 variants

          • gargoyals

            Oh yeah definitely they should have. I was only questioning the reason behind dropping the adoptable storage feature. Dropping it because it was “confusing” is just…

      • tansuperman

        I don’t mind buying an SD card that is high end u3 and leaving it in my phone. Never taking it out. I’ve never taken out my SD cards out of my phones anyway. Always transfer through USB or the cloud. They didn’t think about the consumer when they did this. They thought about their phones looking bad and slow if people used cheap cards. Should be in developer options.

    • William

      Because with adoptable storage, there will be less sales on 32GB and 64GB model.
      Most people will probably pick cheaper 8GB or 16Gb model and add a cheap 200GB sdcard instead.
      It’s all about money.

      • Reed

        They’re not even offering a 64 GB or 128 GB model dude.

        • BigSheik

          They are supposedly as told by a T-Mobile rep. Right after the launching of the 32 GB model smh

    • PauloF11

      I think it’s because of sdcard being more slow than the internal storage and it would affect the overall performance…. just a guess…
      Sorry for the bad english

  • takpro

    I think the debate about adoptable storage has legitimate points on both sides. However, I find the decision to not provide at least the 64 gb model in the US mystifying!

    • Daggett Beaver

      They’ll offer a 64 GB model eventually.

      • Abd

        LG doesnt have 64GB in any market

        • Matthew Merrick

          They have the V10. That’s ONLY available with 64 GB internal. I thought that was the direction LG was going to go with the G5. Guess not.

    • I concur! I kind of feel like the reason they’re not so they can find something to differentiate the V11 from the G5. Like they did last year, the G4 got 32GBs and the V10 got 64GB. I think the G5 is the more casual flagship, and the V11 will be their more media, content-creator heavy (In that Note/Phablet category).

  • vmxr

    im running with 8G storage im dying here :x

    • Kody

      You poor soul. Where did you even find a phone that still offers 8gb? Is it the Moto G?

  • Joe Knott

    I think that is completely ridiculous. That is the thing I am most excited for with Android M. I never take SD cards out of my phone after I put them in. Why would they just destroy that new addition overall. I hope there is some way for them to put it into the software after they hear some outcry. I don’t like them blocking entire functions of android. That’s just wrong and against the whole idea of Android.

    • MrHollow

      So you are forced to buy the other expensive options just because… This confusion argument is bullshit and they can shove it, at the same time it’s their software so they can do whatever they want with it, what pisses me off though is the fact that LG adopted this bullshit idea even though i was really prepared to pull the trigger on the G5.

      • Itamar Baum

        i would have agreed with you, IF they would sell the highest storage devices in most markets.

    • Dave

      I have a g4 and it knows me personally lol..ive stuck with lg from day 1..this time..i think im staying with g4 till the g6..the g4 does EVERYTHING..even things the g5 doesnt..g4 is bomb..period

  • Allyn K C

    Personally, 32GB should be sufficient for my needs; but I would prefer to get a 64GB model to future-proof myself. That said, I can also understand why gamers and power users are upset over this decision.

    With only 32GB available – the option for adoptable storage would have been the ideal solution. Only power users who know how to access the developer options menus would be able to reach it; and activation could require acceptance of a strongly worded disclaimer as added protection against casual users getting in there to activate it.

    • Fluff

      lol i have a 64gb x-force with an additional 128gb sd card and oooo and unbreakable screen :))) samsung you are soooo yesterday

    • Daggett Beaver

      Games should have the option to store the big files on the microSD. I don’t game much, so I don’t know if any games do that.

      Adoptable storage is asking for a nightmare of trouble. I wouldn’t use it if it was available. If I really need more than 32 GB I’d wait for Samsung/LG to offer 64 GB phones.

      • Allyn K C

        It is a bit bewildering that 64GB isn’t available on the S7 in the USA. I haven’t tried Gear VR, but I have read elsewhere that some of those apps can use up significant amounts of storage to power their 360° worlds. With a free Gear VR + $150 in VR games being given to pre-orders in the USA, I can see a lot of those early purchasers getting frustrated by the 32GB limit being available.

