LG G2 battery: 3000mAh, increased battery density and “step design”

by: Chris SmithAugust 7, 2013


LG revealed during its LG G2 announcement that the phone packs a 3000mAh battery and has been redesigned to take advantage of the available space inside the handset.

In order to accommodate the rear buttons on the LG G2 without increasing the thickness of the device and without impacting battery life – as those buttons take up space that could otherwise be used by the battery – the company has redesigned the battery of its new flagship smartphone.

The “step design” of the battery (seen in the image above) shows how the LG G2’s battery takes advantage of more space inside the handset than other batteries.

Furthermore, the battery density has also been increased in order to improve battery life, according to the company. Also worth mentioning is that the phone’s display is expected to utilize less battery power, thanks to its Graphic RAM feature.

Since the LG G2 is bigger in size than its predecessor, its battery is also bigger, at 3000mAh compared to 2100mAh for the LG Optimus G. However, the company did not mention how much time of use the LG G2’s battery will offer, only saying that the “LG G2 is more than ready for a full day’s work or play.”

It’s also not clear whether the battery will be user-replaceable, but we’d say it isn’t considering that its predecessor did not have such a battery either.

  • Tamadrummer94

    That was one of the most interesting parts of the keynote. Still, the Droid Maxx goes unmatched for having the biggest battery in thinnest shell. This might just be a marketing gimmick; maybe other manufacturers have been doing this for a while now too but haven’t broadcasted it.

    • Nik

      HTC does it in the one, DNA, and any other phone with the “pyramid” battery design

      • kpkp

        That simply is not true, all they do is stack display, battery, motherboard… in a pyramid

        • Nik

          I stand corrected:
          Much like the Windows Phone 8X and Droid DNA (globally known as the Butterfly), the One has a pyramid-like internal setup: larger components like the display and battery sit up front, with the parts getting progressively smaller as you move toward the back of the phone. http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/12/htc-one-review/
          Anyway, this is what makes the One so nice to hold.

  • simpleas

    does the space difference even matter between non pyramid and pyramid designs?

  • Cal Rankin

    If this is what the Nexus 5 will be like, I’m preordering my preorder on my preorder.

  • Katia

    The Koreans are seriously addicted to plastic e.g. http://ow.ly/nJqtQ if you know what i mean …

    • G2forme

      good plastic phone is more good for your health than a metallic phone.

      its also has long lifespan/durability …

      Plastic phone can easy save you from an electromagnetic radiationon.

  • Gok Wan

    None user replaceable battery?! Oh dear LG – when will you learn.

  • Eddy

    For users interested primarily in specs and hardware, the G2 has plenty to offer. But for most smartphone shoppers, this phone is going to have a tough time standing out in the crowded menu of enticing Android options.