Hands-on with the LG G2

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 7, 2013


LG has just unveiled the G2 at a press event in New York, and at least on paper, the G2 looks like a formidable device. But how does it feel in real life?

To answer this question, our Kris Wouk was on call at the event and he got some hands-on time with LG’s sleek new flagship. He walks you through the hardware and software features of the device in the video below.


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  • shenaljoker

    this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil bit

    KnockOn is good, had that before on Nokia N9. No worries with the hidden power button then.

  • Lee

    Blows S4 out of proportion.

    • simpleas

      lol, love these comments

  • okamsrazor

    Another plastic phone with no SD card slot. Pass.

    • Rick Evans

      So you don’t own a smartphone? Every device is plastic and only the iPhone and HTC One are worth buying that are metal and they don’t have an sd card slot.

      • weed

        Which explains why we don’t have HTC One. 32 pathetic gigabytes, same as in 2007 Nokia N97, and it had card slot in addition.

        • Brandon Jiang

          how does anyone call 32 gb pathetic? that’s just a ridiculous amount of data to be stored on your mobile device

          • okamsrazor

            It is considered “pathetic” because the manufacturers are moving us backwards. I have 32GB internal storage and a 64GB SD-card slot. The manufacturers are putting better and better cameras onboard, but then reducing the amount of storage available. In fact most new phones come with 16 GB and no 32 GB option at all. 16 GB does not cut it for some of us, and removing our option to add cheap storage for documents, video, pictures, etc is not helping us go buy their phones.

          • Brandon Jiang

            when you say “some of us,” it really does just mean “about 5% of the population.” I’m sorry to break this to you but companies will invest in what is popular and whatever profits they lose from the small amount of people who want more are negligible. when you say we are going backwards that is not true, MTP is much more secure and faster than using SD cards so in fact we are going in a good direction.
            have you noticed that SSDs offer less storage and are more expensive as opposed to hard drives? we are in a phase of transition where in time there will be more storage, in both computers and phones. (and I don’t see people complaining about SSDs having less storage for a higher price)

            but once again – face the facts you’re in the minority so don’t expect companies to bow down to your wishes.
            as far as cheap storage goes, thumb drives still exist.

          • okamsrazor

            I see. So if a company builds a sports car that can go 180 mph it would make sense to limit the speed to 55mph because that is what “most people drive”? Only a small portion of the population travels over 50 miles from their home. So no need for passenger planes or trains, right? Adding an SD card slot is a minor cost and they more than make up for it their profits. If it is that big of a deal add $1 to each phone and guarantee that “5%” of the market while making a profit from the 95% who won’t use it.

          • Brandon Jiang

            what the hell are you saying. you seem to be in denial that you are in the minority. all i said was that you are in the minority. fact – and seeing as how neither you or I work at a phone manufacturer, neither you or I should comment on what should be done and try to justify it.
            the car speed metaphor makes no sense either – plenty of people drive above 55 mph. you seem to think america is the only country in the world. news flash, it’s not. go to germany and tell me how fast they go

            and once again, you didn’t seem to comment on what I said about SSDs, or just buying a thumb drive. and MTP, which is big.

          • Infinite7154

            What Brandon says makes sense. The iPhone is the most sold phone in the world. From day one, it never had a removable battery or a SD card slot and it still sold like hot cakes. Fast forward to 2013, more and more Android OEM’s are moving in that direction for their flagship phones because it has worked for Apple for years with no issue. I personally have no issue with a phone without a SD card slot. I had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, neither with an SD slot and I was able to have a great phone experience. I upload my photos to Google+, stream music from All Access, download my playlists to my device. Most American’s are near a Wi-Fi source a good portion of the day so 16-32 GB’s of storage is plenty.

