Sources: LG G2 coming with edge-to-edge display, buttons moved to the back

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 22, 2013

LG Optimus G aa 2 1600

The successor to the Optimus G will be powered by the Snapdragon 800 system-on-a-chip – that’s pretty much the only official info that we know about the upcoming device.

Unofficially, it’s a different story. We’ve heard that the media event that LG scheduled for August 7 will be dedicated to the Optimus G2 (which is more likely to be named simply the G2), and now Techtastic’s sources confirm it. According to the site, along with the G2, we’ll also see the mid-range Optimus L9 II (LG-D600) and the low-end LG-D500.

What’s more interesting are the details about the appearance of the G2. A set of allegedly leaked screenshots seem to suggest that the G2 will feature onscreen buttons, as per the recommendations of Google. In other words, the G2 will ditch the three capacitive keys setup found on the Optimus G.

Moreover, the tipster went on to say that the G2 will be “the best device the company has ever produced” and that it will feature “an impressive edge-to-edge display”.

To accommodate the slim and bezel-less design, LG has allegedly moved buttons to the back of the G2. While this may sounds a little crazy, it isn’t the first time we’ve been hearing about such an arrangement. In April, the Korean site ETNews issued a similar report that claimed LG would move the volume rockers next to the camera module, along with the power button.

LG has a history of pushing the limits of technical specifications, consistently using new technologies ahead of its competitors. If today’s report is accurate, LG is also positioning itself as a trendsetter in design. The Korean company is said to also have taken the lead in the development of flexible displays, due by the end of the year, though the G2 will feature a conventional panel with a glass panel.

It remains to be seen how users would react to a radical new button configuration, but LG deserves to be commended for trying to shake things up.

  • Rockwell mellow

    Cool but impractical… If you drop it its fcuked

    • Why is that? The buttons are not that sensitive, and they are more exposed on the sides.

    • inspire

      do you think the company would be so dumb by not considering such common situations?

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Impractical or careless? Not insinuating anything but as the clumsiest person in the entire world. Im 6.4 bang into everything etc… I somehow manage to compensate for this keeping my device in one piece withought case. This is achieved by understanding how vital it is and translating that to how I handle it. Just a thought might very well be wrong

  • okok

    I believe when I see it, wasn’t Moto X also supposed to have a bezel-less design?

  • liker

    i want this nice job LG its beautiful.
    bye bye s4 bye bye htc one……..

    • Cesar

      me too want to have this phone………….perfect size for its design and specs.
      i want to switch to LG

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        I recently bought my wife an Optimus G. Now I’m jealous. Can’t wait for this beast to come out!

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      I want to switch if this this is true. If not i want Togari or T6. Why is Google pushing for on screen buttons?

      • dabigone

        Due to the fragmentation in Android, Google wants to unify Android a bit more by adding standardized buttons across most Android 4.0+ devices.

        • MrMiketheripper

          I always thought I’d hate the software buttons personally but when I got my Pantech Flex switching from an iPhone 3GS (previously used many other Android devices, even said I’d pick capacitive buttons over OSK) but I gotta say, it works really well.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Hhaha I was thinking that in the shower. But MrMike saying its not as anoying as we would think.

        • Guest

          After Galaxy Nexus, I’m cured of wanting on screen buttons. They are fine for tablets, but on a phone they take too much real estate.

    • 26

      Goodbye SG4, ONE, I5….

  • Justin Rebar

    Buttons on the back? Why even put them on the phone? Do like Sony did and put it on the side.

  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    2 nd generation 1080p, UD graphics capable chip and camera, LTE Advanced, Austin Powers, Gold Member, “Yeah Baby”.

  • David

    not a patch on the htc one………fact

  • AndroidShiz

    LG is underrated, I like that it’s really polished, the only thing I just didn’t like when I compared the G to a Nexus, is that it feels wide and very square-ish. While their Nexus (designed by Google) shape was the best feeling. I also will only use a case and assumed it would feel even wider with one. Hope this feels better in the hand if it’s true because it is a lesser evil in the skinned world of Android.

  • John

    What about a case for the phone? Won’t it be a pain to design a case with button cut outs or whatever?Will they get pressed when you set it down?

  • Mean Gene

    i hate on screen button when playing games i rather have the full screen, that only thing i don’t like about this device.

  • Chris Boots

    Oh great yet another phone which is impossible to hold

  • gatersaw

    The Nexus 4 by LG is significantly higher quality than the Galaxy Nexus manufactured by Samsung. (I own both)

    • Nick Tsiotinos

      Totally agree! I own both as well. N4 is of MUCH higher quality build than GN!

  • masterdebater

    Probably the most styled onscreen buttons I’ve seen on Android. It could justify the thing about the buttons on the back. They styled it to have a more streamlined front face with the whole phone.

  • Andrew Morel

    Unlocked bootloader, good battery life, SD slot, and you’ve got a sale !!!