LG g2 bezel is insane1

LG has opted for the path of least resistance with their latest flagship, the LG G2. For the record, we’re smitten with its anorexic bezels, incredible performance, and much more. Of course, the button placement isn’t going to please everyone, but in our time with it so far, we think that LG has made a very intelligent decision here, and one that works well in practice.

LG’s let live a video that details their design philosophy, and it’s a good watch, so be sure to check it out below.

LG is arguably the leading purveyor of LCD displays in the world, and their expertise in this area can’t be more apparent than in their choice to include that big, brilliant, and amazingly thin bezelled LG G2. Check out our LG G2 review to see our thoughts on it!

For those that are paying attention — and chances are good that you are, if you’re visiting Android Authority — then you’ll know that LG is in the process of redefining themselves. And all signs are pointing towards a company that’s highly committed and receptive towards the notion of perpetual improvement.

If the LG G2 is any indication, than we fully expect LG to continue bringing us great quality technology at compelling price points, which, of course, is something excellent, and something that will translate into more companies adopting a quality-first, consumer-first, and value-first approach.

Like what you see? Let us (and LG) know down below!

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • Phandroid

    I think the small bezels look terrible. There’s such thing as bezels that are TOO small, and I’m definitely not smitten.

    • Peter

      Sorry, I disagree. The smaller the better. I want more screen, not wasted space.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      I would love to have the G2, but somehow I see your point. When watching comparison review of the S4 and G2, the G2 looks awesome. But then I looked at the S4 again and again, it looks great. That makes me wonder if that ultra thin bezel is really and necessarily better.
      Well, I would still love to have a G2 over the S4 . xD

      • Balraj

        Maybe your worried about software update?? Cause even I’m
        G2 >s4
        That’s a guarantee..
        I’m waiting for nexus 5 vs g2 shoot out

  • Grman Rodriguez

    As an engineering student hoping to focus his effort on design i gotta say I LOVE this design story videos. Even if I’m iffy about the G2

    • Balraj

      Ik.. only if lg can redesign its UI
      ppl will complain less

      • Holmes

        Nexus 5 anyone?

      • Ugslick

        Hopefully with 4.4, LG will completely refresh their UI instead of just pasting their old stuff on top. hopefully they’ll figure out what improvements Google has made and keep those incorporated in the UI and improve it on top of that, adding features like KnockON etc.

  • Balraj

    Wow wow wow wow
    Lg g2 is a great device..I like the video
    I like design stories

  • Oli72

    totally agree with LG working on OS. that’s why i have an nexus 4 and also getting the nexus 5 too for business phone.

  • michael sanchez

    Very nice phone so muck to like im just worried about the update time. With my lg on verizon i may never see an update.

  • I love the features of this smarphone, one thing that maybe annoying is the awkward button placement.

    • Balraj

      Have you tried out the g2 ? If no.Try it out
      Cause including AA n many other sites say its natural !!!
      You just need to get used to it…

  • Blowntoaster

    nice device, let down slightly by overbloated UI.

  • LetsCOPY

    r u sure that those people aren’t from the samsung design team LG? LOL

    • Balraj

      Dude..Its hardware n not software
      Atleast respect what they have done…seriously

  • CyberT3ch

    Korean Jony Ive wannabe. Its official, Koreans don’t have a clue about style and design.

  • Machic

    I stumbled onto my LG G2, I had a galaxy s4 since it launched and it was stolen one night. I needed a phone right away BUT I wanted a phone that did NOT have a memory card. I did not want another incident where all of my pictures and cherished memories where stolen. So I went to Sprint and told them what I wanted they showed me the LG G2 I did not do much research on the phone but took it. I have to say I love this phone far better then my Galaxy. It is FAST, works perfectly, beautiful screen, lots of very helpful tricks and although its plastic it has a very solid sturdy feel. The phone is great !!!!!

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.