LG G2, HTC One, Galaxy S3 CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4 KitKat) nightlies available

by: Chris SmithDecember 6, 2013


CyanogenMod 11 M1 builds are already available for Nexus devices, but these aren’t the only smartphones and tablets getting an Android 4.4 KitKat-based custom ROM.

CM11 nightly builds are also available for a variety of devices including current and former flagship Android handsets. The list includes multiple LG G2 version (D800, D801 and D802) as well as various HTC One models (m7att, m7spr, m7tmo, m7ul). Furthermore, the international Galaxy S3 (I9300) – which is officially receiving the Android 4.3 update as we speak – is also getting its own CM11 nightly ROM. On top of these, various other Android devices are listed as supported for CM11 (see Source link below).

Many custom Android developers are moving fast to releasing Android 4.4-based versions of their ROMs, while Google is already moving to Android 4.4.1 for its Nexus devices. Meanwhile, Motorola and HTC are the only companies to have released KitKat builds for some of their flagships, with others still working on the updates.

A future round of CM11 nightlies will include Android 4.4.1 goodies as well, the CyanogenMod team revealed.

That said, it doesn’t mean we’re encouraging you to update to the latest Android version by installing a custom ROM, a procedure that will void the warranty of your device. Make sure you understand what such procedures mean before going forward with them and follow closely available installation instructions.

  • Azeem


  • Xavier_NYC

    LG G2 FOR THE WIN.. So Happy to see the Dev community supporting this device.. Now it’s def a Nexus 5s..

  • Pumba

    Nothing to gain from kitkat, all those updates are hyped-up…

    • anon

      I disagree, kitkat has made my galaxy note(N7000) a phone worth using now. I was considering a new phone but now its necessary

  • Gundars Zvackis

    When we get Android 4.4 Cyanogenmod 11 to Galaxy S2? :)

    • Aleco

      I’m running 4.4.1 CM11 on GS2 T-989 as of now.

  • Frankie

    is kitkat available for the s3?

    • Aleco

      In the website (CM) the i9300 and i9305 are supported for CM11 KitKat.

  • SeraZR™

    There’s a nightly for the galaxy nexus too

    Damn u google :|

  • tyrone taylor

    Got it on lg g2! Very smooth and less bugs than gummy! However you have to turn animations off in developer settings for choppy screen when using back or app buttons. All is good here and oh also live wallpaper crashes.

  • CoUp Grace

    Guys im trying to install cm11 and google gapps for LG G2 via TWRP (recovery mode, backup-wipe-install zip etc) and its says error (bacause of cm11 file) and i cant install it! i have been tried it for 3 days and nothing! Anyone else here had a similar problem or something? thanks

    • tyrone taylor

      U have to use cwm. I used Worked flawlessly!!

      • CoUp Grace

        its says you must have android 4.0.4 and not the android i have (4.3.1)

        • tyrone taylor

          Which service provider do you have?

          • CoUp Grace

            what do u mean service provider? im using TWRP recovery btw if you mean this!

          • tyrone taylor

            At&t, T-Mobile, sprint, or verizon

          • CoUp Grace

            International! is from EU

          • tyrone taylor
          • tyrone taylor
          • CoUp Grace

            still cant flash cwm! i do it and when i go to recovery mode, cwm dont starts! i tried again and again with TWRP kai its says error while the app installing the cm11…
            dont know what to do…

          • tyrone taylor

            Are u using flashify to flash recovery

          • CoUp Grace

            yeah! and when i reboot into recover –> black screen! ONLY when i flash TWRP, recovery comes out ;/

      • Γιώργος Κελάκης

        I have the same problem but i used both trwp and cwm but again same problem….

    • hucksterfool

      I ended up flashing recovery to clockword mod and install went thru. works great.

  • Ricardo Sotodel

    I’m running the 4.4 ever since I installed it my Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Can someone help me out?

  • Syed Ali

    When we get 4.4 Kitkat for samsung galaxy S4.

  • Ray Hoth

    Cyanogen skipped 4.4 nightlies and went straight to 4.4.1

  • danhencha

    Well, CM11 KitKat 4.4.2 is available for I9300. But when for I9305 ?

  • jd

    i’m running the 4.4.2 latest nightly (12/24) its completely stable for me. the only thing that i can see is not working is the HDR feature for the camera, and i cannot save my photos taken straight to the SD card

  • nicole holder

    I have the galaxy note 2 with CM11 4.4.2 and need some help any know about this device?