LG G3 specs and features ‘leaked’ via LG Netherlands’ product page

by: Andrew GrushMay 26, 2014


Tomorrow is LG’s big day, at least if there’s anything left to announce. Earlier today we took a peek at the Sprint LG G3, and now a new (massive) leak gives us an even more detailed look at what to expect from the G3.

This leak comes from a somewhat surprising source, LG itself. Apparently someone at LG Netherlands made an “oh-uh” and published the LG G3’s product page early, complete with a list of specs and some details about new software features.

Many of the spec details aren’t exactly shocking, considering they match just about everything we knew from earlier leaks and reports. As a recap, the G3 features a 5.5-inch display with an impressive 2560×1440 resolution, there’s also a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 13MP camera with OIS, a 3000mAh battery and dimensions of 146.3 x 74.7 x 8.9mm.

Interestingly enough, LG’s information does differ in a few areas. First, the handset only has 2GB of RAM according to LG Netherlands. There’s also only 16GB storage. Of course, it’s possible that there are multiple configurations, depending on the region.

LG’s leak also clears up what that little black spot on the other side of the camera lens is. As it turns out, this is a laser that is designed to provide quick, accurate auto-focusing. This is a “first” not only for LG, but for any smartphone out there.


Software goodies highlighted

Although the product page doesn’t tell us everything about the LG G3’s software, it does clear a few things up here as well. First, it seems that you’ll get tips based on the status of your phone. This includes alerts suggesting that you uninstall apps you haven’t used in ages, notifications based on locations and more. Not only does this sound a bit like Google Now, it also seems to match up the previous rumor claiming LG was preparing a “concierge-like” service for the LG G3.


Some of the other software changes include updated camera software with a Touch & Shoot mode that removes unnecessary controls from the interface, a Quick Circle feature for putting your six most-used apps in a convenient spot and a revamped keyboard.

Bottom-line, LG has plenty in store for us tomorrow, and hopefully that includes at least a few surprise features that haven’t be disclosed to us yet. So how about it, excited for the LG G3 yet?

  • Captain Spaulding

    Snapdragon 801 (as opposed to 805), 2GB RAM (as opposed to 3), and the same size battery as the G2???!!!

    • ♜Donzzy™
    • And with 2k resolution I think the battery life will be worse than the G2.

      • Xavier_NYC

        • Captain Spaulding

          Yeah, but can you get 6+ hrs. of screen time, like the G2? If not LG will be taking a step back in that department.

          • yuckClowns

            removable battery vs bigger and non removable. Maybe 805 not ready in time… bummer though.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Not sure but we’ll have to wait and see.. My G2 I put CM11 on it, never again… Those roms are just not stable enough and there’s still no stable build.. I’d be lucky to get 4 hrs of screen time

          • Captain Spaulding

            I’m running CloudyPro II with Dorimanx kernel. I Usually get 19 – 20 hrs. with 5 – 7 hrs. screen time.

          • Xavier_NYC

            hmmm never heard of that one.. Might have to check it out.. Is it just a modded version of the LG UI?

          • Captain Spaulding

            It also has themes enabled, so that’s a plus. Here are a few screen shots.

          • Xavier_NYC

            How stable is it?

          • Captain Spaulding

            It’s stable. Cloudyfa is a great dev. This is a G Pro II ROM, but he also has CloudyFlex and CloudyStock, all of which are very stable. The main reason I like them is for split view. Also, there are some devs working on a Sense 6 (M8) port, I’m really looking forward to that.

          • Xavier_NYC

            The Sense 6 port is already on XDA for the D800: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2717465

          • Captain Spaulding

            It’s not fully functional… no sound, no camera :(

          • Woe, Is [S]unjΔy

            Lol, an iPhone theme.

      • Captain Spaulding

        I’m trying to have faith in LG and believe that this will still be a beast, but it’s hard. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

        • Xavier_NYC

          Three words or two words and a number… Oppo Find 7… QHD Display, 801 Soc, 3000 mah battery… Runs smooth and has great battery life..

    • Marco Lancaster

      After the recent leaks, I’ve started to accept the Snapdragon 801 adoption, is a little upgrade compared with G2, but fine, Because we have 3GB of Ram Yet, and minimal version of 32GB, but now, only 2GB, and the bullshit 16GB Version, c’mon we’re on 2014 we don’t want more Top-Ranges with less than 32GB Storage.

    • chaki-

      Don’t worry man, there will be a PRIME version after 3 months with SD805 and 3500mAh batt ;)

  • TechGuy

    I can’t believe it has only 16GB. I would not buy a phone without at least 32GB and 3GB system RAM.

    • jendrush

      Exactly, so if LG will fail tomorrow we have to wait for Note4, S5 Prime, M8 Prime etc….It would be shame for LG to destroy such good opportunity. This could be a best phone at this time.

