LG G2 drop test: how durable is a thin bezel?

by: Andrew GrushOctober 11, 2013

Starting with the LG Optimus G, LG has been stepping up its game big time, and the LG G2 is no exception. The LG G2 is not only a real looker, it also stands out from the rest of the Android pack thanks to its ultra-thin bezels and a unique power button/volume rocker placement.

We’ve already reviewed this bad boy and came out rather impressed, so now there’s just one question left: How will it fare when it comes to a drop test? To answer that question, our very own Josh Vergara put LG’s latest flagship through the rounds.

In typical Android Authority fashion, Vergara dropped the handset from the same height in three different positions: on its back, its bottom and on the front.

Unfortunately for the LG G2, things didn’t go so well. While the back-landing test yielded nothing more than a few scuffs, in the second test the handset hit the bottom corner and cracked the display enough that it would no longer properly function. It is a good idea to ensure you have a good case, have a look at our LG G2 accessories buyers guide to help find a good case.

After the third and final test, the phone’s screen refused to turn on at all.

The LG G2 is a beautiful, powerful handset with a lot going for it, even if extreme durability isn’t necessarily one of those things. Of course real world drops aren’t as precise or planned as this and could yield slightly different results, but the overall point of any drop test is that it never hurts to invest in a good case for your handset.

It’s also important to do your best to keep your handset from falling in the first place – sometimes easier said than done.

Did the LG G2 fare about as well as you thought it would, or are you surprised that it was out of commission so early into our tests? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • MasterMuffin

    The beautiful bezels have their downsides :/

    • LeDerp


      • MasterMuffin

        Almost bezel less ≠ bezel less BUT IT’S STILL GORGEUS

        • Fievel

          I’ll take a bezel as thick as a Russian gymnast’s thighs if it means sturdy protection.

          • blckaapl

            Lol! I’m imagining a G2 with the quick window case. That is your display and the sides are your bezel. heh.

          • zeppelin

            best comment of the day, lol.. hahaha :D

  • Austin

    I learned this the hard way today when my less than a week old G2 feel about 6 feet, screen is completely unusable now, and I’m back on my s4.

  • Rogue

    This is the reason I love the Z1’s design it’s the only phone that didn’t break in the drop test so far you know why? You got it them thick bezels and although the screen became useless you can return a phone and tell them it won’t power up and get a new one or get it fixed once there’s no physical damage but a broken screen is a different story.

    • jasxgamer

      agree with you buddy, nice one

    • Hellz

      do you think they cant read the g forces on the phone using accelerometer? or that they dont have any other internal way of finding out is physical dmg that broke your phone? they surely can. and if screen wont turn on, that means something has broken on the inside and once they open it.

  • Balraj

    G2 drop test…my wish got fulfilled :-D

    • Romdude

      My wish is for the 24k and 18k HTC Ones in simultaneous drop test. Bang, no more >$6k.

      • Fatty

        Gold iPhone maybe?

  • Xavier_NYC

    My heart hurt watching this. I immediately held my G2 like an infant child for about 10 mins.

    • Balraj

      I belong to your category..
      I love my phone

    • Pedro Fernández

      Mine was shaking terrified when watching this video…

  • Well_Said

    I dropped my LG G2 exactly like it dropped on the second test, and the phone touch screen stopped working. So now I had to order a new G2 :(

  • Tuấn Ankh

    I guess I will need a case for my upcoming Nexus 5.

    • famewolf

      Least it’s not made of glass like my N4 (I’ll also be getting a N5)….I’d like to talk to the brain trust that said “Yeah…lets make the whole outer body glass so it feels good.” Right until it slips out of your fingers on the road.

      • Tuấn Ankh

        My close friend in college actually dropped her N4 over 10 times and it is still perfect. A few times were on hard tile and concrete. When she told me that, I was like “wth? Are you even serious?”
        But yea, I didn’t get the N4 partly because of its glass back. The Nexus 5 with soft touch back gives me a lot more confidence.

        • GavinAyling

          I’ve only dropped my N4 once uncased and from only 1ft onto my desk and the back glass cracked.

          • n4owner

            Technically, the back isn’t glass. Its a glass like plastic. I’ve also dropped my n4 a bunch of times with only a scuff marks. Then my girlfriend dropped it onto dirt and she managed to break the screen so that my soft keys no longer work. bad luck I guess.

