LG releases G Watch promo video, promises to define the smartwatch

by: Jonathan FeistMay 11, 2014

Ahead of the expected summertime release of LG’s new G Watch, their Android Wear-powered smartwatch, LG is building some hype by giving us a little glamour video of the watch.

We still do not have a confirmed launch date or any prices, we do not have any confirmed specs for that matter, but we can’t help but find the G Watch at least a little bit attractive in this video. We previously learned that the G Watch would come in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold, with black or white bands. LG also announced that the G Watch would come with an always on display, unlike the tap to wake functionality of some of the currently available smartwatches on the market.

LG G Watch Waterproof

The G Watch is one of the first Android Wear powered watches to be announced this year. Android Wear itself was announced back in March with Motorola and LG almost simultaneously announcing their smartwatch options due out later this year. Android Wear is Google’s answer to wearable technology needs. Google’s Android Wear does not define what form it expects of wearable tech, but they certainly paint a vivid picture of the function, and to some extent the look and feel that they believe will best serve Android users. They put out a nice little video, why don’t we squeeze that in here now.

The LG G Watch is being touted as waterproof, and will be produced with the common rectangular watch-face design of modern smartwatches. On the other hand, Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch, also to be powered by Android Wear, is the first to offer a circular watch face. In a recent poll, our readers decided that the Moto 360 was the better looking device. We look forward to the day we can have both in hand to see if looks are the deciding factor on the better device.

What do you think, can LG and Motorola, running Google’s Android Wear, re-define the smartwatch?

  • Very nice design. Water proof too!! It looks sleek…

  • sony released smartwatch 2 a long time back,with all these features,but i don’t understand why it is not famous,it’s even got some decent apps but due to sony’s lack of advertising ,it did not gain much interest and now Lg comes with “waterproofing” like it’s new and the gear copied almost everything from sony.Even the design is more or less the same.http://media.gadgetsin.com/2013/06/sony_smartwatch_2_the_worlds_first_waterproof_smart_watch_with_nfc_1.jpg

    • Jonathan Feist

      There certainly have been a few “smartwatches” available over the last number of years. I suppose, with each new iteration comes advancements that deprecate previous models, such as with any technology. So, really what I’m saying is, I have no idea why Sony’s watch was overlooked, sorry.

      There is a huge argument here that Android Wear will separate LG G Watch (and Moto 360) from the crowd – what do you think?

      • i agree,sony’s mistake is that it will not use android wear :(

        • Blowntoaster

          leave it to XDA to hopefully try and port “Wear” to a Sony Smartwatch 2 near you soon.

    • Price, maybe? That thing is steep at least in Brazil (but then again, every gadget here is)

      • the gear 2 costs a 100$ more than this but it became famous because of samsung’s extraordinary advertising skills,selling it along with note3

        • Josh

          The Neo is $200, and it’s a nice watch. Tizen really needs more apps though, and fast.

        • Yeah, you have me there =)

    • People complain about capacitive buttons on phones, why would they get excited about a watch featuring them when they’re so unneeded in the context of Android Wear.

  • Shark Bait

    Irrelevant, moto 360 will destroy the competition because they actually thought about design

    • Tierre Jevon

      The square form factor will make viewing and interacting with the screen much easier than the round one. And the Gear lineup is very solid. It still offers features not found on these set of devices.

      • Shark Bait

        How will it make it much easier??? Android wear is designed for using voice and swipes. I think the circle looks much more interesting

        • mobilemann

          off the top of my head gestures?

          we’ll have to see. I don’t find this ugly though ~ the more competition the better.

          • Shark Bait

            Competition is always better yes.

            I think this could be and iPhone product. It shares many similarity’s, beautiful designed , and a refined user experience, compared to other watches, very similar to the original iPhone at launch

          • joser116

            LG should have made the front face and bezels of the watch completely symmetrical though.

  • A Human

    The fact is that smart watches have been around in one form or another for decades from the calculator watch right up to the modern android versions, the fact is that most people moved away from wearing watches when mobiles appeared, to get me back to wearing a watch regularly it would have to be something pretty special, thin and comfy to wear and have a great battery life .. This ain’t it!

  • Mystery Man

    Make it a circle and I’ll buy it.

  • Brandon Power
    • _X_

      hahaha. Android Wear will be a big dissapointment! The moto 360 will be the best looking, but the Gear 2 will be the most functional!

      • Brandon Power
      • Shark Bait

        Do you need all that functionality in a watch though.??? I think a clean refine experience that is quick and simple is more important.

        Cramming a phone into a watch is stupid, its a new product , new form factor and should offer a totally different experience

        • RanRu

          “Do you need all that functionality in a watch though.???”


  • Mike Bastable

    All in all this seems to be a bit of a great year for LG, all their products look awesome and they seem to h have addressed their Achilles heel…timely updates…the watch looks well designed and will be competitively priced. So whilst saving for my g3…I better poor some dosh aside for this little wonder too.
    Really well done LG, I have spent years critiquing and in the last year you have made me not only reconsider but also a customer.

  • duncan duncan

    Damn, i want one, i think it looks much better than galaxy gear or moto 360

    • Josh

      It looks exactly the same as a black Galaxy Gear 2.

  • Corey Watford

    For all you LG Watch haters, when the Moto 360 ends up being 450bucks, youll come crawling back

    • Brandon Power
    • RanRu

      That’s a bold assumption. You think Motorola is going to charge more for the 360 than they do even for their own flagship phone? What on earth put you under that impression?

      • Corey Watford

        I really do, With the 360 I feel Motorola is going after the Premium market before apple does, Im would predict a 299-449 pricetag, rather than the lower end 199 lg g watch. Now for an extra Benjamin I’ll gladly buy the Moto 360, but not when I can buy two G Watches for the price of one Moto 360 with the 399+ pricetag.

  • na

    i think the galaxy fit design is much better then the moto and lg watch but hey this is only my opinion

  • Norezz

    Metal body and Waterproof are the two things which have got me excited for this.
    Does anyone here know if the Moto 360 will come with a metal body too?

  • RanRu

    Watches (at least in today’s world) are jewelry first and a functional device second. I doubt that any added functionality is going to change that anytime soon, so I’ll hedge my bets for the first truly successful smart watch on whichever one strikes the best pretty:cheap ratio.
    Or whenever Apple releases one, since their products sell regardless.