If you’re eagerly anticipating the new LG G2, perhaps this new YouTube video will make it better. Or, probably worse. Aside from a brief glimpse of the device, and a lot of talk about how much it will fawn over you, we get no face-time with the new LG flagship device.

Fortunately, we’ve learned quite a bit about the LG G2 already. A Snapdragon 800 and 3GB RAM are said to be behind that screen, and if true… could be a device deserving strong consideration. If we’re to speculate based on this video, and the “Come see how LG is learning from you on August 7th” tag under the video, it seems as though the LG G2 could have some contextual awareness capabilities. If that’s true, the G2 could be like a high-end Moto X.

What do you think?


  • Scott Niemczyk

    Any hope this will have cdma radios and come to Verizon?

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      It should be released on AT&T and Sprint, as follow up to Optimus G. Unless the game plan changes significantly, no T-Mo or Verizon. But, you never know…

  • xtriker360

    Is that the launch day for USA?

  • OMGgary

    Isn’t the Snap 800 SOC supposed to have an always listening ability built into it? If so then contextual awareness of some kind is very probable.

  • uofmike

    I believe August 7th is the unveil date, not the release date

    • Sandy

      Release date is confirmed to August 20 !

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    “I’m sorry, Dave, I won’t do that.”

  • oli72

    that ad is fire.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    The whole contextual awareness thing is cool, but I would say a bit overrated. A lot of people don’t even use voice search or command. So just bringing that from the lock screen isn’t much. Anyway, I’m not bashing it if you are excited for it. It’s just my opinion

  • like

    i love the home button & Volume rockers on the back. easy to touch /press by using both left ,or right Index Fingers.

  • End in sight