LG G2 makes its way onto Consumer Reports ‘2013 top products’ list

by: Andrew GrushNovember 4, 2013


Aside from its usual routine of reviews and device comparisons, Consumer Reports annually releases a “10 top electronics products” list towards the end of every year. Now the 2013 edition of the list has arrived.

The publication determines the top ten based on a variety of reasons, including a company’s ability to push technology or performance to new levels. So what kind of products made the list this year? Considering the American obsession with all things Apple, it should come as no surprise to see the Apple iPhone 5S make the list. in the Android camp, the LG G2 managed to steal the spotlight.

Consumer Reports notes that the G2 stands out thanks to its unique volume/power button placement, it’s “stunning 5.2-inch display and a battery that doesn’t know when to quit.” Additionally they mention special smartphone features such as auto answering when you hold the phone to your ear.

Ever since the LG Optimus G, it seems that LG has really been bringing its A-game when it comes to its higher-end Android devices, so it’s nice to see that the company’s efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Besides the iPhone 5S and LG G2, most of the other products are cameras or televisions, though the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Google Chromecast also make the list. What do you think of the LG G2, do you agree that it is “top ten” material or do you believe another Android device would have been fit the bill here?

  • Gustavo

    Xperia Z1 is better than G2

    • Siddharth Shukla

      As much as I like the Sony Xperia Z1, I can’t say it is better than the G2. The Xperia Z1’s focus was the camera, and as many reviewers said, it isn’t as good as expected, all though better than a lot of them out there. The G2 is just a solid phone and has many more features which mostly make the phone a better experience. Everything the phone has performs at least decently and nothing can be completely disliked about the phone with the exception of a slightly childish UI which can be fixed with a launcher or ROM.

    • Cao Meo

      The 2 phones have different stregths but overall I like G2 better for great screen, compact size, light weight and especially the camera.

      Z1 on the other hand has great build quality.

    • Balraj

      In which way? Z1 is more like a phablet

      • PDXMatt

        This Z1 is only a 5″ screen

        • Eason

          But with huge bezel to make it a phablet

  • Cao Meo

    D2 deserves it, I would like G2 had Nexus 5 design, but G2 design is good too.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    Until Snapdragon 800 came to troll all the devices released in the beginning of the year, the GS4 should have made it…

    • jonathan3579

      I’m inclined to disagree. To me, the GS4 is a piece of shit.

      • Rhino”

        +1 S4 = hot steamy wet turd

        • DP

          I wouldn’t go that far. It is overrated and overpriced but it is still a great phone. Just not as good as the newer ones on the market.

          • Dak

            if you manage to get the clean version which means no carrier interference of putting bloat ware on the phone then guess what Samsung still managed to decided to put tons of bloatware so no its a shame to be called android!

    • wade

      I have to disagree. There was absolutely nothing special or new about the S4. Should have been called the S3S

      • DP

        I always though the S4 was rushed. Either that or Samsung thought those gimmick features were going to be enough. They are not. At least not enough to upgrade from the S3.

        • Rhino”

          basically the g2 was what the s4 should have been :P

  • G2 fan

    The best android to date. I have tried the s4, htc one, iphone 5, and the sony z. But the G2 is the best. Faster charging time, the display is awesome, the knock on feature, camera is one of the best in android and the best battery on the list. Awesome phone!

    • MadCowOnAStick

      aww come on the s4 and htc one were early :P and the iphone 5 isn’t an android lol

    • Nakrohtap

      I didn’t mean to down vote this post. I must have fat fingered it with my not so fat finger.

    • Jesus

      …and that multi window thing is awesome too! Movie while browsing the internet!

      • RSU

        multi window was in sammy phones before g2 just an fyi haha

  • Scott

    Yes indeed. Excellent phone! Top notch in every way.

  • Steve

    I vote for Note 3

  • mikexilva

    I think the list became obsolete as soon as Nexus 5 was anounced (5 days ago) because it’s based on LG G2 with a few additions and few missings but lower price point

  • Rick

    I love my T-Mobile LG G2.. I got the jump program, but am afraid that I wont even want to upgrade after 6 months.. Unless there is an LG G3 :)

    • KB

      Same here, nothing out that I’d rather ‘Jump’ to.