        • tansuperman

          They are selling the 32 gig for a 128 gig price. Not cool samsung

      • tansuperman

        Adoptable storage is awesome. I use it on my shield TV by nvidia. I have alot of games on it and other things and was running out of space and not everything can be saved to the expandable storage. Update to marshmallow saved me with my Samsung pro plus 64 gig micro SD card.

  • King_Android

    AA please do something with these fucking ads. I cant even read a simple article because these ads make the screen jump all over the place. I hate to say it but I might be forking AA. This ads are absolutely horrible.

    • Steven

      Get Adblock for your browser.

  • billcollier

    it would be great if both storage locations could merge to increase storage, them there is no more issue. some apps insist on being on the phone. my v10 ice only seen one our of like 15 apps I was allowed to move to the SD card. They all function fine. but I don’t game on my phone though.

    • Chris

      Do that and your SD card is useless

      • billcollier

        It’s useless now if you can store only 25% of your apps and music

  • a edmundo


  • phatmanXXL

    Greedy samsung. Always robbing customers

    • cdm283813

      As the title says “LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7”

  • Ronnie Brewer

    HTC take my money

    • tansuperman

      If HTC made better phones, ID switch to them. Hopefully they make the next nexus then I’ll be there all the way

  • Ronnie Brewer

    HTC allow users to decide that. that is why they will have my money

    • Chris

      And if they don’t?

  • Daggett Beaver

    Yes, it’s enough. I have 12 GB free on my 32 GB Note 4 long after using it for a year. I just don’t store junk on the phone. I put it on the microSD. Not all apps let you do that, but some do.

  • Abd

    You can order S7 64GB international unlocked from Internet/ebay if you just wait few weeks. Or wait for the mighty Note 6 with 4K AMOLED display, 6GB RAM and possibly 128GB UFS 2.

    “Samsung’s 256GB UFS 2.0 Mobile Storage Is Twice As Fast As SATA SSDs”

    • tansuperman

      Note 6 will not be 2160p. I guarantee

      • Chris

        We’ll see kid

      • Abd

        I guarantee it will have a 4K mode, probably for multimedia. There are two main reasons for that. 1. VR. There will be plenty of competition this year including new VRs from Google, LG, possibly Apple, and many others. 2. iPhone 7 will have QHD display, probably AMOLED manufactured by Samsung, and Samsung will Not have the same old QHD on Note 6 when iPhone 7 is introduced.

      • Kody


  • Nate

    32GB will be fine with us. With expandable storage we can point our camera to that and leave the 32GB for apps.

  • Garrett Lee Reyman

    Answer: no.

  • cdm283813

    I no longer download huge games. I use to be a big fan of games on phones and tablets but I despise in app purchases. If they charge me upfront for the damn game without all the crap I would be playing more games on the phone. But instead I invested more into my computer and I have a Oculus Rift on pre-order.
    So 32GB is fine and I would store games on my SD card slot. Even if there was a 64GB option I would not buy it with SD card support.

  • The Doctor

    I couldn’t care less if they’re only 32GB. I use my PS4 for gaming and I’m not a heavy app user. My music and my pictures will all go on the microSD card.

  • Bay_Ranger

    LG customer relations has said that the G5 does support adoptable storage. Were they wrong?

    • Chris


  • Shxwn Hxrry

    If the option of adoptable storage is still reachable somehow underneath the S7 and G5 UI skins, best believe we’ll find a way to get/enable it. After all it’s a basic (albeit internal) core feature of Marshallow 6.0 right?

  • Mark Kendrick

    Everyone has differing views and usage but for me 32gb with expandable storage is fine. I have about 11gb of music, over 500 photos and 15 videos on my phone that take up the bulk of my used storage. I could easily shift that to an SD card and be good to go. Hell I might even shoot a bunch more 4K video since I could have a huge memory card to store it on.

    • Kody

      It’s not media files that make people worried, it’s application files. Gaming apps and photography apps take disgusting amounts of space and not all of them have the option to move to an SD card.

      • Mark Kendrick

        I understand that’s why I mentioned for my usage it wouldn’t matter. I think having a toggle in the storage settings would be a great idea. They could probably implement this in an update right? Otherwise a 64 GB option would have been a good idea.

