LG G2 T-Mobile sign up page goes live!

by: Darcy LaCouveeAugust 7, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.04.06 PM

Keen to have the first Snapdragon 800 powered device? Want to be one of the first to know when it will become available for sale?

T-Mobile’s sign up page has just gone live, and while there is no specific mention of pricing or availability with regards to dates, it’s likely that it will go on sale at a $199.99 price point on a new contract, and will be getting into the hands of consumers in the 2nd half of September.

Anyone going to get one? How about LG’s G2 vs the Galaxy S4? Do you think this serves as the reference device for the upcoming Nexus 5? Let us know down below!

  • onlygoodtime88

    give us camera shootout first between HTC ONE,S4,LG G2

  • xtriker360

    I’m getting one for sure, I’m so glad that I hold on to my s3 and didn’t get the s4 which is not worthy coming from an s3 imop.

    • xtriker360URaMORON

      why? better screen, bigger battery, bettery soc, better camera, updated softwares. If you went ahead and bought the s3 which had a soc with only 30% more speed than the s2— than well… your a moron to call the s4 not worthy.

      • xtriker360

        lol I didn’t come from the s2, are you 13 years old btw?

        • AndroidBrian

          He’s just upset because he purchased the S4 after owning the S3 and is angry now because of this G2. He is also pissed because he feels like he has owned the same phone for the last two years.

  • Mus

    it is my dream that G2 will be the next Nexus…!

    • myHARDstick

      MEH Phone since there are LAGS reported by androidpolice

  • zee

    How can it be $199 on contract with T-Mobile if they don’t have contracts anymore?

    • xtriker360

      When they said “with contracts” you read “with payments”. There :D

  • Oli72

    its a beast. dam LG

  • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

    wait for Qualcomm S1000 release..

  • Railwayman

    Just one thing: first Snapdragon 800 device?

    Think globally: the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 LTE-A (South Korea) is the first Snapdragon 800 devices in the markets. LG G2 is the third one.

    I hope that the G2 will be the base for the Nexus 5. I don’t like the LG implementation of Android so a Nexus is needed. With PAC ROM.;)

    Otherwise, it seems to be a capable piece of hardware and a solid foundation for future models.

    • Relaxasaurus

      Can’t you just get a normal G2 and flash that? That’s my plan anyway. Don’t think I can wait until November for the next Nexus which will most likely have a Snap 800 anyway

      • Railwayman

        It depends on the bootloader status (locked/unlocked) and the developer support paired with standardization. I would guess that the best bet is to get the unlocked G2, i.e. not a carrier branded version.

        • Relaxasaurus

          Thanks for the reply. If history repeats itself though someone will find a way to unlock the bootloader, as they did with the GS3 on Verizon. Might just wait until that happens.

          Developer support will be pretty solid I’m betting.

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.