Leaked image of LG G3 rear gives us a look at redesigned back-mounted buttons

by: Andrew GrushApril 28, 2014

lg g3 packaging

Now that the HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have all been unveiled, the next major flagship to touch down will likely be the LG G3. Although we don’t know exactly when LG will take the wraps off the device, rumors and leaks related to the handset have certainly intensified as of late.

So far this month we’ve not only seen a UA profile giving us a first look at the handset’s specs, we’ve also seen a look at the device’s retail packaging and even had a peak at the G3’s alleged software redesign. Now we finally get our first glance at the back of the phone, which seems to confirm that the G3 will continue the LG G2’s tradition of placing buttons on the rear.


Although there are still buttons on the back, the layout has been slightly redesigned with a flatter look with aluminum accents. You’ll also notice that to the left of the camera is a black oval shape. While we aren’t completely sure what this could be, our best guess is some sort of sensor, perhaps a rear facing IR blaster?

Bottom-line, LG isn’t giving up on its rear-button arrangement anytime soon. This means we can expect ultra-thin bezels for the LG G3 in sacrifice of side buttons, perhaps in similar vein to the LG Isai. Of course, not everyone considers the addition of rear buttons to be a sacrifice, and many LG G2 owners have come to prefer it.

What’s your take, like the idea of rear buttons with ultra-thin bezels or do you prefer to have buttons on the side?

  • MasterMuffin

    LG really needs to hire better designers. They make the sexiest fronts of devices, but the rest just doesn’t look good :d

    • Timmy

      Perhaps, but are you referring to the back and the sides…the parts you don’t look at much or maybe have a case and can’t see at all (assuming you use a case)? Even without a case, I could see how the back would be an issue since the G2 is sorta hard to grip, especially for those with smaller hands. Is this what you mean? Should the sides be improved somehow?

      With no buttons on the sides and being relatively thin, that leaves the backside for them to improve upon in the G3 and beyond. I rarely look at the back of my phone but maybe I’m missing something.

    • Shubham Singh

      agreed, G2 is the best flagship of its time but lacks the looks.

    • grumpyfuzz

      nexus 5 is pretty good.

      • MasterMuffin

        Well it’s Nexus :)

      • joser116

        Except the back.

        • grumpyfuzz

          I think the back is pretty good…

          • joser116

            I think the camera looks ugly

  • Xavier_NYC

    Looking forward to this device.. If the leaks of the specs are accurate then this phone will be a beast.

  • Jonathan TAM

    Power button looks like copy of Sony Xperia power button.

  • Peerpressure

    I like the placement of the G2 buttons. The only time I find it annoying is when I’m watching a video with the phone lying flat, and I want to change the volume. All other times, the placement is pretty handy.

  • BenGezarit

    Great! Love it :)

  • Konrad Fraczek

    I think I’ll sell my Z1 and buy this beauty, really interested in it.

    • Richard Gao

      not the Z2? That thing looks amazing

      • Konrad Fraczek

        I know it does and that will be a hard decision. There is only 1 other person I know to have a Z1 and that’s my friend, I convinced her to buy it. I would like to have a unique phone, that people don’t have, and I can but a Z2 here in Ireland but LG is not distributed so I would have to import it.

        I ment to buy a G2 Instead of a Z1 buy I couldn’t get one here. Don’t get me wrong Z1 is a great phone and I don’t regret my purchase at all, but I want to try what LG has to offer. If I ment to go from Z1 to Z2 I rather wait and go from Z1 to Z3. Although I got used to the 2 sided Dragontrail glass and that would be a hard switch from Z1 to G3, but interesting,

        • Richard Gao

          oh I see. Here in the U.S. it’s the opposite – all major carriers have the G2 but you have to buy a Z1 online. LG’s UI traditionally has been bloated garbage and I personally think you’ll have a hard time transitioning from Sony’s clean and sophisticated one, but that’s just my opinion.

          Also, I feel like the G3 will probably turn out a bit worse than the Z2 on the hardware end (double-sided glass, front-facing speakers, 20.7 MP cam, waterproof) but the G3 may very well add these features onto the G2 (not the double-sided glass of course)

          • Konrad Fraczek

            Yeah, I am worried about the UI, although my Z1 is a bit laggy after the 4.4.2 update there was a patch to improve it but still not as fast as it used to be. Sony has a nice and clean UI although I’m a bit interested in how the G3 will have it’s UI. I like the waterproof features but maybe LG has included them in G3 Like Samsung with the GS5.

            Correct me if I’m wrong but Sony uses Dragontrail glass which is more resistant to breaking than Gorilla Glass. So a strong phone with a premium look is what I’ll also miss.

            I remember my friends when I showed them the phone for the first time they wondered why it didn’t turn on and I told them they were holding it wrong way.

          • Richard Gao

            Yeah, LG will probably go waterproof because of Sony and Samsung.

          • Konrad Fraczek

            Sony has brought few interesting things that took a while for the competition to catch up. I wonder what other company will have a both sided glass phone.