  • 84L4

    Lg g2 is the best smartphone in performance and battery backup :) awezome phone.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Nexus 5!!!!

  • RG

    I moved from Apple to Android a couple of years ago and never looked back. I moved from the gs4 to the g2 a couple of weeks ago and never looked back either.

    There’s just no way I could ever go back to any other device now that doesn’t have battery life like this absolute beast. I use it as much as an Ipad because I know the juice won’t deplete before my eyes.

    My initial reaction of the phone was, “shiiiit what have I done.. the colours don’t pop as much as the gs4, it’s a bit heavier and the lg software is a bit pants..”

    But once I stuck Nova launcher on there and set things up how I wanted.. Going back to the gs4 felt like a flimsy, cartooney-looking toy that nailed the battery.

    The screen quality, especially the whites, are just outrageously sharp and make the gs4 ‘s hues look a bit yellow by comparison.

    Plus, I’m so used to ‘knock on’ and feeling for the buttons around the back now that I’d seriously miss them if they weren’t there.
    The camera is the most robust I’ve ever used on a smartphone too and the Snapdragon 800 just pulverises everything you chuck at it – so overall it’s no surprise to me that this phone is getting so much attention.

    The only slight let downs are loudspeaker quality and the plastic finish, though I put a good looking protective case on it so that aspect doesn’t bother me in the slighrest. This phone is a beautiful monster and I’m seriously impressed.

  • Prouddad

    iphone 3Gs and iphone 4 own this pos

  • Prouddad

    Hahahahaha jk :D

  • Prouddad

    I love my note 2 with the 9300mah battery that NEVER dies even after 2 days of crazy usage, and the 64gb micro sd card I have in it. I hate that im stuck with it though until I can afford an upgrade, or wait till 2015 till I can upgrade then :/ it’s great but I want a phone with the snapdragon 800 and way better gpu right now :( my phone already feels way dated after 8 months lol

    • MadCowOnAStick

      9300 mAH? seems legit lol

      • Prouddad

        Yeah the Zero Lemon 9300mah battery

        • Prouddad

          Its made only for the Note 2 and LG optimus g pro. It seriously lasts me 3-4 days sometimes. I got it on Amazon for 40 $

          • MadCowOnAStick

            oh. it actually exists.

          • Prouddad

            Yeah its seriously bad ass too! I wouldn’t lie to you. I NEVER have to worry about running out of juice

          • adam evans

            Surprised me to, why can’t manufactures do this !

        • Nakrohtap

          How thick does that make your phone? Are you away from electricity often to where you would need that much battery life?

          • Prouddad

            It doubles the thickness and weight of the note 2, but it actually makes it more comfortable in the hand and feels way more sturdy. Im away from power from 6am to 6pm usually, and my battery usually is still around 70% full when I get home at night. I just like knowing that I can EASILY make it thru an entire day or more with no problems even with heavy gaming and movies

          • Rhino”

            but the G2 already lasts over 2 days hard usage as it is without that big battery bolted on hence the note2 uses older cpu not like the efficient Q800. so a pointless counter argument :D

    • Mon

      …but looks awfully big. I’d rather charge every night than carry this.

  • RanRu

    Does it seem like whenever a company makes a Nexus device, they become destined for success?
    (Short term, at least)

    • Ugslick

      LG was trending upwards anyways, they have good design aesthetics, solid build quality, and some of the best displays in the business. The Nexus 4 & 5 are helping them build their reputation as a high quality manufacturer, which is fitting. LG makes the best android phones imo (right now). If they keep their upwards trend, we could see LG really advance the industry.

    • adam evans

      Seems like it ! HTC should make the next !

  • michael sanchez

    I love,it but wonder howvfast they wil update hope they dont become what HTC was.

  • jralphroman

    The best android phone byfar. Killer battery life.

  • GillRigged

    Love my G2. Phone that I have owned to date and hope that it will last a solid 18-24mo for me.