  • Reed

    Nope. Not enough at all. It’s the entire reason I won’t be buying the G5. I would have if they at least included adoptable storage, but since they are not, I will not make a purchase.

    Though the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized I think I just want a Nexus anyways.

  • alan4195

    Has any noticed that press-shots of the LG G5 seem to always be of its rear-side? Is there something wrong with its front (I mean, beside the small display surrounded by gargantuan bezels)?

  • Karl Lukan

    32GB is a crazy amount of storage for apps.

  • Zero Mizukami

    I’m kind of torn on if 32 GB+an SD card slot is still enough. On one hand, when I don’t install many games, I’ll have storage for days, but on the other hand, I like to have a lot of games. 32 is juuust enough to scrape by with, while 64 would be more than enough. I could definite live with 32 GB internal and an SD (doing just fine on my tablet), but 64 GB would feel a lot more comfortable, especially with the lack of adoptable storage

  • Alex F

    I don’t think 32GB is enough. On my 64GB S6, 9.26GB is OS reserved, on a smaller capacity that would leave only ~23GB left. I have 15.2GB of apps on my phone, and that’s mainly because a lot of games will advertise a small download size then require a 1-2GB download when you do the initial launch, so I definitely think that more people should get the option of 64GB ROM

  • Kody

    It doesn’t really matter. It really should be enough for me.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      And even if it’s not enough , just buy good SD. They will go cheaper until you need one.

      • Kody

        Indeed. Sandisk always has sales for the 128gb for ~$30.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘We can understand why Samsung and LG might want to prevent these things from negatively affecting people’s opinions of their phones.’
    OMG how hypocritical you the tech media are!!!! You not only understand. You feel pissed off, that you can’t bashing in hundreds of articles , every single day Samsung for lagging , and praise Apple for ‘great performance’ for not offering SD support. LOL
    Sorry guys, this time you lose. Buy good SD or stay with your lovely iPhones . That’s simple.

  • saksham


  • xtriker360

    32GB is the reason why I’m still on the fence about getting the s7. After all the memory that the system takes, and a few aaa games and you are F*** why on the freaking he’ll samsung a F*ing memory maker in 2016 makes its best phone with only 32gb? And you actually not getting 32gb of available. M***F***…

  • wcjeep

    How many people take the slow 2gb card from their dumb phone on install on the new smart phone? Probably a lot. The average smartphone is already more capable than most users. Now look at the iPhone. No options. No confusion. Just go.

    • Ben

      yea totally no options, that’s exactly the problem, they don’t allow a shit and still ask the same price while having way worse hardware and an operating system that doesn’t have any customization whatsoever, not to mention they’re really lagging behind with their dualcore trash and their low as fuck resolution screens, their contrast isn’t even good.

  • xtriker360

    Wait a minute, does LG gets its memory chip from samsung? I small something fishy here.

  • AS118

    32gb is enough for me, but it won’t be enough for others, which is why I don’t understand this arbitrary limitation. I also don’t know why both Samsung and LG don’t allow for adoptable storage. All they have to do to make people understand what it is is add a page that tells them that it will:

    1. Format the card (losing the data on it)
    2. Lock the card, meaning it can’t be used with other phones.

    I don’t see what’s so hard about adding a warning page and an “are you sure? this will erase all the data on this SD card” dialog box.

    I can’t believe the 2 big Korean companies are being so tone-deaf. And LG removed the app drawer for no good reason too. Sure you can just put the apps in a folder, but that’s what the app drawer did AUTOMATICALLY without the extra trouble. Plus, if you have an app drawer, you can still put apps in a folder anyways if you don’t want to put them all in a folder.

  • Jumbeau

    Big nope.

  • Lamar Taylor

    I own the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB and Galaxy S6 64GB as my business phone. I don’t understand Samsung cutting my memory in half and at the same time disabling the Android M memory card feature. I thought Android was about choice and being “open”. I plan on upgrading to the GS7 Edge and I just won’t add any movies or music to my phone and hopefully I can just put my pics and videos on the memory card…that way I can save the internal memory for just apps and games.

