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This week, we’ve teamed up with ARM to giveaway the up and coming LG G Watch, powered by the new up and coming Android Wear OS from Google.

LG G Watch

This week we learned about the specs and that the LG G Watch will be given away to attendees at Google IO on June 25. The rumored release date for the LG G Watch is July 7, 2014.

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  1. [1 Ticket] Comment down below: Which device were you most surprised to learn was ARM-based?
  2. [1 Ticket] Like ARM’s Facebook pageVirtually every mobile device in the world is powered by ARM.
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Good luck on the giveaway!

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • MohdZakhri

    Surprise it was the G Watch, good luck

  • Luke Woods

    The Moto 360 sounds good, a round design too

  • Who cares anyway

    phone boy play has an arm in it, sure took me aback

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    The MultiCuber 999

  • Mike

    LG G Watch. Not bad!

  • Riad Jhummun

    The Pebble smart watch

  • Who cares anyway

    wooooohooooo up at 432 in the morning with no sleep at all

  • sebe

    I just googled and found out the BBC mirco seem to be the first user of ARM

  • lalala

    the g watch!

  • Jammie

    Woop woop, looks great.

  • linu

    AMD ARM-Based Opteron PCs- that was shocking to see pc manufacturers do them!

  • jamancheta

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-32L4000 ;)

  • LG G watch : <3

  • Balvinder Makkar

    LG G WATCH :-D

  • lg g watch : hope to win from india . luck / god

  • Andras Juhasz


  • Arch9

    i’m interested with exynos soc based on arm

  • Ron


  • Vincent

    Thew LG G watch expecting little bit lower or older but ARM Based wow

  • LG G WATCH <3 <3

  • I want this ;)

  • LG : BEST

  • Octavian Enache

    G Watch


  • Snowx2k5

    I’m not really surprised anything is ARM based anymore, I mean they have so much performance these days. But for the sake of the contest I’ll say the LG G Watch! lol

  • LG hope to win

  • All the best LG G watch


  • LG : LOVE

    • Jayfeather787


  • love G watch

    • Luka Mlinar

      Spam much? :/

      • so why you worriying . by commenting on my comment . it’s my choice

        • Jaded

          this is one way to guarantee you won’t get it

          • okay . don’t tell me . mind ur own business

          • Jaded

            I hope you don’t win

          • i hope you win

          • Jaded

            now I don’t want to win anymore

          • JD McKie

            lol, @disqus_j0LYn7qiNI:disqus thanks for the laugh :)

          • Sahil Sood


        • Don’t spam, it’s useless. You don’t have more entries with more comments.

        • gamebusterz

          This guy has gone full retard. Remember “Never go full retard”

        • Sahil Sood

          SHUT THE F*CK UP

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  • want this LG

  • THE perfect on the go LG

  • smart watch LG

    • Jayfeather787


  • LG watch : g smart

  • Ibrahem

    Well I found out that all android phone are ARM based :p

  • ARM lg watch love AMD

  • AMR cool LG smart

  • Ezlan Zulfiqree

    Wow!! I didn’t know the LG G Watch was ARM-based!!

  • Dave Co

    g watch

  • i know LG g watch ARM best

  • gwatch

  • watch <3

  • the watch


  • Sebastian Isaksson

    The lg g watch

  • ARM g

  • Jaded

    I’ve never won anything

  • win lg

  • lg india win lg watch : G

  • WIN <3

    • Jayfeather787

      leave plz

  • Natasha Kk

    Uh, all of them are ARM -powered? Whoa.

  • Luck g

  • Jacky

    LG G Watch, of course!

  • perfect G WIN

  • Win G LG watch #international

  • Duarte

    better than galaxy gear

  • lg yes i

  • Reiner Bernal

    For me it’s about the G watch, LG stepping up!

  • Dan

    The Moto 360! tbh, this watch looks to be great

    • Joe Tang

      The same!

      • josemas

        Same! The 360 will be the first REAL smartwatch

    • Ilya Smith


    • zenxaero


    • Bryn


    • rdeleonp

      Hope moto doesn’t screw it with the price…

    • Dwaine Fissenden


    • Same!

