G3 UX features will trickle down to LG’s mid-range and entry-level devices

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 19, 2014

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LG was just rewarded with a couple of Red Dot design awards for its UX work on the G3 flagship, and now it’s letting the world know that some of the G3’s software features will become available to other devices in its lineup.

This isn’t a surprise by any means, but we still want to salute the move to “standardize”, as LG puts it, the user experience across the lower rungs of its product hierarchy, to devices like the L Series.

So what features should users expect to see making the jump? LG singled out the G3’s camera app, with its minimalist interface, fast shooting mode, and gesture support as one such feature. The Smart Keyboard, which users can resize and customize to suit their preferences is another piece of functionality going downscale. LG claims that using it can reduce input error by a whopping 75 percent, thanks to the app’s smart word prediction abilities.


According to the press release it put out, LG will standardize features “across most of the company’s mid- to entry-level smartphones and tablets launched in the second half of this year.”

Obviously, some software features depend on underlying hardware, so don’t expect to see Knock Code for instance on the cheap LG you got for free for renewing your contract.

  • Coa96

    What about the G2?

    • Yahren

      I think I have the answer when I look the picture with these recents devices. Thanks you again Cloudyfa…

    • Tay

      They won’t bring it. Htc and Sony are the only ones that really updates their software skins as well.

      Hence those are the only brands I currently Trust when it comes to updated when buying a phone.

      G2 will never get the g3 skin and the g3 will never get the g4 skin. Just like Samsung does.

      At the same time htc one m7 got Sense 6 withing three months of the release of htc one m8.

  • Farhan Yan

    what’s the lg tablet on the bottom left?

    • Jared

      g pad 7.0

      • Farhan Yan

        oops. i meant bottom right XD blur me -.-

        • Richard Riker

          G Pad 10.1

  • Gabi Dipla

    Any word about Optimus G?

  • ignoton

    Second half of this year.. so L70, L90, G2 mini counts? I have G2mini and so far I think it’s lacking behind.

  • Lilith_Black

    Hope that LG could bring over the entire UI to G2 officially…

  • Oliver Nxi

    What about the nexus 5? thats a Lg phone?

    • Lxrd Nza

      its made by lg but its a google phone running google software

  • waltz

    I have CloudyG3 rom, and it’s awesome…how about that?