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LG is enjoying a strong period, at a time when much of the industry is experiencing a slowdown or even struggling to turn a profit.

For the past couple of quarters, LG announced record sales, and analysts believe the Korean group will manage to move a total of 60 million smartphones in 2014. A big part of that success will be owed to the G3, which is slated to become LG’s first device to hit the 10 million sales milestone.

LG announced the achievement in a statement to the Korea Times:

LG has emerged as a new game-changer in a number of fields. LG Electronics’ latest flagship, the G3 smartphone, will exceed the 10 million sales mark for the first time since we entered the smartphone industry.

Ten million units may not seem like a huge performance, at least when you compare it with behemoths like the Galaxy S series or the iPhone. But for LG it’s a real achievement and a confirmation that the road it started on two years ago with the Optimus 4X HD was the right one.

The G3 officially launched in July. LG didn’t say when it expects to reach the 10 million milestone.

What made the G3 success story possible? First and foremost, the device itself. Reviewers have almost universally praised it, and users seem to love it as well. Another big factor may be the strong strategic collaboration between the various LG affiliates that make the G3’s components. It’s not only the smartphone-making unit that’s thriving – LG Display (displays), LG Innotek (components), and LG Chem (batteries) have reported good performances as well.

LG says it’s going to further accelerate its efforts in the second part of the year. The company recently revealed the G3 Stylus, the budget L Bello and L Fino, and is planning to launch a second Android Wear smartwatch called G Watch R at IFA next week.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Sandy

    FTW LG G3 is 2014’s No#1 Smartphone :)

    • Robert Johnson

      It’s the best smartphone I have ever tested to date

    • dodz

      until the note 4 arrives lol

      • Ashley

        note will be ugly, like other samsung garbage

        • NO G3 for me!!

          I bet you’re not the best looking human being in the bunch. So, why choose u when there’s better looking and smarter people than you, right?

          Anyway, yep the note 4 will kill the g3 in every aspect!
          The note never fails and its always the best android phone out there. Why have a 5.5 phone/phablet without a stylus? I’d rather have more than less. Sorry, but that lagfest, dim phone is not worth my money. I’m sure the note will do 1000 times better. If I can’t use my phone in direct sunlight what’s the point? Its 2014 not 2012. I’m sure Samsung is going go teach LG some lessons on who makes the best screen or phablet in general!!!

          • Ashley

            u better ask – why have a phablet?? Max size for a smartphone should be 4.7 inch. More is uncomfortable.

          • Timothy Cook

            You’re the ghost of Steve Jobs, aren’t you?

          • Ashley

            no, i am 2pac, moron

          • Cole Raney

            4.7 is too small. Such a tiny screen.

          • Jesus

            4.7”? This isn’t 2013. The new standard is at least 5”.

          • Ashley

            yeah, if you are a dumb gurilla. eF your standarts.

          • Carlos Rangel

            ” dim phone is not worth my money”
            ” If I can’t use my phone in direct sunlight what’s the point?”
            Um, are you new to AMOLED displays? Their main weakness is outside brightness.

      • southerndinner

        Note will absolutely crush it

      • Rick_Deckard

        I was a huge Galaxy fanboy… Not anymore… Touchwiz is so stupidly heavy on Android… The LG G3 resembles in so many ways the stock Android :-D

    • Rick_Deckard

      Totally agreed!! It takes amazing pictures too!!!

  • JayMars84

    Congrats. I love that Samsung may begin to see actual competition now, at least in the US. This is good for everyone.

    • Jake Wrigley

      First time that LG has had a flagship on the big 3 carriers in Australia, used to only be exclusive to optus. But I disagree if anyone should be competing with Samsung it should be HTC… The only oem that comes close to Samsung.

      • Cole Raney

        HTC would rank pretty low for me. The only thing they do that impresses me is boomsound speakers.

        I think if LG isn’t the great competitor to Samsung, then Sony or Motorola should be.

  • Fabian Taveras

    I seriously don’t understand how this phone is selling. I don’t the hate the phone heck I like the phone but I live here in Orlando Florida I have yet to a single lg g3 I have seen quite a few gs5s but I have yet to see a g3 in public aside from the AT&T store and it’s almost September.

    • monkey god

      The G3 has been out in the US for less than 2 months. The S5 has been out for much longer. The S5 looks much like the S4, which can give the illusion that they are everywhere.

      • Fabian Taveras

        No trust me they’re S5s the heart rate monitor on the back is the clear give away and speaking of releases. I saw the S5 in a just a few days after launch. Almost September I have yet to see one in public. And I take public transportation so I see a variety of phones and the LG g3 isn’t hard to miss.

        • Cole Raney

          The S5 is much more popular. You will see them much more often.

          • Fabian Taveras

            Haha clearly. I have already seen 3 S5s

    • PoisonApple31

      There is a huge world outside of your bubble.

      • Fabian Taveras

        Sorry dude I have no Idea what your talking about I take public transportation dude I see practically hundreds of people a day.

        • PoisonApple31

          There are over 315 million people in the United States, and these 10 million G3 phones were not all sold in the U.S. Do the math, that is why you aren’t seeing them.

          • Fabian Taveras

            They must be selling well internationally. I understand there is crap ton of people here in the US but oh well good job lg even though I have haven’t seen one on public.

        • Cole Raney

          You may see hundreds of people a day, but that is statistically irrelevant. That is too small of a sample size to judge how popular a phone is.

          • Fabian Taveras

            Well bro idk what to tell you. I have spotted 3 S5s during the duration of the day but no g3s

          • Cole Raney

            Again, statistically irrelevant. Plus there are local trends, which can vary a lot.

    • Slowwis

      I’m in Orlando and I have a G3. At&t rep said I was the first in the area to get one lol. This phone is by far the best I had from Iphones to my recently sold n5. Wish they unlock the bootloader already.

      • Fabian Taveras

        Well I guess I might as well rack the is one up as my first official/unofficial g3 sighting Lol.

  • Jake Wrigley

    Still waiting for a feature focus on the volume rocker on the g3 seeing though everything else has been covered although I’m happy that android authority seems to be back

  • Flex360

    I think any company who makes a nexus phone benefits from doing so. First it was HTC, the. Samsung, now LG

  • IDontKnowMyName

    For some reason the G3 I was playing with at my local carrier outlet was extremely laggy. They had both this and the predecessor, the G2, on display, yet the G2 was super smooth. Now whatever the reason was I don’t really care but I still rather have 1080p than the useless 1440p on the G3

    • Cole Raney

      1440p is far from useless. When viewing 1440p content it is beautiful. The larger screen is the main reason I got the G3 over other android phones. That and the G3 looks and feels nicer than the G2.

      • southerndinner

        It’s a gimmick. The 1080p screen on the S5 is much better.

        • Cole Raney

          Would not call it a gimmick. Heart monitor? Yes! 1440p? No. All flagship will have it in a few months.

          There is a matter of opinion with screens.

          • southerndinner

            Not really. A gimmick is a marketing feature that claims to provide some sort of benefit but does no such thing. The 2k screen on the G3 is just that – something to advertise that actually offers no real benefit. In the case of the G3 it actually detracts from the experience because the screen is so dark and the device gets so hot.

    • slowwis

      Yeah it is a little laggy at times because Lg made the refresh rate dynamic to save battery. There are some tweaks/setting that make it run at 60fps at all times. Which is a huge improvement in fluidity.

  • S.L Jones

    I love mines…previously owned a N4, also by LG, this is my 1st ‘flagship’ phone to date, I’m not partial to any oem though, just give me a great phone with a nice design, and top of the line specs of course, & I haven’t experienced any of the problems most talk about except for minor lag, but this is android, glad I don’t see it in everyone’s hand, but glad they’re doing well also

    • Cole Raney

      The N4 is a flagship.

  • Sabik Biswas


  • Brian Samuel

    Congratulations LG! :-)

  • Eddy

    The LG G3 easily outshines the competition despite it being late to the party. Possessing the right blend of feature and design, LG may finally have the right phone to challenge Korean rival Samsung. And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • brendanhohoho

    The LG G3 is definitely worthy of the superphone ranks and should be on your list of devices, if you want it all and like living life in high resolution.