    As someone who uses an iPhone and Android phone daily…I prefer Samsung phones over any other Android brand because they have the best screens and best cameras. I just hope next year they bring back the 64GB version or even the 128 GB version to the U.S. so I can store everything internally and not have to use the cloud or memory cards. My iPhone has my entire music collection, over 50 apps and games, over 200 HD music videos, my entire photo collection, and 3 HD movies whenever I travel…I want to be able to do the same with my Galaxy phone.

  • trob6969

    LG has already confirmed that the G5 DOES support adoptable storage.

  • teomor

    But I thought games can install their files on the SD card? Music, photos and everything else can be stored there.. so.. what’s really the issue here?

  • Robert

    So I contacted Samsung support with a question about the SD card slot. The guy on the phone told me that “when you insert an SD card into the S7 it will automatically be counted as internal storage”, “this includes applications too”, “Unlike with old phones where you had to transfer files back and forth”. Any ideas on whether this might be true or not??

  • budabellyx

    Shiiiit. 90% of what I do is streamed. But I’m lucky enough to have the non throttled unlimited plan from T-Mobile and live in an area where my LTE coverage is great.

  • Rheller82

    I think it’s smart that they came out with one size that way it doesn’t seem like there doing it to make you buy the larger model. I want adoptable storage, but still I’m getting a s7 edge.

  • Mail carrier

    So what is the BEST SD card to use with adoptable storage? Droid Turbo 2 has the adoptable storage and will probably be my next phone.You should do an article comparing various SD cards!

    • 3223

      For me, I’ve personally been using the 64gb Samsung pro+ MicroSD card. It sure costs a pretty penny, but you get a card that’s too fast for most smartphones’ SD card read/write capabilities. Which to me makes it feel as though it’s future proof. :)

  • Abd

    * UPDATE *
    A New Cheap Cheat From LG:

    “Latin America will only get a Snapdragon 652 + 3GB RAM variant of the LG G5, no VR 360 headset”

  • Smash

    g5/s7 hardware+nexus OS+ G5 Camera = ill give 1000$ for that one

    thats why i buy phones, depending on CM availability for the device.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Another thought: If I was in charge of the design, I’d eliminate the adoptable storage feature in the phones, too. If any consumer tries to use it, it will lead to a nightmare for Samsung support. An experienced geek might know how to handle adoptable storage and deal with potential problems, but it would mean serious trouble for the average consumer (the market for Samsung phones). The average consumer is not going to know that you can’t just remove the microSD and put in a new one to view or store photos and think the phone will work as expected. The average consumer isn’t going to know how to deal with their phone when the microSD fails. It’s just too risky to support it. So I’m with Samsung (and LG) on this decision.

    If/When microSD cards get fast enough and reliable enough to eliminate some of the potential problems, then it might be a good option to support.

  • 32 is enough. nobody stores anything on their phones anymore. clouds – for personal files and work, google play music for music. you simply don’t need more storage or sd card.

    • quadrplax

      That’s no good when you’re indoors and don’t have service

  • Bokebo

    I can’t help but think that since Samsung is pushing VR and high-end graphics, they would want to allow people to expand their storage for these inevitably LARGE files. Since only CERTAIN apps can be moved PARTIALLY to the SD card, I could see myself running out of room after installing a few games and VR experiences.

  • BigSheik

    The real question is could this feature be implemented in a software update?

  • MarkUkanela

    Not enough.. That is horrible if you ask me. I have a 64GB S6 Edge now and I have used up around 25GB of space. The new 32GB claims to give users 24GB of space after the basics installed on the phone. I also barely have anything on my Galaxy S6 Edge. With that you will not even be able to update applications or Firmware from Samsung or LG. Anything under 64GB is horrible. My current Apps are around 5GB as well. The Smartphone where the apps run and software for the hardware run also need space to run and move files around. For the smartphone to work comfortably with no lags it should have the space available of what is available. If it comes with 32gb then you should not be using more then 15gb in total. You can but you will experience lag and crashes if you are running 25-30gb of used up space out of the 32gb available.

  • MarkUkanela

    They want people to sell it down the road and buy a newer model with more space. With 32gb they target new dummies by telling them it is enough because you can store things on your external memory card. Not everything will go on the external memory card. More you have on internal one the slower the phone will get.