LG reportedly working on a G2 Mini, said to be powered by Snapdragon 800 CPU

by: Andrew GrushDecember 10, 2013


Recently we’ve seen quite a few Android device manufacturers create “mini” handsets inspired by the design and name of their flagship devices. In most cases the hardware is actually quite a bit weaker in the mini version, though the aesthetics are generally very similar.

HTC, Samsung, Sony and Motorola are just a few of the companies that have engaged in this practice, and now it looks like LG might be joining the pack with a so-called LG G2 Mini.

According to the Greek gadget site Techblog, the mini variant of the LG G2 is currently in the works right now and could be announced as early as CES in January. The handset is reportedly powered by the same Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM. The display is smaller at 4.7-inches, and is likely just 720p – though the source site doesn’t say for sure.

At 4.7-inches, the LG G2 Mini isn’t exactly small, though it’s certainly a decrease from the massive 5.2-inch display found on the flagship G2. For folks turned off by the idea of a “phablet-sized” phone, the G2 Mini could be a worthy alternative without losing out in terms of hardware prowess.

It’s important to note that LG has yet to confirm the existence of the LG G2 Mini. Considering the growth of the “mini” trend this rumor sounds reasonably believable, but the whole report should still be taken with a grain of salt. It’s also unknown whether or not the G2 Mini will end up as the final name for the device.

What do you think, would you be interested in a 4.7-inch LG G2 variant or not?

  • Grman Rodriguez

    People should remember what “mini” truly means

    • tomn1ce

      You mean OEMs…. -_-

      • poop

        OEMs do know what “mini” means; it’s what people think is wrong. “Mini” is a smaller version of a phone. The G2 mini is supposed to sport a 4.7″ display, which means it’s definitely going to be mini. Any size smaller than 5″ could actually be called a mini for the G2, but I’m pretty sure that now-a-days, “mini” phones don’t go over 4.7. The old definition for mini is what’s still in your mind, but the OEMs have moved on. Get used to it.

        Also, is the G2 really considered a phablet device? It’s not that big (the screen or in-hand), and I certainly don’t have MKBHD hands so I think I’m speaking for anyone who might want to own this device but are taken aback by the size.

        • Xavier_NYC

          I have the G2 and it doesn’t feel big in the hand at all (not what she said). If they consider the G2 a phablet then they should just call the note 3 a tablet.

          • KBrown

            That’s what he said!

          • CheeseMonsterHD

            If the note 3 is a tablet then what the hell is the xperia Z ultra!?

          • Xavier_NYC

            A desktop 0_o no but seriously I have big hands so I don’t mind 5 inch and up phones. The iPhone looks like a toy in my hand.

          • Udit


        • Grman Rodriguez

          So since the Galaxy S4 is 5 inches, a 4.9 inch device is a Galaxy S4 mini? because most of us (including myself) like big phones we can’t argue there is a big hole for people who like smaller phones. “OEMs have moved on” so screw yourself? That’s not right. Isn’t Android supposed to be about options?
          I think one of the reasons the iPhone is so popular is its small size, not everyone wants a 5 inch device, just like not everyone wants a 4 inch device.
          They can make a 4.7inch phone, but don’t call it “mini”, heck, LG G 1.5 would be a better name xd.

          • poop

            I said compared to the G2’s 5.2″, <5" is fine (hypothetically, not really though). 4.7" seems to be the cap and people seem to be fine with that and LG seems to be capable of making phones be very small with competitive display sizes.

      • Grman Rodriguez

        Well yeah they are people xd

        • tomn1ce

          As a whole they’re a company……

  • Shark Bait

    a ‘mini’ phone without mini specs. This will be a welcome change for people that dont want a phablet.

    • Zacisblack

      If the G2 is a phablet, so is the Galaxy S4.

      • Shark Bait

        Well it’s still big by a lot of people standards.

        A lot of people I know are nervous about committing to such a big phone. So an intermediate one seems clever because it will encouraged people to see bigger is better

  • alfreduran

    Sounds good!

  • Luka Mlinar

    An article about a small yet powerful phone? There must be a bunch of people going trough the comment looking for an opportunity to say “that’s what she said” :D

  • fastow2012

    LG too has caught the fever of “me too”…the only one who seems immune is apple with their legendary iphone: one size for all…for now of course…

    • Jayfeather787

      Who also joined the trend by creating a larger smartphone from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. Apple iphone screens are too small and they wanted to catch up to the android competition by making a larger screen.

  • Guest

    Waiting for Z1s :)

    • spade

      Same here :P

  • zamroni

    Mini should be max 4.5″.

  • Groud Frank

    ” and is likely just 720p ” I am quite happy with 720p thank you very much. I value battery life much more than having more pixels than my eyes can perceive.