          • Desperado

            And long have you had the LG Go for, or how long did you have it (you may have gotten a new device like I have). I had the G2 for about 7 months and then I left it sitting on the roof of my truck and drove away, that is one tough phone but I figure (with help from Cerberus Anti-theif app) that it hit the tarmac flying 50th MPH… DOA…lol. But the was hands down the best device I have ever owned. It did take about two weeks for me to get used to the software such as knock on / knock off and button layout. but once I got used to that I can not do without it. The rear mounted buttons are ingenious, and with no buttons on the side I don’t accidentally pressed Them sliding in and out of my pocket. after using the Samsung TouchWiz the LG UI is absolutely a breath of fresh air. I don’t know if the phone is Just that wicked fast or if the UI is that light. like with the note 3 I have now I rooted And touch wiz is gone. with the g2 I rooted in Jewish do you use Titanium Backup to freeze or remove some apps. It’s safe to assume you do not have a Samsung or HTC since I believe it was this site had an article showing that those two companies have twice as much blow where is anyone else. I’m guessing you’re rocking a Nexus device … lol. now who is the route I was going to go but I got lucky and a family member had this note 3 that I could use. I am one of the very few left that has unlimited data with Verizon, which means I must buy all my phone in retail (here’s a great big one finger salute Verizon) I am really hoping I get an invite for the one plus one, if not I will pay retail for the LG g3. Only phone that’s worth that much money in my opinion.sorry to jump in, just surprise me bad you said that about the LG UI. Most people who own them agree with my statements, and the fact that they do have half the bloatware of HTC and Samsung.please I am NOT criticizing in any manner, that is your opinion of LG’s devices and you should not be chastised for it. I have my opinion as you have yours And neither of us is wrong. hope everyone is having a great day!

          • m

            G2 UI is actually fantastic, why the fuzz,,, ?? and u can download everything on the playstore… AND the functionality of the UI is reallly best!

  • On the back of the phone there is a “chart” with 2GB on top of 16 GB and 3 GB on top of 32GB
    also OIS+

    • joseph gonzales

      Ram ROM options?

  • Christopher Wright

    ι ℓσσк ƒσʀωαʀɗ тσ ℓg кєєριηg тнє вυттσηѕ ση тнє вαċк σƒ тнє ɗєνιċє ѕυċн αѕ тнє ℓg 2 тнαт ι αм ċυʀʀєηтℓу υѕιηg… ℓσνє ιт!

    • Luvlylocs

      I Love My LG G2, The back button and the body style attracted me to it. I kept the G2 and the S4 for 2 weeks and shipped the S4 back. My opinion is Samsung should have left the physical button off there phones that’s what drove me away from the Samsung devices.

  • KapteinStein

    Buttons on the back makes no sense to me. Played around a lot with a g2 but never felt comfortable using them. Pushing the buttons while holding the phone one-handed makes it hard to hold on to the phone comfortably.

    • Raj

      Exactly where are the button on the back?? Can anyone please tell me!! Im confused%&£4%%£%!

      • KapteinStein

        Under the camera in the picture. Silver on/off-button and volume up/down above and below it.

        • Raj

          and i thought that was some sort of design. Still not buying one. I prefer samsung.

          • Vedant Vohra

            s-series sucks. wait for the note 4

    • Timmy

      It takes some time to adjust to the button placement and a short time in the store is usually not enough time for that adjustment. One benefit is that you don’t inadvertently press the buttons on the side or top of the phone as you pick it up or take it out of your pocket. I had the same feeling when I first tried using the phone in the store but in a few days (maybe a week) it became more natural.

      It’s not for everyone but aside from a (debatable) goofy UI, it’s a fantastic phone.

      • KapteinStein

        I see your point about inadvertently pressing the buttons on the side as you pick it up. “Volume up” while taking my phone out of my jeans pockets has had a toll on my eardrums. One might get used to it, but I still don’t find the placement ergonomic – my hands are just to big so my hand is in a very spassed position. It is not a dealbreaker though. Neither is the goofy UI, it sure is ugly though, but nothing nova launcher can’t fix

  • Anonymous

    I know this is not the best argument but… In my opinion it looks ugly.
    I prefer the back of the white G2.

  • Corbin Crutch

    I’m sorry, but I like it.

  • The back cover looks horrible man..

  • Shubham Singh

    G3 with a better built would be a killer device.

  • Jarvis

    This will probably be my next phone if they can keep the size normal, not phablet territory like the xperiaz, one plus one, note 3…etc…hopefully the size stays the same as g2.

    • Richard Gao

      the Xperia Z is only a 5 inch screen, maybe you mean the Z Ultra? Also, the Optimus G Pro and the G Pro 2 are their phablets (G Pro 2 has a 5.9 in. screen), so the G3 will probably stay closer to around 5.3 inches.

      • Jarvis

        I meant overall size, the xperia z feels like a huge device even though its only 5inch screen…

  • mux

    i think that the rear senson is a photometer that will help the camera adjust its settings according to the environment more effectively.
    I guess that most people who complain about the devices’ back cover own and worship their S5 right?

  • Brandon Miranda

    Cough cough. Or a speaker. It makes sense because there is no other speaker hole there.

  • shamatuu

    Battery size will make or brake the device

  • Sean

    As a G2 owner, I think the back buttons are great. I wouldn’t want to return to side buttons. I also love the tap to wake feature. I find myself tapping on my iPad waiting for it to respond.

  • Andrew White

    All external control switching need to be on the back or on the top. I just want to be able to grab a phone without affecting settings…simply logical.

  • Noback

    Buttons on the back – destined to fail again.

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  • Frank Raso

    up for an upgrade in a couple weeks and idk if i should wait for the g3 launch or go with the HTC one m8 =/

  • m

    G2 is awesome,, rear buttons superb. The design is great but yeah a little to much plastic even though the platsic on the rear looks like

  • Eddy

    LG has impressed us with the G3 which comes in at under £500 but packs amazing features including that Quad HD and a camera with a laser auto focus. The device is surprisingly small considering the 5.5in display and we like the more premium design. It’s another winner from LG.