From leaked packaging materials to UA profiles, the upcoming LG G3 has been spotted in tech news quite a bit recently. We believe that the LG G3 will be one of the first major devices to embrace QHD, and we can expect a complete jump forward when it comes to the G3’s spec sheet. But what about the software side of things?

LG has ambitious plans when it comes to revamping its own software

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was first rumored, we heard all kinds of fanciful rumors about how the GS5 would receive a major overhaul to its Touchwiz-based software. Unfortunately, the actual end product didn’t see all that many changes after all. If a new set of leaked images prove correct, however, it looks like LG has much more ambitious plans when it comes to revamping its own software.

The above images were originally leaked by Digital Trends, via an unnamed “industry insider”. As you can see, the new look takes LG’s custom UI and gives it brighter, flatter icons and a cleaner notification screen. Whether you consider the new look to be an improvement or not, is probably a matter of opinion, though it does fall a bit more in line with the looks of KitKat. It’s also hard to deny that there are at least some similarities between the LG G3 UI and iOS 7.


LG preparing its own Google Now-like ‘concierge’ service

Aside from the new look, Digital Trends sources indicate that LG is also preparing a new “concierge” feature, though that’s not necessarily the final name of said feature. The concierge service basically collects personalized information from various sources, watches how you use your phone and from there can make smart recommendations and so much more. In short, it’s sort of like LG’s version of Google Now, though reportedly it will go beyond the functionality that Google already offers.

One example of the concierge system at work can be seen in the AccuWeather widget above, in the form of a pop-up notice that says “You may want to take an umbrella, since rain is expected during this afternoon”. If DT’s sources are correct, this is just a basic sample of what the concierge service will be capable of.

Concierge reportedly will go beyond the functionality that Google Now already offers

So how likely is this new UI change and rumored concierge service? Honestly, it’s hard to say. At one point, the rumor mill was fairly confident that the Galaxy S5 would see a massive software refresh, and we all know how that turned out. That said, LG has seen some of the backlash that Samsung received from ‘staying put’ in terms of its hardware/software design language and so this may have motivated the company to do something a bit more drastic with the LG G3’s software.

So how about it, if the above screenshots are legit, what do you think of them? How do they compare to LG’s current UI?

Andrew Grush
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  • Peerpressure

    I kind of like it. Hopefully they send out an update to the G2.

    • mkkn

      Yeah … because we all know .. with LG … :{

  • GoogleMan

    No like the same like samsung cicles

  • Xavier_NYC

    Looks interesting, can’t wait for the final product. Hopefully an announcement is right around the corner.

  • iamtravis182

    The design language looks like a huge upgrade compared to LG’s previous UI. However, device manufacturers do not have a good track record of innovative software (S-Voice anyone?). I’m disappointed that they’re trying to reinvent the wheel instead of finding creative ways of incorporating Google-Now. I wish they would do what Motorola has done, and find interesting ways to pair Google services with their hardware.

    • thartist

      Aaand in the case of LG, without relentlessly and shamelessly copying Samsung! Please goddam LG, have the least bit of dignity!!

      • Xavier_NYC

        That argument is so old now. Every company copies one another. Samsung has stolen stuff from Apple and Apple has stolen stuff from Android. I can care less who copies who as long as they do it better and improve it.. And Before you go yelling fan boy I’m not, I’ve had an IPhone 5s, GS4, HTC ONE, G2 all within a year..

        • MasterMuffin

          FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY!!! I just had to

          • Xavier_NYC

            You caught me red handed lol

        • thartist

          How about NO? Dude am i seeing things? I was talking UI, where LG copies from Samsung quite every new design they do immediately after release, year after year. No other company does it as consistently as in that case. Most significantly the Weather/Clock widget and now whoops, notification bar shortcuts are round! At least, and i bless them, they’ve debloated the notifs bar quite a lot!

          • K2

            LG was the first to make an 8.9 inch tab….and samsung copied it soon.

          • Guestabc

            iPad Mini too

          • Xavier_NYC

            And where did Samsung get the Flat UI from? If I’m not mistaken Apple first introduced it as well as the fingerprint scanner then Samsung did the same right after… Am I wrong about that?

          • Mark Mann

            Motorola atrix had a fingerprint scanner…

          • Xavier_NYC

            Just adds to my point that everyone copies everyone that’s why it doesn’t matter as long as they improve it and make it better..

          • Mark Mann

            I agree with you about that, was just correcting your assertion that Apple introduced it first

          • MahmoodQadriW7N

            Apple Didn’t Introduced Flat UI First…. Microsoft Did It With Windows Phone.

      • LGthe Original


        LG was the Original !
        Samsung is the COPYCAT…



        • TechSpecz

          Samsung Innovates. LG copies.

        • guestexpecto

          Why does a leader then be at back in phone industry. Samsung sells more, millions more than LG. Why???? Because they are not stuck up, Cement-Heads like LG, Who copies the exact thing. Search and Know before commenting. LG fanboy!

          • Carl Tics

            So on that score, you believe Apple innovates more than any other company then as they sell more? I remember Samesung fans used to call iPhone users fan boys, now they are exactly the same. Pretty sad if you ask me.
            I get the phone with the best possible mix of everything, I want the best possible specs, build qualit and the latest innovation. This is where Samesung lags even more than it’s Touchwiz software.

    • iamtravis182

      And to refer to their digital assistant software as a “concierge service” is about as lame as Microsoft’s “Cortana”.

      • Mur

        Cortana looks like it’ll be really cool as it gets better with time. We’ll also probably get her on our Win8 PC’s because of “one Microsoft ” and that’ll be awesome :D.

  • K2

    Since you are asking how the new UI looks as compared to the old UI, a side by side picture of the new UI with the old UI would have been more helpful :)

    Not all can remember the old UI esp those who dont have the phone.

  • Segroukin

    Revamped TW

  • Omran Terro

    Stock android is the best: no lag + no useless features.

  • Carl Tics

    Seen the new phone now, just wow.
    Build of HTC M8 and specs to blow away Samecrap. If all is correct, the UI, build and screen will blow away every other phone on the market. Hope all comes to fruition.