LG G2 Pro to come with “OIS Plus”, 4K video recording, and HD slow motion

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 4, 2014


Ahead of LG’s expected official launch of the G2 Pro at MWC later this February, the Korean smartphone manufacturer is releasing information about the upcoming phone’s camera capabilities. The G2 Pro will be equipped with upgrades to LG’s OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), in what the company calls OIS Plus.

LG’s OIS technology was introduced in last year’s popular G2, which we found took great photos and videos in our review. OIS Plus adds what LG calls EIS (Electro Image System) to further eliminate blurring and shaking caused by hand tremors and movement.

In addition to the promised “crystal-clear” photos, the software improvements to the G2 Pro’s camera allow for a few new features:

  • HD-quality video shot at 1.4 speed for slow motion playback
  • UHD (Ultra-HD) 3840 x 2160 video capture
  • 20 shot still camera burst mode, with new photo effects by combining all 20 shots into one.

We got a glimpse of the LG G2 Pro in an unconfirmed photo leak last week, but this is some of the first confirmed information on this highly anticipated device. It seems we may have to wait a little longer before we get to see the device in action, but we’ll be sure to share any new info that crosses our desks.

Are you as excited as we are to see these new camera improvements in action on the G2 Pro?

  • Shubham Singh

    starting to save money

  • budi wongso

    I am going to

  • William Peters


  • Android

    Waitin for this phone as i am thinkin of buyin a phablet and this just looks like it

  • T.J.

    Hopefully they tone down their skin.

  • Groud Frank

    Is that a leaked image? I hope not. There is so much gloss on that thing you could hook a piece on a line and lure fish with it.

    • Jonathan Feist

      I love the fishing reference, Groud Frank, and no, the image is of the LG G2. Hit the link near the end of the article to see the supposed leaked G2 Pro photos.

  • Markus Ressel

    That’s great news! Since these are all software updates I hope they can be ported to the G2 (if LG doesn’t include it in their 4.4 update).

    • Jonathan Feist

      They offered no information indicating that this had any hardware updates/requirements, so you may just be that lucky Markus. We certainly hope so.

    • Keith Taylor

      As a happy G2 user I can only hope that this is included with the 4.4 update. Maybe this is why its taking so long. If it is I wont need another update until my contract is up.

  • fredphoesh

    why so bloody ugly?? My nexus 5 by LG is a beaut!

  • Eugene

    Technology never stops….

  • ehndrew

    i don’t think i’ve ever been more excited for a LG phone release..especially over galaxy s5…

    • Shubham Singh

      nexus did that to you.

      • ehndrew

        so true..wanted N5 so badly but my s3 was only 1.5 years into contract out of 3yrs :'(

        • Shubham Singh

          Though i would prefer a GPE of the lg device

  • yama

    The combination of 20 shots into 1 is an awesome idea. That would allow us to see beautiful skies and the landscape in the same photo! I hope note 3 gets some update like this :)

    Atm when you take a pic of a tree for example…the skye looks white and the trees color only looks good. By combinging many photos in one can make this solved.

  • Jeff

    Worthy upgrades. Much more interesting than the usual worthless increase in display resolution that only suck more battery life.

  • Zylvain Sauve

    well, i think that LG products is really garabge. I rather to point and pick Samsungs is awesome technologist. :)

  • Jayfeather787

    Yeah!! Now we can use the slow mo camera in this for the drop test instead of the Iphone 5s!!

  • Andrew White

    Leaked images suggest the bezel is thinner on the sides than my ‘old’ G Pro 5.5″ and may feel the same in the palm of the hand. But the fact remains that it has to be at least 1cm+ longer…..hmmm!
    For everything new that it is capable of, I might forgive LG for getting the size wrong. But I’m going to wait and take a look at Sony’s Z2, Samsung’s S5 and of course the G3, before I make any decision.

  • apianist16

    I like this, but the LG G3 is what I am waiting for.

  • jjordan

    My only hope is lg continues to work with all 4 major carriers; verizon specifically, for this device. The only reason I took my lg g2 back was in hopes this would be out on verizon soon enough

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