LG G2 shows up in AnTuTu with impressive benchmark score of almost 30,000

by: David GonzalesAugust 1, 2013

If you still don’t know just how excited you should be over the fact that the LG G2 is now on its way, we’re here to show you a little something that should put some things into perspective. You see, the LG G2 — under the codename LG-D802 — recently showed up on AnTuTu Benchmark with a very impressive benchmark score of nearly 30,000 points. It clocked in at 29,909 points, to be exact. And that is no small feat.

LG G2 benchmark

Given that the current high score on the AnTuTu Benchmark ratings page sits at just a bit over 20,000 points, the LG G2’s performance is certainly going to be hard to beat.

The LG G2 is said to be guaranteed to perform like a beast compared with other mobiles, since it could be among the first phones to utilize a combination of the the Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM. And not only that, but the LG G2 will also come equipped with a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, a 13-megapixel camera, and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Could this be the phone that everyone will be getting by this year’s holiday season? It’s hard to tell. But for those who are looking to only carry the best of the best in the high-end range, it certainly helps bring the number of choices down to just one.

  • Fernando

    After what Samsung did why do people still trust on benchmarks?

    • SeraZR™

      who believes in benchmarks in the first place ? :P

    • blowntoaster

      oh shut it….get the facts right before trolling and annoying people.

    • Jayzee Dizon

      We’re talking about LG here and not about on how Samsung cheated us.

  • Mohd Danial

    Its just an enhance s4. S4 with octa can takedown that. Oh wait.. it did..

    • Book Noble

      S4 looks like a cheap chinese phone.
      G2 is a premium sexy phone.

      • Seth Forbus

        We’ll see if you like the G2 after it launches. I have a friend who has been testing it for LG before launch. Everyone in the beta test group thinks its garbage.

        • Book Noble

          i never encounter any problem with my LG phones…
          INFACT im still using my over 4 years old LG Chocolate and Arena both are still working good!
          i trusted LG ever since…
          and NO REGRETS!!!!

          • Seth Forbus

            Every company has some good devices and some bad. The LG G2X was a terrible device with lots of problems. My only beef with this new G2 is the software. It really has a strange feel to it and doesn’t seem to have a layout that makes sense IMO.

        • Book Noble

          and now im excited to have this beautiful Unique classy and powerful G2!

      • Mohd Danial

        Looks.. but not how others feel. Its a major leap to what they are doing. I owned an SII before. It was the prime phone of its time.. till it ran to some batt circuitory issues

        • Hannah

          s4 is ugly ALL galaxy phones are UGLY…… all looks similar ..

          LG optimus phones & G series has different design…
          most are beautiful elegant!

          • Mohd Danial

            Beautiful or not.. eyes in the sight of the beholder. Lg g2 is not for everybody. Same goes for s4. HANDS DOWN.

          • Nina

            OH Sure!
            but hey … LG phones were already proven beautiful than Samsung’s phones.

            better search for it! LG Global Design’s awards!

          • Mohd Danial

            Yes Yes, Lg do this , Lg Do that, Iphone do this , did that, samsung this and that.. The way u say it like Lg a shoe that fits everyone feet.

  • S.L Jones

    This phone sounds great and everything. My only question is, is it wrong for me to not even consider this phone in hopes that the Nexus 5 comes with the exact same specs? Then and only then, can LG take my money.

    • Sox05

      Wait for the next gen Nexus 4.

      • Dalian barons

        Hopefully it will have 5 inch screen and be nexus 5

    • RoachForLife

      Although I cant predict the future, Google has made it obvious they arent interested in high end specs in their devices. Generally going to be midrange, possible mid-high, but the likelihood of them throwing a Snapdragon 800, for example, seems slim to me. Trust me, I wish this wasnt the case but they seem to like to budget phones for the masses over everything else. :/

      • S.L Jones

        I see part of your reasoning concerning this product, as adding the SD800 would make it hard for them to keep the price point in Nexus like areas, but what about the Nexus 4, of which I own, was mid or mid to high range, beside them not adding LTE, which seemed like a logistics move (though without it admittedly it is not high end) and a sub par, or avg camera (which at the time, megapixel wise, was in line with everything else that came out, and is really the only thing I’m not happy with about the phone)?

      • Cole Raney

        Yes they are. The nexus 4 had a quad core snapdragon s4 pro with 2 GB of ram. It also had a 720p display. All of this was high end when the phone came out. So I don’t see how google can’t do it again.

  • eu

    AndOnly One Choice? What About Note 3, Xperia Ultra, Honami, Galaxy S4 Variants With Snapdragon 800, And All Other Upcoming Phones With Snapdragon 800?

    • Jaun Lombard

      All of the phones mentioned are originals!!! LG G2 = Copy and Paste!!

      • G2

        look those down votes for you!

      • G =Gold2

        LG always brought “Firsts”
        i would not name it too many…

      • Book Noble

        keep on dreaming boy……
        its obviously you know nothing about LG!
        i suggest you to do a better UNBIASED research………

        LG is always FIRST & ALWAYS ORIGINAL!
        also NO Chinese imitations ………

    • James Sarino

      Don’t forget a possible LG sister phone…the Nexus 5 :-)

  • renz

    Hmm i read somewhere the Z Ultra score around 35k on AnTuTu. Anyway hiw much benchmark suites like AnTuTu reflect on real world performance and usage?

    • G2

      benchmarks gives different results in the same device, G2 also scored 32k +

  • kldh
  • Seth Forbus

    There are 3 phone brands I Just won’t buy. (iPhones obviously), then Huawei, then LG. Just not happening.

