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Taking a screenshot is one of the most simple and useful feature that you can take advantage of on your Android smartphone. For the majority of Android phones, taking a screenshot involves pressing volume down and power simultaneously. If you have a Samsung, it’s typically volume down and home. With the LG G3 the button combination is still volume down and power at the same time but since the G3’s buttons are located on the back the approach is a little different.  For that reason LG’s included a secondary way of taking a screenshot with the QuickMemo+ application, but we’ll go over both of these methods.

Method 1 - Physical buttons

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Just like most Android phones, you can take a screenshot on the LG G3 by using the physical keys.  Once you’ve found what you want to take a screenshot of, place your index finger on the power and volume down button and press them simultaneously.  It might feel a little awkward at first but if you did it right you’ll see the screen shot animation on the screen.  From here, the rest is standard fare with the ability to share it right from your notification shade or jump directly into the gallery for viewing.

Method 2 - QuickMemo+

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If you’re not a fan of using the physical keys to take a screenshot on the G3 then the built in QMemo+ option might be the way to go.  All it takes is a simple swipe upwards from the bottom of the display.  You’ll see the Google Now ring pop up with QuickMemo+ appear to the right of it.  Select QuickMemo+ and it will automatically take a screenshot.  From here you can draw on your screenshot, make some annotations, or hit the save icon in the upper right hand corner to save it to your gallery.

And there you have it folks.  That is how you take a screenshot on the LG G3.  Two different methods for the same result but the choice is yours as to which one you prefer.



  • billard412

    If you have a Samsung, it’s typically home and power. Not volume down and home

    • And if you have a Note, you have to just hold the button on the stylus and touch the screen until the screenshot is taken.

      • Eduardo Perdomo

        You still need two hands for that , quick memo is the easiest :p

  • nasdaq

    Well, taking screenshot with physical keys on this phone is little awkward. I prefer the QuickMemo+ way to screenshot on LG G3.

  • MBC291

    Quickmemo no longer works for me. It pulls google up. Maybe it’s just a settings change but it makes me sad as I cannot get method 1 to work.

    • unnikuttanedl

      me also

      any other solution

  • Ankit Batra

    You can also try some screenshot capturing apps like
    if you want to easily crop and edit your screenshot after a capture.