  • blckaapl

    *Rushing to get a case real quick* >.<

  • Cao Meo

    I don’t see any difference, you still have the phone unusable after dropping it like with other phones. And it may be better if the impact destroys the screen instead of the electronics.

  • Albin

    Sounded like there’s a series of these tests – is there a summary table comparing different models someplace? I’d suspect most new phones would break. (While my own old thick bezeled LG survived a four foot fall onto parquet over concrete in good form after I snugged the battery and snapped the back on again, I’m not planning on a second test.)

  • a1qkhan

    Nice phone, but a poor result.

  • Brendon Brown

    Such a beautiful phone … if only it was more durable ! :( Same goes with the Xperia Z1

  • Fragile phone

    Dropped my G2 from waist height and the screen is broken. It was in the LG protective case which is next to useless. This phone is excellent but very fragile! LG not interested.

  • Rohit Naik

    LG G2 unboxing and review

    I’m still not convinced by this phone

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnLiq2DUY9I .

  • bbb

    My phone was knocked out of my hand and it became unresponsive, the day after I got it.

  • Andre

    Just had mine broken… 1 week old, first time i dropped, already KO… Feel right onto the corner, screen damaged, cannot operate it anymore…

  • trailz

    g2 fell from about 1.5 feet (on to concrete) from my hoodie pocket. Screen cracked, still functional but I have to split the key board and rotate the phone in landscape mode 180 just to get some of the key board buttons. I had a spigen slim armor case that did absolutely nothing. Ordering a ballistics case for the replacement phone. Thank you insurance I haven’t even made a payment on yet…

    • formulaic

      Could i ask if you had a screen protector on and if you know how it hit the ground (aside from gravity!)? I have the spigen slim armor but don’t like the extra bulk. However i thought it would be worth it in case of this type of drop.

  • Fragile

    My work bought 50 G2 phones for the Employees. After less than a months about 7 have already broke and every few days another one is added. Great phone but very very fragile. The galaxies we have are much more robust.

  • ds4

    had mine 2 days dropped it about on my kitchen tile something i did with galaxy s3 i had for about 8 months probably 20 times… screen broke and wont work… comes on but won’t respond to touch… maybe a fluke but contemplating getting a gs4 now instead b/c of how easy it broke

  • Mark Ray

    I did liked the LG G2, and the innovative button re-location … however, I felt that the phone build is not sturdy and vulnerable to crack easily, and when I looked for cover, I only had limited choices for my Verizon’s edition as most manufacturers build their cases for the international versions http://www.lg-g2-case.com

  • mayank

    I bought three g2. Two of them are cracked and I can’t get replacement

  • cusemoose

    I got my g2 3 days before christmas and broke it in less than 12 hours now my daughter just Pulled on my charge cord while my phone was in the Otterbox Defender case, and the phone fell about 6 or 7 inches and now my touchscreen doesn’t work again!!I’m not sure if I love the phone or if I just love the Android operating system but either way this phone is junk and I don’t suggest anyone buy it ever

    • Keith Taylor

      6 or 7 inches…really..dropped my from my four foot contour table in kitchen on tile floor. Nothing…still works and looks fine. landed at an angle.

      • cusemoose

        yep, she pulled it off the Ottoman onto my hardwood floor and at first I didn’t notice anything was wrong with it until I went to use it and realized that the icons on the bottom of the phone didn’t work… There is no visible damage to the phone other than a little bit of light seeping through the side where the screen Meets the edge of the phone……..and then there is a thin strip from that point of the phone all the way across the other Sidethat does not work but everything else works fine… I am NOT going to have it fixed because I’ve had the phone for 3 weeks now and I’ve already spent over $400 purchasing cases and having the phone fixed, so even though I love this device more than any other device I have ever tried, I am eligible for an upgrade in a couple of months and I’ll be getting a new device….

  • stu

    Just dropped my 1 mth old lg g2 from about 2 foot on the corner. Cracked the screen even with a basic gel cover. Unusable. $250 repair bill. [email protected] 1st phone to crack in 10 yrs and I’ve dropped plenty. Maybe the bigger they get the more stress on the glass. I dont know but the guy at the shop specifically said it had somel kick ass glass.