          • okamsrazor

            The Ford Focus is the most sold car in the world. Does that mean it is right for everyone? Or do you think maybe that other cars with other options makes sense?
            You are focusing on how YOU use your device to say what should be “plenty”. I am pretty sure I am near Wi-Fi 10-12% of my day. I do not have Wi-Fi in my car, airport, plane, etc. Maybe you use your device for personal use only; many of us use it for work and personal. I should have the ability to use all features of my phone anytime. I should not have to decide which clients contracts, excel files, etc I want to be caught without on any given day.

          • Infinite7154

            You’re comparing cars to a phone; not a really good comparison. If you use your phone for work, you should be near Wi-Fi a lot because your job should provide it. As far as contacts, you don’t need phone storage for that. Google syncs your contacts. Even when you’re off-line, the contacts are still there in your phone. Work files shouldn’t be that large and if they are then your job should provide a different phone.

          • okamsrazor

            Your lack of understanding what I said is astounding. First, how will my work provide me “WiFi” at 37,000 feet? Most planes do not have it as an option. How will they provide me “WiFi” when I am on a clients property? Should I ask for a WiFi key from everyone I see? How about when I am traveling in my car? Should I pull over, pull out my laptop, wait for it to boot, start the hotspot, then connect to everything? Or could I just fire off what I need from my always on phone which will not require me to do anything extra?
            Also, I said CONTRACTS not CONTACTS. Big difference. As for work “providing me with another phone” how exactly does that work in your mind? If my complaint is that the current crop of phones is providing less storage than my year old phone, how can they “provide me a different phone”?

          • Infinite7154

            I misread contacts, excuse me. The point still remains, if you need that much space for your job, your job should provide you the kind of phone that has that kind of space. You’re talking text files, pdf’s at worse. Those aren’t that large. You store hundreds of these types of files on a 16GB phone and still have room for airplane music. MY point is you are the huge minority on this issue. That’s why OEM’s have gone this way.

          • okamsrazor

            Wrong again. Many documents I work with are excel and word documents, not text and pdf. Also, the OEMS are going this way because Google is demanding they do so so they can have “multiple profiles” on the internal memory of the phone for “security”. That is why in the video above the phone shows a “guest” logon for the phone. The issue is that most people do not “share” a phone like they may a laptop/desktop. Having multiple profiles is almost useless for the “majority” of users. I would say the “minority” that wants an SD card slot is larger than the “minority” who shares a phone and needs multiple logons.

          • Brandon Jiang

            as far as file sizes go, I have a gigantic word document that’s about 7000 words, and its file size is 162 kb. excel is just as small
            think about it: both word and excel are both just text documents.
            not starting a debate again but just saying

          • pyrat-economist

            ok, i’m sorry but this is just ignorant. I have no opinion about the rest of this debate (other than to say that i easily killed the 16gb on my GS3 with apps, and was thankful for an SD card for taking photos/videos of my kid. but i think a 32gb+ onboard phone would probably do just as well).

            but i have a 32gb encrypted flash drive that i use for my work (tripled backed up every day, blah blah blah) that is full of mostly word and excel (and some ppt and pdf) documents. and by full i mean…. explorer tells me I have 649mB free of 29.4GB.

            very very few of my word documents are under a few megs, and i don’t think I have a single excel file under that size.

            powerpoints are obviously even bigger.

            Now, this is a flash drive, not my phone, and I don’t need that kind of stuff on my phone. but IF I DID, if my use case was like okamsrazor’s apparently is, then obviously 32GB would be completely inadequate.

            I’ve got no idea why he needs all those documents on his phone as our jobs are clearly very different, but it doesn’t matter. and I also agree with you that most people are probably not like him.

            but the point is that your criticism (based on the sizes of files that you just happen to have) is anecdotal, myopic, and without merit.

            Personally, i think the vast majority of the market would be best served if manufacturers would just give us two options: a 16gb version and a 32gb version (for a substantial markup) with a “hidden feature” SD card slot that is AVAILABLE but perhaps not officially supported or documented. That way supergeeks can find that SD slot and do whatever geeky things they want to do with it, and the average consumer can just say “ooo, do I want to be disciplined about uploading photos of little timmy, or do I want to just carry around every dang photo ever, along with some pixar movies for the car?” when they choose between the 16 or 32gb versions of their new phones.