    • Whyte Bacon


  • lg the speed

    • gamebusterz

      Multiple comments won’t help. And at least write something that makes sense.

  • moto 360 lg better

  • moto lg g

  • moto g lg g come

  • gta lg need speed force G WATCH

    • Sahil Sood

      Shut Up


  • Love india g

  • Rahul R

    Thanks Android Authority..

  • lg lg g g watch watch

    • Jayfeather787

      Bro. You need to shut up.

  • lg g thnks

  • thnks

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    • Who cares anyway

      can we at least know why you feel like spamming this article with this, I mean this is one where the comments are most important

      • Jayfeather787

        He is spamming because he is an idiot.

    • Jayfeather787

      shut up

  • g genuis lg life good

  • lg life good

  • super time lg watch

  • lg thanks a lot

  • Gareth Hailes


  • Nick Ludwig

    definitely the Moto 360!

  • I didn’t expect the wearables to be ARM-based, actually

  • Stefano Heringer

    Lg, Necessity in life.

  • Adrian

    LG G WATCH ofc

  • xmattjus

    I didn’t know that much of the televisions’ processors were ARM based!

  • Milo Mrtinz

    Lo quiero :)

  • Yuval Rozin

    Both the G Watch and the MOTO 360 are ARM!? Weird…

  • romainlapierre

    The moto 360!

  • Dj-Karl Cross

    this would work perfect with my LG Nexus 5.

  • the moto 360 tbh

  • Nick Chaplin

    Microsoft Surface RT.

  • the 360 lg moto g

  • lg moto

  • Andrzej Tunkiel

    signing up

  • Robert Bakos

    For me its the LG´s G Watch!

  • postigamail@gmail.com

    the LG G watch itself, i thought the moto 360 will be the only one ARM based google wear device

  • lg g windows

  • windows g lg

  • zygis

    LG G Watch!

  • ryan

    Can I have one? I never win anything!

  • Tyler Littleman

    The LG G3.

    I waited over a month for the G3 and was sadly surprised when it seemed surprisingly unruged. Yes I know that is hard to come by now adays but I’ve had bad luck with wate and such in the past. But I have the S5 and couldn’t be happier.

    Though I know some who are trying to have all Samsung devices, I am interested in the G watch. I really want to see how Android wear will look.

  • Said Ammar

    Mkto 360!!!!!!!

  • Claudiu Sima

    lg g watch

  • Daniel

    The lg g watch … I was so surprised …

  • Mike Newitt

    Wasn’t surprised at all, really. Of anything. Even I have an ARM.

  • Arief Pratama

    LG G Watch

  • Eduardo Castro

    Good to know that Apple devices also used ARM base techo…

  • Arnold Abando

    I want it badly!

  • BooLeiU

    The early GoPros

  • Tobias Thal

    Thank you for the Chance! =)

  • chrone

    Mikrotik routerboard? :o

  • Francie Corrigan

    The LG G watch

  • Rishabh Mathur

    I guess it will be both the Moto 360 and the G Watch. I had initially thought that there must be a different kind of processor altogether since battery drain is critical on such devices. Good to know that it’s more capable than what I thought!

  • Lars Wintermans

    would love it

  • tusharvikky

    Android wear like Lg G watch or Moto 360

  • Erick

    The smart home thermostats is the device that I did not think would be ARM-based

  • Leo Hennigs

    Microsoft Surface

  • Adarsh


  • Péter Teleki

    I think all of the smart watches. These gadgets just blow my mind away. :)

  • Arcanide

    great giveaway!

  • Louis


  • Iki Taba

    Definitely LG G watch.

  • williamjarquin

    Microsoft surface tablet.

  • Shay Erov

    Samsungs ARM chromebooks.

  • Brian Koppelaar

    The Samsung Galaxy S3. I really want to win this LG G Watch! I’m going to buy the G3.