    • impulse101

      Stop acting like a weird faggot onteh internets

  • Christos

    Is LG G2 going to be the base for NEXUS 5??
    Because with these specs and KLP is going to be an ultraphone… But how is Google going to keep the price down to NEXUS 4 levels?

    • Dimitri Sevastis

      They probably wont, from the looks of it they will price the Nexus 5 at around 600$ and leave the Nexus 4 as a budget nexus.

      • Cole Raney

        There is nothing to indicate that. What Motorola is doing isn’t necessarily what google will do.

        • Dimitri Sevastis

          Maybe it wont be 600$, but what I meant was that it will be priced higher than the Nexus 4 since it packs high end specs unlike the Nexus 4.

          • Cole Raney

            The nexus 4 was about as high end as you could get in 2012…

      • Simon Belmont

        Haha! I really doubt Google is going to price their Nexus phone at that level.

        My guess is it’ll still be around the price of the Nexus 4, or maybe slightly higher. Hell, I’d pay more for a 32GB one!

  • Piyush

    benchmark are no way real life performance.

  • G2

    5 days left to see this beautiful & smart G2!
    definitely need to have in my hand…….
    i want G2 to replace my S4.

    • Jaun Lombard

      Its going to be the same phone…going to look and feel like an S4…just with buttons on the back! But hey..atleast you can get the same cover for the G2 as for the S4!

      Still with the class of the S4 and G2…I cant wait till next year for the S5 and G3, because I can upgrade then!

      I am also joking about LG copying…they make awesome phones…just a pity I had 1 LG, which I had to replace 3 times!!

      • G=Gold2

        G2 is sexier and looks premium elegant over S4.

      • Book Noble

        of course NOT!
        because G2 is way better in terms of hardware specs & design.
        no comparison ……….

        • Jaun Lombard

          again..its a pouch…not a cover…the design I can see is original LG (the window part), but dude give credit to Samsung…S-cover was the first cover of its kind…plus S-band…G-band…that is going to far!

          Dude I am also just pulling your leg about copying (Both LG and Samsung copies from each other that is why they don’t sue each other)…the LG will be an awesome phone…maybe the best phone till the Note 3 comes and then the G2 Pro…the the S5 then the G3…it will never stop…I will just go with Samsung, because in SA only Samsung offers great customer care!

          • Hannah

            LOL !!!
            POUCH? o Cover? yes the function was very similar!

            still Samsung Copied LG’s idea
            and you cannot deny the fact!
            LG was the FIRST! LG IMPROVED THAT SMART POUCH and most people saying LG copied S-view cover? hahahahaha…

            shame on you shamesung Funboys…

      • Book Noble

        SMART POUCH from LG LTE / Spectrum Verizon http://androidindiaupdates.blo..

        Samsung took LG’s Idea for making S-view cover…
        samsung the king of copycat!

        • Jaun Lombard

          …dude…it a pouch…not a cover…

          • Hannah

            whatever you call it! the function has similarities…

            The FACT LG was the First and SHAMESONG took LG’s idea for making S-view Cover!

            WHY SHAMESONG FHUNGBOYS saying LG copied S-view cover??? lol!

            by the way Quick Window cover is more functional and far better than copycat S-view cover!

            no more argument…

  • G2

    atleast LG is honest, not cheater.

  • Lex

    I know i m getting the G2 to replace by LG Optimus Pro, but Benchmarkswise, My Nvidia shield scored 41884 on antutu. 20180 on quadrant and 4480 on geeckbench! This blows the Snapdragon 800 out of the water.

    • Mohd Danial

      Thats a gaming console dude.. not fair for mobile devices

    • renz

      well that thing was geared towards pure gaming performance. to be honest in real world application i dare to bet the shield will beat adreno 330 in gaming performance and smoothness even though in raw performance adreno 330 is ahead of the geforce core inside tegra 4 (this is evident with the benchmark that already out for both device).

  • Smoothtony

    LG … first VCast phone on Verizon Wireless The VX8100
    LG … first QWERTY messaging phone on AT&T The F9100
    LG … first AT&T PTT Phone The F7200
    LG … first QWERTY messaging phone on Verizon Wireless The V then the enV series
    LG … first dual core Smartphone The Optimus 2x
    LG … first 3D capable smartphone The Optimus 3D
    LG … first QWERTY Windows Phone Smartphone The Quantum
    LG … first FULL TouchScreen phone The Prada 1
    LG … first phone with stereo speakers The VX8100
    LG … first interactive case for Smartphone The SmartPouch for the Spectrum on Verizon Wireless
    LG … first Smartphone capable of realtime collaborative whiteboard during a call, VuTalk for AT&T on Optimus G Pro.

    I could go on and on the above is just a few of the innovations brought to the wireless industry, yes even the one about the first full touch screen phone … the Prada. Just a bit of info….

    • Hannah

      First HD smartphone screen LG Nitro HD
      First Quadcore 4X HD
      First triple sim phone
      First 2mp front camera phone 2x
      First nova Display phone OB

      and more FIRSTS from LG!


      • Mohd Danial

        It can be the first. But not optimised

        • Nina

          …FIRSTS mean NOT COPYCAT!…

          First doesn’t mean NOT Optimised…
          Life’s Good…

        • Nina

          see for LG’s Innovations and BEST OF THE BESTS Awards!

          Don’t talk about LG IF you don’t know everything about it!

        • Nina

          “A person is an enemy of what he/she doesn’t know”

          Life’s Good….

  • Simon Belmont

    I really hope the Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM translate over to the next Nexus phone. Couple that with Android 4.3, and its GPU performance improvements and I’m sure you’d see an even higher score.

    Do want. So much.

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.