Second look at the upcoming LG G Watch

by: Robert TriggsMarch 24, 2014

LG G Watch Tweet

Last week LG announced that it would be releasing its own Android Wear smartwatch, named the G Watch, which should be heading our way in the second quarter of the year. The original dark image (see below) didn’t really give us a good look at LG’s aesthetic design, an increasingly important aspect of a smartwatch given the positive reception of the Moto 360. Thankfully, LG UK recently tweeted another, brighter picture of the newly announced device.

As you can see from the image at the top, LG is clearly aiming for a minimalistic design. There isn’t even an LG logo to be spotted anywhere on the watch’s front, although that could change by the time the product heads off to the factories.

Whilst the Moto 360 turned to more traditional watches for its look, LG is keeping with the rectangular design chosen by most other smartwatch manufacturers, like Samsung and Sony, perhaps in an effort to help keep production costs down. As the G Watch is powered by Android Wear, this also shows that the smartwatch OS isn’t just designed with circle interfaces in mind, so we can probably expect a wide range of Android Wear powered smartwatches to choose from in the future.


Speaking of which, LG, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, and of course Motorola, have all pledged support for the Android Wear platform, so we can probably expect a few more device unveilings over the coming months.

What do you make of LG’s G Watch design and the prospect of more Android Wear devices?

  • Bentley

    Meh, looks too much like smartwatches that are already on the market. However if the price was right…

    • makayli verran

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  • miftha

    If the price is right imma pick one up

  • The first company that makes a quality smart watch at $99 is going to win the whole ballgame IMO.

    • rubber chicken

      also size is an issue (no pun intended) i like the moto but my wife took one look and said “where is the woman’s version” ie way too big

      • Jan Morrida

        I agree with your wife as well. I too would like to see one a bit smaller for us ladies.

  • Shark Bait

    moto 360 makes this irrelevant. Circular interface looks much more natural & interesting!

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