LG G2 ads appear on iPhones, Samsung and HTC handsets mocking the competition

October 15, 2013

    LG G2

    LG has an interesting G2 promotion going on in Sweden, where it’s serving G2 banner ads directly to iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners in the region, making fun of those respective brands in the process.

    Instead of taking the Samsung and Nokia/Microsoft route when it comes to bashing the competition – that is airing TV spots with direct hits at rivals that try (some succeed) to go viral – LG has chosen a more subtle way: inviting owners of phones from the competition to switch to a better handset, the G2.

    LG G2 iPhone ad

    On iPhones, LG’s ads will display a text written in small type that says β€œHard to read this on your iPhone?” – a clear hit at the smaller screen found on Apple’s smartphones compared with the G2’s 5.2-inch display.


    On Galaxy devices, LG is making fun of the speediness of Samsung handsets – β€œWaiting for your Galaxy to catch up?” one targeted ad reads, while another says the LG G2 has a β€œ20% faster processor.”

    LG G2 HTC ad

    Finally, on HTC devices, LG advertises better battery life for the G2 compared to those handsets – one of the ads reads β€œTired of charging your HTC One?” while another says the G2 has 30% longer battery life.

    As you can see, LG is ready to take on the competition with some bold ads, but it remains to be seen whether it will convince iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners to switch to the G2 this year.

    Are you buying an LG G2?


    • Andreas Komninos

      It convinced me anyway,,,,, I just got one :-)

    • Dustin Crooke

      Already have.. They are not lying when they talk about speediness and battery life when compared to my Galaxy S4.. VZW

      • MY

        For real? So means LG has the best battery life and speedness in all the latest iPhone5S/Samsung S4/Note3/HTC One Max? Really curious cuz I never like LG’s phone. So this might be a change and first time i’ll be going and buy an LG android phone :-)

        • Dustin Crooke

          The S4 is not a bad phone at all but in terms of speed and battery, the G2 is smoother and has better battery life. Much better battery life. I’ve not used the HTC One for extended periods, so I cannot comment on that one.
          I also have a Moto X and I LOVE that phone. The features included are all features I use. Great battery as well. Unless you like the size of the Note 3, right now, there are 2 Android phones that in my opinion, stand above the rest. The G2 and Moto X. I would focus on those 2. iOS isn’t for me so I cannot offer opinions on it.

          • Dustin Crooke

            Also, concerning the devices you mentioned, nothing is going to have better battery life than the Note 3. Huge battery and same processor as the G2. I had the Note 2 and it was just too big for me.. But it was great otherwise and I hear the 3 is even better so if you don’t mind the size, check it out.

        • Elemino

          No, the Note 3 is better…

          • Knobskin

            The note 3 was a huge disappointment to me! Too boxy and same old Touchwiz… Nothing to write home about that’s for sure! And you look like a dweeb when you talk on it… I’m sticking with the G2 for now

      • Brian Shieh

        Of course. Snapdragon 800, a 3000 (i think) mah battery. It beats the S4 in all specs

        • Dustin Crooke

          Specs don’t seem to mean as much anymore. My Moto X is as smooth as my G2 if not smoother. Battery is just about the same as well. I’m really stuck between these 2 phones. I gotta sell one lol.

          • Brandon Miranda

            Well. Think about it. “Think Different” (sorry just had to lol) Moto X is nice but G2 is amazing so really it’s on you. I can’t stand huge phones hence why I own iPhones but the Moto X really hits the sweet spot in screen size but dem specs doe..

    • MadCowOnAStick

      How about when you drop it? lol
      Apple ad on G2: Easy to break your phone?

      • Xavier_NYC

        To be honest all phones suck when they get dropped. I had an IPhone 5, one drop and the glass was completely shattered.

        • James Silva

          Have you seen the Xperia z1 drop? Come talk to me when you have.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Stopped working lol.. Non responsive… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvChRTJWDbk

            • Brian Shieh

              I don’t know if anybody else can see it, but he looks like he’s levitating the phone. :)

            • itzvarma

              the screen did turn on.. so it possible it is just some loosened connection .. which will any day cost less than shattered screen !!

            • Failbot

              POSSIBLE, lolololololololololololololol. It will cost a boatload to get that phone opened up properly, fixed, and resealed to its dustproof nature. Wishful thinking all around on your part.

            • itzvarma

              i’ve never heard charging for opening and sealing the phone .. there will be damage charges and standard sevice charge if it is not under warranty.

            • Failbot

              It’s called labour charges, you need to get out more. This is NOT an easy phone to disassemble,

            • itzvarma

              yeah .. tht is exactly what service charges are !! they charge a fixed price if your phone is out of warranty…

            • Failbot

              You are trying to assert that the price is the same for all devices, which is a flawed and naive idea, if we are being kind about it.

          • Failbot

            Lol you just got completely facePwned by Xavier…

            • fdf

              lol g2 cracked and even refused to turn on


              at least the xperia z1 didn’t suffer external damage. i reckon it’s just loose parts that could be easier to repair.

