LG G Watch specs leak: 1.6-inch display, 400mAh battery and more

by: Andrew GrushJune 10, 2014

LG G Watch Tweet

Earlier today we reported that the LG G Watch will be offered for free to all Google I/O 2014 attendees, but that’s not the only G Watch news heading our way. While we already knew what the G Watch looked like and know a reasonable amount about the Android Wear UI, newly leaked details allegedly give us a more detailed look at what the G Watch’s specs will bring to the table.

The leaked charts come by way of @upleaks, the same leaker that recently brought us a system dump for the G Watch. If the charts prove correct, the G Watch will offer a 1.6-inch display with a 280×280 resolution, 4GB storage, and a 400mAh battery with a standby time of 36 hours and will take 2 hours to fully charge. The watch will have the overall dimensions of 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm and will weigh in at 61 grams. The chart also says the device has 4GB RAM but this is obviously a typo, we’d imagine it will offer RAM that’s somewhere in the 512 – 1GB range — though that’s really just speculation on our part.


Can we learn anything else from the leak? Not a whole lot more, but the spec sheet does reveal a few other minor details such as the fact that the watch has multi-language support for English, Spanish, French, Korean and Chinese. There’s also mention of the ability to take memos and send text messages using your voice. Apart from the leaked charts, a tweet from upleaks on June 4th also claims the G Watch will be powered by a quad-core 787MHz Snapdragon CPU.

The LG G Watch is looking to be a pretty powerful device, though how it directly compares to other Android Wear devices remains unseen. We suspect we’ll learn more soon enough, with Google I/O 2014 about two weeks away now.

  • Mo

    36h standby autonomy……mind blowing. Not.

    • dogulas

      I would rather charge my device every night rather than every other or every three. A week would of course be nice, but whatever the schedule, it should be easy to get into the rhythm.

      • John S

        If you want a week, a Pebble is the only option currently…

    • MasterMuffin

      4GB of RAM is mind blowing though ;D

      • Blowntoaster

        Doubt thats right though. Maybe 4GB ROM, which OEMs usually refer to total storage space… :-P

        • Richard Gao

          THAT’S THE JOKE

    • makapav


      I have two smartphones and three tablets in the house. I have a charger by on each of our bed-tables. A watch that hold just 30 hours of standby means every night I have to plug in two devices on each side of my bed – two near my wife and two near me. This means I need 4 chargers in one room alone! We need much better standby and screen-on time for any smartwatch.

  • MasterMuffin

    I just realized the ROM is 4GB and RAM is 4Gb <– SMALL "b". So 0.5GB of RAM it is

    • Tarso Sousa

      At least you and me pay attention to that

    • Anonymousfella

      Excellent observation.

      • RebekkahBooseyesu

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  • J_Pod

    2 Hours to charge a 400mAh battery? What?

  • Tarso Sousa

    Please pay attention on reading.

    4Gb of RAM is far different from 4GB

    And 4Gb Means 512MB

    • Anonymousfella

      Well spotted!

  • John S

    36hrs standby – so it might last a day if you actually use it? Good news for Pebble, anyway, as their users get a week on a charge (I’m down to 40% sometimes after 7 days). But the best technology compromise does not necessarily mean continued market success

  • Rodrigo Brücher

    probably going to have 1GB.I’m pretty sure its a typo since the 4 is above the 1 on a keyboard