      • thartist

        OR… the G3 Prime…

  • Xavier_NYC

    People are making such a big deal of the 801. Do I want it to be an 805? Yes but when you have a device like the Oppo find 7 that has the same specs with a QHD screen running buttery smooth with an 801 Soc then the G3 should be fine.. Plus I bet there’s two different versions of the phone.

    • _X_

      Yes but people wanted the 805 because they wanted the LG to be better that S5, HTC One and SONY Z2…now the LG is more of the same.
      The only differance between all the new phones are the designs and the cameras…ISOCELL, the lazer thing in LG, Ultra Pixels with extra sensor and a 20.7 pixel camera

  • Marco Lancaster

    Oh no, one more time a great hype for medium specs, C’mon we’re on 2014, 3GB must be a thing to see on every Top-Range phone.

  • Damon Salvador

    No need of Launch event now . We know everything . :P

    • Xavier_NYC

      lmao classic..

  • Corbin Crutch

    I REALLY hope that this is only one version. I don’t mind so much about the 801, but PLEASE let us have the 3GB RAM. PLEASE?

  • Sergio Rainor

    What?!? 2 Gb Ram and 16 Gb Storage? I’ll stay with my LG G2 for a long time…and maybe will change it for a Galaxy Note 4.

  • Damon Salvador

    @mastermuffin:disqus , Where are you ? :P

    • MasterMuffin

      Trying to be less online all the time :)

      • Stephan Hall

        As long as your not one of those “goof-balls” that walk around with a phone in their hands all the time …like it’s an extra appendage! You good!

        • MasterMuffin

          When I’m outside my house, I rarely check my phone so no, I am not like that :)

    • _X_


  • Bukary

    2GB of RAM and the same battery (with bigger screen)? No, thank you.

  • Brandon Power
  • CEO_Steve_Jobs

    these crazy resolutions are 110 percent unnecessary on phones. lets stop with these crazy screens in favor of battery life, people can hardly telly the difference in screen quality for about 2 years now its really not worth the battery life.

    • Kevin McCaughey

      I agree. Your eyes cannot tell the difference at that size, it’s wasted energy and cost.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is why you keep all the sites on one server using the same CMS, look feel and hire someone who isn’t a complete idiot to run it all. After that just give simple moderator access to local branches so they can post their local stuff there.
    I hope at least someone lost their job over this.

  • Mur

    LG needs to be reminded that increasing resolution takes a massive hit on performance. For example, I have a laptop with a QHD (3200×1600) screen and a gt750M graphics card. I’d have to be crazy to game at native resolution, instead like any sane person I go to 1080p, and sometimes even lower for very demanding titles. Gaming at QHD would result in a 10fps slideshow. All of that to say HAVING A 1440P SCREEN ON A PHONE IS $&%#ING RETARDED. /rant

  • Math Oliveira

    Why isn’t it waterproof?

  • asd

    This phone is beautiful LG 3 looks so much better than the S5 and to think that it has been only 3 Generations and they have made a beautiful phone…also also it is reported to have SD card and removable battery…The note 4 has to look beautiful to be on the same aesthetic level

  • Nacos

    “As it turns out, this is a laser that is designed to provide quick, accurate auto-focusing. This is a “first” not only for LG, but for any smartphone out there.” – actually, no it’s not a first at all…a few years back Nokia’s N8 was light years ahead of competition with its 12MP camera with auto focusing laser beam and Xenon flash.

  • Stephan Hall

    Not really any reason for 3 Gigs of ram yet. I think that Battery life will be very good …… LG will not take a step backwards in the battery life performance. LG know how to fit the biggest screen in a smaller device. HTC should take note. As a matter of fact ….. I predict this phone will kick the M8 and S5 squarely in the butt! Imagine the millions that will be pissed and wished they would have wated for this phone. I believe it will be the new king!

    • Richard Head

      I hope you’re right.

  • Adude

    3000mah that’s pathetic that will barely last a flipping day!

  • Kevin McCaughey

    If I change the luancher to Nova, will it still have that horrible LG overlay or do I get a more Nexus like appearance? I like the phone, but I prefer not to have useless manufacturer overlays.

    • Andrei

      Well, on my G2, the look is much better with Nova + Xposed. Nova gives a nice look to the homescreen, while xposed removes some unnecessary stuff from the notification panel. Some of the looks is still LGish, though, like the toggles, but that’s probably because I like LG’s better than Google’s on this one – not a fan of touching twice to get to my toggles.

      • Kevin McCaughey

        Thanks – that is useful to know.

  • Eddy

    Its size won’t be for everyone, and we do wish LG would take a closer look at the audio side of things, but there’s no denying that its high-res capabilities, mixed in with a stunning video performance, great design and superb user experience make it a very tempting choice.