            • Failbot

              Yup the G2 failed as well. I sport a Note 3, which was lucky enough to pass their drop test.

      • icyrock1

        I must be lucky, I’ve dropped my old iPhone 4(use it has a music player to my nexus 4, yes, I like glass phones. They look great, and feel great in the hand) at least 10 times and I’ve yet to crack it. Lol, hopefully this post doesn’t jinks it for me.

        • RarestName

          Same, 4S here.

      • Knobskin

        Yes because those drop tests are so realistic!

        • Failbot

          They really do need work, dont they? A mechanical release and a measuring stick for exact height would be a great start.

      • Yasir

        Nobody buys a Rs.75,000/$750/Β£600 phone to oater drop it.
        Ive owned Htc Sensation, One. Samsung S2, S3, S4 and Note 2. LG Optimus L7, G. Sony Xperia S, and Z and never dropped any of it Ever….!!!

        That’s a phatatic aspect of a phone to debate over!

        • Failbot

          People drop phones ALL THE TIME. Fixing cracked screens is big business, and people sell their dropped cracked phones constantly online. I congratulate you on your care and never dropping them, but please realize you are in the minority. Drop tests are extremely relevant to real world use.

    • MY

      And where is the video link?

    • Brandon Miranda

      Ahh see. Thanks LG. Just went out bought an iPhone 5 and a 5s. Realized from your ad, no! I can see it perfectly!

      • Ben Edwards

        You bought a 5 and a 5S? In one go? ….why?

        • TuαΊ₯n Ankh

          look left to his name. The answer is right there ;)

          • Ben Edwards


        • Brandon Miranda

          Mother and Father. They weren’t in one go. Almost bought 5c and 5s. Jinkys

          • Ben Edwards

            Ahh I see. That actually makes sense.

            • Brandon Miranda


    • Mvrcel Lgt

      The ads are working fine, people who think their comments are worth anything DO react on it, that’s what they want.

    • shamatuu

      LG software is not my cup of tea

      • Xavier_NYC

        Software should no longer be a reason why you don’t like a phone, especially with all the custom roms you can flash within seconds..

        • superduke

          thats hard to apply when comparing iPhones to Android devices…

          • Xavier_NYC

            That’s why I don’t have an iPhone anymore. Plus with Jail Breaking you can add whatever theme you want. so close enough.

          • Brandon Miranda

            Uh the conversation was about Android not iPhone..

        • jimv1983

          Custom ROMs void your warranty, are less stable and can cause your phone to because a $600 paperweight. A risk I won’t take.

          • Ruben

            actually as a Samsung user, most of the custom ROMs I use are faster, lighter and more optimized than any touchwiz rom.
            you have a bad impression of custom ROMs or are just too insecure to try one.
            just yesterday I flashed 3 different ones xD
            they extended the life of my galaxy note and made it better than ever! just give one a go :)

          • Xavier_NYC

            1) You can always unroot your phone and your warranty would no longer be voided. 2) Some custom roms are actually better and more stable than the roms that come with the phone. That’s why you only use credible and trusted one’s. 3) If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t root plain and simple. Have someone that knows what’ they’re doing so you don’t brick your phone. If you don’t wanna take that risk with a chance of better phone performance, better battery life and less carrier bloat that’s you but I welcome it.

            • secret

              Not possible with Sasmsungs “e-fuse”, they will notice if you rooted and unrooted.

            • Xavier_NYC

              You can stick with Laggy touch wiz.. I’ll go with a custom rom plus your warranty eventually ends then what? Warranty doesn’t cover you dropping it and breaking it, it’s all chance but I can guarantee you a majority of people that root have no issue with their phones and would much rather a custom experience.

            • secret

              NO, I won’t touch Samsung after this. No one that likes rooting etc should buy a Samsung phone until they change their policy.

              Ofcourse I enjoy custom ROMs. Why do you think I’m so concerned about “e-fuse” if I didn’t had any interest in rooting.

            • jimv1983

              Unless of course the reason you need to unroot and re install the factory ROM makes it impossible to do so. Faulty micro USB port, faulty volume buttons, etc.

              I’ve seen it happen.

              Also, even if you do everything correct your phone can still be bricked. Even the most popular ROMs like CM are buggy.

          • Brandon Miranda

            If you don’t know what you are doing my good sir/ma’lady.

    • Oli72

      thx u LG for stepping it up. the consumers need rivals for better handsets.

    • michael sanchez

      I never bought an lg I’ve owned blackberry, HTC, and sammy, I’m tired of the same old thing. I did like the speakers on htc great! But when it was time i went to the verizon store and looked at what i qanted the note 3 was coming in a week but i dont want anything that big. Then i saw the lg g2 and after playingvwith it for 20 min paid full price and the wireless charger. I have not been disapointed one complaint is that knock isn’t always responsive wgen the phone has sat for awhile. I absolutely love the button placement. Now can i get someone to give me a phone with speakers in front(HTC) rotable camera (oppo) and knock (lg). High end spects and i would have my perfect phone. Oh 5″ display.

