LG to launch the G3, the last big flagship of the season, on May 27

April 30, 2014

    lg g3 invitation

    It’s been a busy couple of months in the Android world, with flagship smartphone releases from most of the big names in the industry, but also from a couple of promising newcomers. The last to join the party will be LG’s G3, due for a public introduction on May 27.

    LG just sent out invitations for simultaneous media events scheduled for May 27 in San Francisco, New York, and London. Three other events will take place the next day in Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul, and, while the invitation itself doesn’t explicitly mentions the G3, the scale of the event leaves no doubt that we’re indeed going to see LG’s new hero device.

    The G2 launched in August 2013, so LG is accelerating its release schedule this year, but that’s no surprise, as sources have indicated the G3 would land in May from back in January. The Korean company is likely trying to make the most of the spring season, which was dominated by Samsung and HTC in past years.

    The LG G3 might be late to the party, but when it eventually lands, it will do so in style. Rumors mention a Quad HD display and a gold color option. Leaked product shots tell us that the G3 will sport LG’s signature rear-mounted power and volume buttons, and, if past iterations are a clue, we expect some very thin bezels on the front.


    • BenGezarit

      Can’t wait!

    • supremekizzle

      Please tell me that the black brushed metal black splash on the invite is a cue from the G3.!!!!!!!!!

    • Luka Mlinar

      yeey another brick on the way. :/

      • Captain Spaulding

        This “brick” will be better than the GS5 or the M8. :/

        • Luka Mlinar

          Except one is a phone another is a phablet. Apples and oranges my friend.

          • Captain Spaulding

            5.5″ isn’t that much bigger than the 5.2″ G2, or do you also consider that to be a phablet?

            • Xavier_NYC

              If the pics of the G3 in the case is accurate I don’t think it will be much bigger. It might be the same Size as the GS5 possibly smaller

            • Furyz Zack

              remours said its 5.2 to 5.3 inch

            • Luka Mlinar

              Anything over 5″ is a phablet. You can look it up on wikipedia.

            • Captain Spaulding

              OK, so that puts the GS5 in the phablet category, as it has a 5.1″ display. So my point still stands.

            • Andrew White

              I have been using a 5.5″ device scince September and originally I felt it was big, for lack of a better word. Now however, it truly has become the norm.
              My current 4 phones are the Blackberry Z10 (4.3″), the HTC Titan 11(4.7″), Huawei’s(6″) Ascend Mate and LG’s Optimus G Pro( 5.5″).
              If LG can really trim the bezel, a little further on the sides, but reduce the length as recent photos suggest, then its overall dimension should be less than the G2 and give it the highest screen to body ratio of any phone for 2014.
              In terms of ‘the season’, we are yet to see the Note 4, Oppo’s Find 7 and possibly a Samsung S5 premium version before the end of Q3.
              Seriously, in my view a phablet is a device that is really to large to handle for the most part with one hand and looks ridiculous against the ear.

            • Eddie Spageddie

              Phablet schmablet…does anyone else care except you?

            • Luka Mlinar

              Maybe, IDKnow, who cares.

    • MrMagoo

      I think with this early release of the G3 they should be headed for a release next year at the same time as the S6 and the HTC One(M9). Would put them in a much better spot for a 3 way battle of sorts. I’m excited! I got a G2 in December and I love it!

      • Xavier_NYC

        It depends. I think one of the reasons they waited was so they could get the newer SoC..

    • Pitahson

      Anyone know if anybody can just go watch the unveiling? I’m close to NYC and I’d love to go watch

    • Xavier_NYC

      Dear sweet baby Jesus ( or whomever you believe in)

    • Xavier_NYC

      Leaked image from a case maker… You’re welcome.. Via GSM Arena

      • Captain Spaulding

        I like this one better. :)

        • B10


          • Captain Spaulding


            • Farhan Yan


            • Captain Spaulding


      • B10


    • Cole Raney

      Hopefully it is waterproof and made of polycarbonate. Then I might get it. I don’t want a metal, or nonwaterproof phone.

      • Michael Samsara

        I agree with you. IF, as the rumor mill is postulating, it comes with a removable battery and micro SD card, it will put it in the running as far as I am concerned; given anything without either is a non-starter for me.

        I also could not care less if it has a metal case – in fact due to the added weight of metal as well as its dentable/scratchable tendencies – I also prefer a polycarbonate or perhaps carbon fiber (if that is the right term) case. I have never been able to understand the repeated, repeated, repeated ad nauseum fits of hand wringing, teeth gnashing nor silly concern about Samsung’s supposedly “cheap plastic cases”.

        Who are we buying these things to impress and does the thought EVER occur to those who review these things or those who buy them that anyone who “respects” someone because they pull out an “I’m sexy and I know it” phone when it rings – is someone most likely you do NOT want the respect of because they are most likely shallow as a 1 mm deep pool of water?

        Yes, it is nice to have attractively designed devices, but – the proof is in the pudding; first and foremost there must be reliability, durability, serviceability (removable battery, Micro SD cards, good customer service after the sale). Those are the criteria that in the long run are going to make you look “Smart and I know it” – which is much, much better – unless you are trying to get laid – than being “Sexy and I know it” in this life.

    • Yves

      Anxieux see this new LGB G3 he made nexus 6 preview