LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live to launch on Play Store today (update: live now!), Moto 360 later this summer

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 25, 2014

google io 2014 keynote (31 of 41)

That’s it folks, the first two Android Wear devices are here, but they may not be the ones you’ve been expecting. Without giving away details, Google announced the LG G Watch and the previously unannounced Samsung Gear Live will become available in the Play Store today, with the Moto 360 scheduled to launch later this summer.

According to LG’s press release, the G Watch will go on pre-order on the Play Store today in 12 countries including United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Japan. Retailers in 27 more countries will begin selling the device in the close future. Key features of the LG G Watch include  a Snapdragon 400 processor, a 1.65-inch display, a 400 mAh battery, and an IP67 waterproof body.

Samsung announced that the Gear Live will hit the Play Store today, and the device will launch on Samsung Experience stores in the nearby future. The Gear Live is similar in specifications and aspect to the Tizen-powered Gear Neo, complete with a heart rate monitor on the back. You get a 320 x 320 1.63-inch AMOLED, a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 300 mAh battery, and IP67 certification. The Gear Live will be available in black and burgundy.

google io 2014 keynote (32 of 41)

While many expected to see the Moto 360 announced on stage, the round smartwatch looks to be late to the party. While Sundar Pichai sported one, and attendees were promised one as part of Google’s usual I/O gift bag, Motorola only had one thing to share today – the winner of its watch face design contest.

Update: The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have arrived to the Google Play store! The former is priced at $229 and will ship by July 3rd, while the latter is $199 and will ship by July 8th.

  • Very excited to see the Gear Live, G Watch and Moto 360 go head to head.

  • Pitahson

    Did anyone see the Moto 360 being demoed? It looked super good! definitely will be the most expensive out of the bunch though. Looking forward to Josh’s review on the Wear!

  • Jayfeather787

    Even though I think that the G watch looks a bit better than the Samsung, the Samsung is better bang for the buck with a higher res display and lower price. Well done both LG and Samsung for making these excellent looking devices.

    • _X_

      Agreed…the Gear Live is a Samsung watch I will buy!