          • Brandon Jiang

            Well I can upload my word doc if you want. It’s 7000 words once again and 14 pages… and 160 kb. The link is here, on my Box: https://app.box.com/s/a7ycmfhxgaa2otr8afrx

            So don’t call me ignorant as I will now provide hard proof to the sizes of word documents. In my experience every word document I’ve owned has been extremely small. To add to this, I have full books on my Nook, and each one averages a little less than 1 mb in size. Keep in mind these are full, 300-500 page books I’m talking about.

            As far as adding a hidden microSD option… if they were to include an option at all I would have just made it public. It’s not stopping people from buying the device.

          • okamsrazor

            I think the fact that Brandon feels a “7,000 word 14 Page” word document is “Gigantic” indicates he is a bit touch out of reality. My “Average” word document is 70 MB and I have. Contracts run the gambit of 50-120+ pages. Add in company logos, diagrams, etc and they can top 100MB+ easily. I have 7.2 GB of documents on my SD card right now. Add in some other items (Videos used for Clients for example) and those videos alone eat up another 23 GB. None of this includes other things I would typically use on my phone…a few games for traveling (many of which are 2GB or so on their own), some Music (I have 30GB, but even if I paired it down to a week of music while I travel it would still be 1-2GB worth). I have not even included the APPS I NEED on my phone or that are pre-loaded.
            So my options are use an older phone (My Moto RAZR MAXX HD) that includes things I use daily (HDMI output, SD Slot) or “upgrade” my phone to one with no SD slot and then carry around a Laptop everywhere.
            See that is where we start running into problems. OEMS can provide these features as evidenced by past phones having them. They are now NOT including them (which the comments above seem to say is “fine” because they need to meet their profits) yet the phones are the same price. So consumers should be happy to give up features we know can be provided so OEMS can make even more massive profits?

          • okamsrazor

            Putting all that data on my phone put me and company at risk…how exactly? I can remote wipe my phone just I can my company laptop. In fact, I can remote wipe it easier since it is always on 4G. I do not have to wait for someone to connect it to the internet like a laptop. So as soon as it is missing I wipe it (including the SD card which is secured in the phone).
            All “jerry” (whoever that is) says about SD cards is “be sure you back them up” which I already do.

          • candlelarbra5212

            Your claim with absolutely no proof or even a shred of evidence is right. I mean look at the most popular android phone the Galaxy S series… Oh wait they do have SD card slots.

            If you can put 1080p, 13mp and a quad core CPU in a phone you can put a SD card slot and removable battery in, and any phone manufacturer that doesn’t won’t get my money.

            P.S. people want to put things called moving pictures, on their phones, they been around for ages, you should try watching them, they are pretty cool.

          • Brandon Jiang

            In that case, give me proof that the people who buy the galaxy s series buy it for the sdcard. I know an average consumer who is my friend, and when he talks about his galaxy s3 he thinks it looks really cool and has a slim body. he probably has no clue what a microsd card is, to be frank. Bro, I can understand me not having evidence, but the most retarded thing you did was assume people buy galaxy s phones for their sdcard. you have no evidence as well.
            as for the second paragraph, that’s really fine. maybe you don’t know about change, but wait a few years. the microsd card is dying, like it or not (sheesh does anyone remember the CD dying? and all these people coming saying they need it? like wtf)

            PS theres this thing called netflix. unlimited movies and tv shows for $8 a month, cheaper than google play music all access. maybe you should give it a try. heres a link mr. sarcastic

      • okamsrazor

        Actually mine is made of Kevlar and metal. And does have an SD card slot. It is called the Droid razr MAXX HD. There are other phones out there. Also, I would buy neither the HTC ONE nor the iPhone. So clearly they are not “worth buying” for everyone.

    • weed

      Patience young Skywalker, all will be revealed in time. The card slot is region specific, or maybe carrier specific.