      • Failbot

        Speakers in front is a really nice concept, but it makes the phone clunky and opposite to the G2′s sleekness and minimal bezels. I would like to see phones all start having 2 speaker stereo sound, even if they have to put them on the top and bottom for better phone style and minimal clunk.

        • michael sanchez

          I could do that one on top and one on bottom. After one listens to the htc seems everything else does not come close.

    • Charlie Collins

      Love my new G2, picked it up Saturday and ditched my tiny screened 4s. Couldn’t be happier with a gadget.

      • Failbot

        Great phone, welcome to Android!

        • Charlie Collins

          Thanks – glad to be back with Android; I had the HTC Droid Eris back when. The UI and devices have developed and improved immensely over the past 2 1/2 years. When I left, Apple’s products/UI were miles ahead; now that I’m back that’s not the case and Android’s vendors don’t tell me what screen size is best for me – I can choose what I want, like a grown-up.

    • Allan

      Lol this is gold.

      G2 ftw!

      • Failbot

        The G2 White looks really amazing, no idea why all the reviewers have the super ugly black one. The button on the back actually looks pleasant on the white version.

    • Brian Shieh

      LG knows how to fight the competition.

    • box14380

      LG alway is cheap and always will be cheap particularly at their ads. No benefit at all.

    • David M Whittley

      This could be quite effective marketing for them. It would have been even better if they pushed these adverts 11 months and 22 months after the launch of the competing phones. Just when people are looking to change. At present they only have about a 4% market share here. Thanks to the Nexus (which, btw, is as highly priced here as any other flagship phone!!!).
      They need to do something to get there name on peoples frost-bitten lips!

    • Clarence Alvarado

      Why not LG bashes Sony Z1? It just cannot. :D

    • Yaisr

      Definitely, I’m buying the G2
      From S4, instead the Note 3 to The Great G2.

      Camera, Display, Battery, Software and Design is superb…!!

    • Jonathan Ingravalle

      Gotta say I am loving my G2… A powerful/fast Android with a large screen but a super thin bezel that is comfortable to hold, unique button placement, despite these in depth camera comparisons it has an excellent overall camera, especially for the average consumer… And great battery life. If I play some games it eats up the battery more but honestly it still lasts a typical 14 hour day of use, plus over 8 hours of standby while I’m sleeping/playing video games/spending time with GF and then some leftover! I usually end up charging it midway through the 2nd day. A full charge lasting for a whole day on normal to heavy use is above average for a modern Android these days and this phone delivers.

      Knock On isn’t the most reliable system but it’s a very cool feature I wish other phones had and is necessary for this button placement. Slide Aside is meh because the task switcher on Android is good enough. Qslide is kind of like multi window, but it shows transparent mini apps (with a transparency slider!) so it’s pretty neat.

      Other software features and icons could use some improvement, but I threw on Nova Launcher (prime), sliding messaging, and SwiftKey. Solved most of my issues. :)

      • Failbot

        I was SOOOO tempted to buy the G2 and still think its a great phone, but in the end, I was a sucker for the S Pen, and got the Note 3, which is also an amazing device. Really happy to see G2 owners proud of their devices, and very impressed with LG for pushing the limits on battery life — an area there isnt nearly enough competition (and there should be).

    • Marko Man

      just got one. its awesome….but the notification shade is pretty terrible. I wish the release GE or AOSP asap. :)

    • brutalpanther

      Yes i do own the G2.I gave up on samsung when they stopped app. And games being moved to sd card.And 16gb is not enough space.I also gave my son my HTC ONE,and got my G2.It was a good phone,but power button was a pain to reach.And home,back buttons were weirdly done.Screen was very good,But was a bit thin.I prefer the extra space and beautiful screen on my G2.Also i was a little let down more than once by the 4 megapixel camera.LG has the best all around phone.Now im patiently waiting on the new GPAD 8.3 to release in my area.

      • Failbot

        32GB is the new standard on high end Samsung products AND apps to SD works.

    • Andye82

      ditch the plastic, move the buttons on the side like every other one (I don’t want to smudge my camera lense) and I give you my money. After using HTC One there is no way I will be going back to Samsung (or LG) plastic.

    • gordonr

      Excellent phone , my sammy s2 gave up the ghost at the weekend
      Took this into work today and everyone that saw the phone were impressed
      Glad i got the white g2 as the black
      One really showed up the fingrrmarks more
      A friend that has the samsung s4 was really intetested in the phone

    • GTA

      Crossover & become a member of the free world all u Idrones. The G2 SCREAMS!

    • Rohit Naik

      LG G2 unboxing and review

      I’m still not convinced by this phone


    • Rohit Naik

      LG G2 unboxing and review ‘

      I’m still not convinced by this phone


    • Juan De La Rosa

      the software is awesome- when you disable the stuff you don’t want to use. I switched to a G2 from the nexus 4 and only have good thoughts of it.