LG G2 KitKat update to hit Canada in late March 2014

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 28, 2013


It’s not the news you probably wanted to hear, Canadian LG G2 users, but slightly bad news is better than no news when it comes to Android updates.

A representative of LG Canada told Mobile Syrup that the Android 4.4 upgrade will hit the G2 at the end of Q1 2014, which means late March. If everything goes to plan, LG will be offering the update firmware to all carriers at the same time, though that doesn’t mean we’ll see a simultaneous OTA rollout. The LG G2, which is currently on sale from Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind, SaskTel, and Videotron, first became available in Canada on September 26.

Google launched Android 4.4 KitKat on October 31, so a March release would mean a five months delay, which isn’t that actually that long considering that the predecessor of the G2, the Optimus G, is still stuck on Android 4.1.2, first released in October 2012. LG Canada refused to comment on the update plans for the 2012 flagship.

European users of LG’s flagship may be luckier: one of the biggest French carriers listed the OTA KitKat update for the G2 as coming over the air by the end of the year, though that’s hardly an official confirmation.

  • Xavier_NYC

    It’s ‘Unofficially’ available already via CM, AOSPA, and later on today AOKP.. Why wait that long

    • derekjeter

      Cuz AOSP is boring as f**k and some people like LGs android skin.

      But you’re right it is a long wait…HTC is ready to release the One with kitkat on their Sense UI in two days

      • Xavier_NYC

        I’ve never used ASOPA but so far It’s smooth for an Alpha build. Been running it for a week now. I liked the LG UI a little but it would have random battery drains for no reason and random apps that I never used taking up ram.. With kit kat my ram never goes past 800mb being used. Also the only thing I love on the LG UI is Knock on and still have that..

        • Ryan

          How do you still have knock on without LG UI?

          • Xavier_NYC

            It’s build into the source. Every rom that’s out for the G2 has Knock on

  • Darko

    i really had high hopes for this lg g2 and was planning on buying it, but this is just borderline crime…so g2 users will get one major update and then the new flagship will be out making the g2 model obsolete when it comes to updates…it’s basically easier for them to release a new phone with the current version of android then hold on to the “18 month update plan”… they are basically doing a harakiri… with this model they actually had potential to set new standards… but it seems the profit is all that android manufacturers have in mind… so i guess in the coming years there will be almost no update policy and we’ll be forced to buy new phones so we could stay up to date with the newest version of android… it’s just too bad that the nexus is never a flagship when it comes to camera and battery performance, it will just remain a developers device… they had a chance to be a game changer…now they’ll just sink just like htc did with their update policy prior to 2012 and the htc one

    • Balraj

      There are many things that go into software update
      I heard it takes almost 6 months per update

      • Darko

        true.. but i still don’t get it how can htc manage do it now in just couple of months
        after the stock android releases? and we all know how lg update policy
        worked before, once per year and it was buggy… i mean for the money
        the lg g2 offers the most rounded up package, but if they update it only
        once and don’t adress the bugs (f.e. slow autofocus of the camera or
        low framerate during night video shots) it’s basically a very risky
        buy…. unless you are comfortable with 4.1.2 android version and you don’t need updates…
        i’m trying to say is that OEMs should at least respect the 18 month
        update policy thus fixing the existing bugs and giving regular updates
        on 3-4 month basis, not just once per year… it just shows how good
        (bad) their customer support is… that’s all…

        • [A]dri[A]n

          It’s not only up to LG. The carries have A LOT to do with how fast the consumers get the update, remember that. Also, the G2 has 4.2.2. As far as the 18 month “life” of a phone, I never take that seriously, especially these days.

          • Darko

            well actually i meant the international version of the g2 and the update policy of lg for that model/version… so I am kinda off topic because the headline is meant for carrier version of the phone in Canada…
            sorry if I wasn’t more precise… they could at least address the low fps when recording a video in low light conditions and the slow autofocus of the camera… otherwise the G2 is a complete package and i can’t argue with that… all i’m saying is it’s really a shame that such a great phone, with lots of potential, and it probably won’t get decent update support… if LG can solve that update policy they’d definitely become a serious if not the leading player on the android market…

          • [A]dri[A]n

            Well, hopefully they can get their act together. The G2 is a great device, but if a great device doesn’t get the support it deserves, no one is going to want to stick with it. I read an article saying that the Korean G2 started getting KitKat today, so that’s pretty good news Lol

  • Jeremy Zloczewski

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about regarding the “KitKat” update. The G2 works pretty damn good as it is on 4.2. Just enjoy your G2 guys, 4.4 will get here soon enough.

    • [A]dri[A]n

      Exactly. I don’t really see what KitKat is gonna add to the G2. I personally don’t care for it. Nothing useful in KitKat for me. The G2 is perfect as it is.

  • John Boileau

    Beanstalk 4.4.2 as well as unofficial Carbonrom 4.4.2 are out for Lg G2. Tested PA as well as Beanstalk and both worked well. will be testing out Carbon but as far as Kit Kat goes a few little perks nothing spectacular.

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.