  • Pinzaru Madalin

    moto 360. yey ! :)

  • jokky

    The SmarthWatch category in general. I always thought they used something diffrent being them small, but as always size don’t matter HAHAHAH

  • Praveen Puglia

    whole android platform devices.. not just one.. didnt know at that time that arm is so powerful

  • Thijs G.

    The Android Wear devices, actually, due to the need for these devices to have incredibly power-efficient processors.

  • Hugo Ma

    LG G Watch

  • Mario Tomšic

    g watch

  • Daniel Botts

    Bring it on android wear is gunna rock

  • joseph

    i want one!!!

  • kratonator

    My router is also ARM based. O_o

  • William D

    Not surprised at all, are not 99% of watches “ARM” based…… = )

  • Christopher Mann

    Sweet count me in. Smart watches in general

  • Oliver Blake

    Smartwatches in general, these small and amazing devices that will cause a stir in the mobile tech space!

  • Niccolò Miniati

    LG G watch

  • KH

    The Microsoft Surface~

  • your mine
    LG G Watch

  • Fawaz Gazawe

    the samsung galaxy pocket

  • philip taylor

    The arduino due, :)

  • Tarek Assaf

    Best smart watch to come…

  • Adrian Ioanci

    i wasn’t surprised :)

  • Daniel

    LG G Watch!

  • Dion flohr

    Hello guys Today is my Birthday and I’m not getting any presents :'( This would be an amazing Birthday present for me <3 Thanks!

  • Jiggasam

    Gimmie dat watch. I dunno da time

  • hash1721

    I want this period.

  • tubbyj

    Microsoft Surface rt

  • Sanket Dhingra

    LG G watch definitely.. I was thinking it might sport some specialized processor for a watch but coming to know that ARM has its roots covered in wearables too give me more confidence to go for one…

  • Ahmad

    Fitbit Flex

  • Vincent Mag – isa

    Blackberry Playbook

  • fa

    Was about to say G Watch, then I saw the comment below about RT, and I would have to agreed with him, I was absolutely surprised that MS did an ARM tablet, how terribly useless it turned out to be.

  • Kobi Nechmadi

    the wise answer , no device :)

  • Nitin Hassija

    Good Luck everyone.

  • ha14

    thanks for this LG G Watch giveaway


  • Vinit Nair

    A great smartwatch by lg..hope to win this..

  • Alexander Genvarev

    LG G Watch

  • Cameron

    An LG smart watch.

  • Ken Otsuji

    I agree with Dan, Moto 360 for sure!

  • Kyle Hopping

    ummm silly question, why would I be surprised a device is ARM-based? what do i live under a rock? but i want my damn point, so…. my nexus 4, i thought it had a pentium.

  • Caloy

    Surface RT

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    i was most surprised by the G watch

  • dex205

    no surprise at all. all the devices i know are powered by arm

  • Let’s see who got to get this bad boy.

  • T1TV

    The LG G watch and the Moto 360

  • jbaird

    Nice tech

  • William

    g watch

  • jonatan

    microsofy surface rt

  • Sophie

    the moto 360

  • Buddhan

    LG G Watch, Moto 360 or Gear 2? What would you choose? Hmm…. 360 all the way

  • pajjap

    Lg gwatch!

  • Microsoft Surface RT

  • Mo Rizvi

    I’m excited for the Moto 360. Depending on the price of each watch I might get it if it’s doesn’t cost that much more than the LG G watch. Can’t wait!!!

  • daniel

    Microsoft surface tablet

  • Sriram

    Most surprised device – Apple’s iPhone 5s, because of the 64bit architecture! I never knew ARM introduced one!

  • Kristopher Morin

    looks better than the 360

  • DubiniD

    Microsoft surface rt

  • Benedict Daisog

    Microsoft Surface Tab

  • Kirill Naidovskiy

    I was surprised to learn that LG G Watch have ARM-based Processor Snapdragon 400. Some smartphones have such processor.

  • Colin

    The LG G Watch!

  • Steven Barash

    definitely the lg g watch

  • grawa

    Moto G

  • Rob

    LG G watch

  • Manmit Mitbawkar

    The Raspberry Pi

  • