LG G2 vs LG Optimus G: by the numbers

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 12, 2013


We take a “by the numbers” look at the new LG G2 and how it compares to its predecessor, the Optimus G.


You need one hand to operate the new G2, according to LG. The device features buttons on its rear, which is supposedly more ergonomic than having them on the sides.


The number of buttons or keys on the front and sides of the LG G2.

2.65 mm

The width of the screen bezels of the G2.


The surface of the G2’s screen out of the total frontal surface of the device.


The improvement in battery life when displaying still frames, obtained thanks to Graphic RAM technology on the G2.


The numbers of subpixels in the G2’s display, compared to just 2,949,120 subpixels in the Optimus G’s.


The Optimus G is more compact than the G2 – 13.13% less volume, to be precise.

1.90 grams

Despite being larger overall than the Optimus G, the G2 is 1.90 grams lighter.


The G2’s battery (3000 mAh) holds 42.86% more electric charge than the Optimus G’s (2100 mAh).

0.5 inch

At 4.7-inch, the Optimus G’s screen is 0.5 inch smaller than the G2’s.


The display of the G2 packs 35.14% more pixels on every inch than the Optimus G.


Both devices feature a quad-core processor.

760 MHz

Each core inside the G2 is up to 760 MHz faster than the cores inside the Optimus G.


The number of microSD card slots on both the Optimus G and the G2.


The number of the Gorilla Glass generation used on the G2. The new glass is said to be stronger at the same thickness than Gorilla Glass 2, which was used on the Optimus G.

13 megapixels

The number of pixels on the camera sensors of both devices.

1 Gbps

The LTE-A standard supported by the G2 can theoretically achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps.

24 bit

LG touted the “studio quality” of the sound emitted by the G2. At 24 bit/192kHz it’s supposedly superior to CD quality.


The year when the Vienna Boys’ Choir was founded. The group was featured during the G2’s launch event.

  • Caloy

    The G2 has a 5.2 inch display so the difference would be 0.5 inches not 0.3.

    • me

      Shit u beat me to it but yeah thats true..

    • MasterMuffin

      That’s what it says first, “0.5 inch
      At 4.7-inch, the Optimus G’s screen is 0.3 inch smaller than the G2’s.” :D

      • weed

        Because you were late to read this article. At first it said 0.3 both places.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I liked the format, when it is a comparison and used consistent with previous articles. But out of the 19 points, only 12 were comparison, and of those one is wrong and one redundant (partial credit on both). That a 58%. Feel free to shred my comment…after the article is fixed. Sorry, man.

  • xtriker360

    Without the inclusion of sd card the G2 is not looking too appealing To me. I guess the note 3 will have to.

  • Mon

    the chance I have this phone :)

    • weed


      The number of updates from LG.

  • Piko Neal

    There is one inaccurate statement. The Optimus G international and AT&T versions have a microSD slot. I say this because I have an AT&T Optimus G and it has while the new G2 don’t. I love the G. I think LG needs some love, but I need a MicroSD or a 64GB version.

    • poop

      Actually, the international LG G2 also has a microSD card slot expandable to the same amount (though sacrificing the 3000 mAh battery for 2610). Not sure about if a 64GB model is coming (people can hope and dream, right? :D), but if not, hopefully the 32 can suffice (I’ve tried living off 16GB with my current, 2-year old device and no microSD, but it’s getting harder and harder each day).

      • Piko Neal

        It’s the reason I don’t get a Nexus 4. Until the new Sony Honomai or whatever it is going to be called come I have my eye on two phones the international G2 and the Xperia Z Ultra. Why is 64 GB for no microSD device not more common. Samsung prove for their S4 even with a microSD support.

  • easyDreezy

    Getting this phone. I cant get over the lack of physical buttons on the sides, seems like something that should have been thought of a while ago

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.