  • Steve NJ

    Don’t these manufacturers do these tests on their own?

  • Kelly Robinson

    I purchased four phones a month ago. 2-G2s and 2-other LGs. I dearly loved this phone with the amazing resolution, speed and really everything about it. It was a total of 3 weeks before both of the G2s screens broke to the extents on non functioning. Both of these phones were dropped once and both had silicone lined hard cases on them. I was positive there was a quality issue with the glass and called the manufacturer. I was told that was not the case.

  • ZuS

    My LG G2 bought 2 weeks ago, fell 30 cm first time yesterday onto a thin carpet. Screen cracked straight across with a barely visible line. Top part not working at all, bottom part only with serious effort.

    First and last LG for me. It’s junk.

  • Abthanabalakrishnan Ravuthakum

    Can u please make a drop test with xibicen case and lg g2 inside thanks

  • Saddened G2 user

    I now wish I had purchased the Zagg glass protector instead of the regular Zagg. I just had the same thing happen to my G2.

  • paint_stain

    In one month I dropped two of these IN THEIR CASES from the height of my hands(@ 4 ft). Both lost all functionality. Never again, LG…what the hell?

  • Msb

    1st and 2nd LG g2 in full case cracked! 2nd one must have been in my purse! Ridiculously cheap cell. Shame on LG! 14 years of Iphones and Blackberry…never one broken screen…then 2 broken LG within 2 months?!?!

  • Jamie

    So I have broken the LG G2 twice from a fall WITH a case on it. I am so upset bc I love the phone but clearly I cannot take care of it. It’s costing me a fortune. Why is it unusable after a tiny crack in the corner? My old Samsung 3S worked with a crack on the screen. Anyway, I am looking for advice. I can either get my LG G2 screen replaced for about 200$ ….then get a better case. If I do this whih case should I get? Option B is to buy a refurbished Samsung 3S again or 4S. Are those harder to break? What would you recommend for someone that drops their phone a lot??? Im desperate, and broke. Thanks in advance.

    • 213Edu

      I know right, My mom’s s4 was drop for a couple of time with a few cracks on the screen but its still usable. G2?lol drop it once and you are done

  • 213Edu


  • shadhna

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  • kacnallsmom

    I really wish I would have found this site before I bought the LG G2. I’ve had my phone for just a few months. I dropped the phone, from just a few inches (it was sitting on a folding chair and slid off). I did one for those tried to grab it as it slid down my leg (so not a hard hit at all). The screen is cracked and it’s completely unusable (sensor is going haywire). Of course my phone carrier said they couldn’t help me. So I’ve ditched the fancy stuff and went with a no-contract phone. They are not nearly as fancy but are functional, durable and if it breaks I go to Target and get another one for 25 bucks. So much less stress.

  • Jose Dager Pattini

    I recently acquired a new LG G2 for my wife by the first week of August. My 3 year old son dropped it and half of the screen was unusable. We both have had smartphones since they were originally released years ago and this is the very first time that we broke a screen. We paid the fee to get a new one $150 and my wife dropped it a week after that. Again, screen broke easily. Because she needed a new phone and I was out of the country, she requested a new one, another $150, and broke it in less than 24 hours.

    The long story short here is that we both have dropped our phones numerous times, no different than any other person. I carry a Galaxy II [personal] and an iPhone 5C [work], and those were upgrades since 2009, and none of my phones have ever cracked, broke, or failed. I strongly believe the LG G2 is too weak and a protect case is required. If I can go back in time and get a different phone, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • Eddy

    The G2 is easily a competitor for every other high-end smartphone out there. The “weird” button layout works for us, and it’s paired with some smart touch functions that are well thought out. The phone looks and feels great, and just works as a smartphone should.

  • Devyn Gerla

    I dropped my phone in my bedroom with a shitty walmart case. Before it hit the carpet the step stool unfortunately broke its fall. It’s got a tiny little crack that goes along the bottom. It reaches from the bottom left corner to the right lower-middle part of the screen. Now I can’t use it at all. Fuck LCD’s. Props to Apple for making phones that function with a tiny crack along the screen, even though I hate apple.

  • Josh Tonkin

    Mine just broke falling off my couch, get the G3

  • Søren

    This phone is really unsustainable, i’ve got 2 of them so i know what i’m talking about