      • okamsrazor

        I only care about my region. I am in the USA on VZW so I am guaranteed no SD card slot and likely only a 16 GB version of the phone. I am not moving to a hut in SE Asia just for realistic storage options on a phone.

        • Rhino”

          some people just like to moan for the sake of moaning lol

          its not like there’s 3 phones out there …just choose a different one if this does not do what you want.

  • HitokiriX

    Looks great… I would love it but I’d really hate not having a physical home button again. It was annoying on my RAZR Max

    • okamsrazor

      I am not a fan of the on-board keys either. I constantly hit them when doing things on my phone and now dread hearing the Google Voice option come alive. “Please say a command” “Please say a command”. So annoying.

      • Brandon Jiang

        “Please say a command” does not exist on the new Google Search since Jellybean…. dunno where you got that from

        • okamsrazor

          From my phone running 4.1.2 right now. “Please wait”. “Please say a command”.

          • Brandon Jiang

            OHHH you have a motorola sucks. I remember when my droid 2 did that.

          • okamsrazor

            Well yeah. I thought that was clear since we are talking about the RAZR series of phones.

          • Brandon Jiang

            well it seemed to be a softkeys in general conversation. I guess it’s good idea to tell you that you wont have to worry about the annoying voice if you dont use a moto device

          • okamsrazor

            My next device won’t be a Moto. They dropped the SD card on the new Droid series and added in an “always listening” feature. That was a terrible move so soon after the NSA revelations.

          • Brandon Jiang

            yeah moto x sucks

  • Tamadrummer94

    I’m surprised at how thick it is, given it’s essentially a repackaged S4 and the back is non-removable. Really digging the tiny bezels and big battery, and I would be thrilled to see this the reference for the Nexus 5 design.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    OK, Now we’re talking 2013 phones again. Looks, and sounds like a flagship phone, without any caveats. Bring the action.

  • Mansoor

    its really smart……. waiting for full review….. my question is wat can be Price of LG G2……. :)

  • Mansoor

    its really smart….. cant wait for full Review….. and want to know its price??…..

  • ΚωσταΣ Γιαν

    Sorry, but this phone is so boring its amazing. Who cares for Snapdragon 800 and stuff, phone is gonna have the same feeling as 1.5 year old Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Its design is generic as it can be.

  • kirk ngo

    white one looks alot better

  • Ali

    Big fat screens never wow me, stupid back of the phone button layout….wtf!, Battery is cool even though it’s Huge LCD screen will drain it…smh, and the shiny plastic that holds finger prints is plain ugly….I wil pass on this…..Moto x here I come!

    • tomn1ce


    • okamsrazor

      Do you just toss “smh” into all of your posts? It doesn’t even make sense in the context in which you used it.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Holy sweet mother of Jesus! Shut the hack up and take my money!
    Finally something that satisfies me with what i was waiting for…ohoo! I want it NOW!

  • deadpenguins

    Looks solid, and I knew it was going to come down to the Moto X and the G2 as my next phone, but the phone is just too damn large. I have a tablet so I don’t need one in my pocket.

    • linux_ftw

      They reduced the bezel. It’s not as huge as you might think.

  • Jaun Lombard

    but its plastic…

  • Lee

    “I don’t care how the phone looks like, what processor it has or how good the camera is and the cool features but all I want is a SD card slot blah blah blah.Bitch please buy a laptop with 1TB of hard disk.And stop raving here.

  • blowntoaster

    S4 and HTC One and Xperia Z are still better. Fuddy duddy buttons and high powered SoC’s won’t make this any better. the UI is seriously overbloated…
    This phone with stock android would be 10 x better. Nexus 5 anyone…

  • Mohamed Elbehairy

    did lg g2 can make video call from sim card not from data traffic like
    Samsung s3

  • Eddy

    For users interested primarily in specs and hardware, the G2 has plenty to offer. But for most smartphone shoppers, this phone is going to have a tough time standing out in the crowded menu of enticing Android options.