  • Jaun Lombard

    I want the LG…but cant live without AMOLED!!

    • Ugslick

      Seriously? LOL I can’t stand AMOLED phones, until the technology gets better, LG’s IPS is far superior (to me at least)

      • Jesus

        ‘better’? In what way?
        Amoled screens have much better battery efficiency.

        • Ryan

          Color representation is way better than amoled.

      • Jsilvermist

        Agreed, I wouldn’t want an AMOLED as then I would only have to deal with over-saturation and pixel burn.

    • RG

      Seriously I made the jump and I wouldn’t go back! Go and check it out in a shop

    • Jena

      You need to actually give the G2’s screen a try before you decide upon being an AMOLED fanboy. I had a Droid Charge (with a Super AMOLED display) before getting my LG G2 and I also was skeptical because of the non-AMOLED display. However, having had the phone a few weeks now, I can easily say that the G2’s IPS screen is MUCH better than that of my Charge’s AMOLD.

      White’s are extremely bright and vivid and colors actually look natural. When I take photos of people with my Charge, the skin looks overly pink and it tends to make photos look way too over-saturated than they really are. Therefore, they image is misrepresented on the phone and when I upload it elsewhere, it looks much different from a non-AMOLED screen. I do not have this issue with the G2’s ISP display.

      AMOLED screens also cause screen burn quite easily. My Charge has a burn in from the buttons on my web browser. ISP is not prone to that kind of burnin.

      Basicly, what LG did was take the technology of their HD TVs and shrink it down to a small phone-screen size. AMOLED is amazing and your best friend while you have only tried it and not the ISP. But once you try the ISP, you will never go back to AMOLED. Believe me. Give it a try first.

  • Rick-in-NC

    The LG G2 is definitely worthy of a whole lot more recognition than it’s been getting. I have had mine for about 2 months now and love the speed, the 5.2″ display and especially the battery life. Unbelievable! Even the OEM software is okay. I don’t necessarily use all of it and a lot of it is disabled. I’m fussy how I use my phone.

    I used to be a HTC fan having previously owned a Rezound and then a DNA. I almost went for the One, but why when the One is larger than the G2 even though the One only has a 4.7 inch screen. If I listen to media on my phone I do it with ear buds for real quality and the G2 has a better audio chip, so stereo speakers for a smaller screen was a looser for HTC. It just didn’t make sense to get a One when the G2 had it beat in every category.

    Verizon is a bit partial to Motorola and Samsung (lots of money talking there), but anyone that does a little research and decides to buy a LG G2 will not regret it. Oh yes, thinking of Verizon, how about that Android 4.4 OTA update?

  • Nakrohtap

    Note 3 has all of that as well as no smudges by knocking on screen because I can just press the home button. ;)

  • Nakrohtap

    What Verizon did to the buttons was enough for me to not consider the G2. It looked like a decent ohone, butI just eanted the 5.7″ screen.

    • misterbill

      All of the versons of the G2 have the buttons on the back. The Verizon buttons may be a little worse, but it’s not the end of the world. I really like the double tap to turn on/off feature. I rarely have to use the power button.

  • aznmode1

    Why isn’t the note 3 in the list? With all the extra options and better app selection for multiwindow should’ve put it up there.

    • Rhino”

      because its not much different to last years note 2 which was on the list… its a slight spec increase while G2 has a host of innovative new features lol

  • Androiduser

    I had the international Samsung Galaxy S4 and galaxy nexus but the lg g2 is the best phone i have ever used. No lag, battery is great and camera is gorgeous. Love my tmoble G2. Hope they update it to 4.4.

  • From s3 to G2… There’s no looking back anymore. I love the phone especially the display and knock on feature.

  • Pleezzzz

    I like the wireless charging for the Verizon version over the bigger buttons, they work for me

  • Eddy

    The G2 is easily a competitor for every other high-end smartphone out there. The “weird” button layout works for us, and it’s paired with some smart touch functions that are well thought out. The phone looks and feels great, and just works as a smartphone should.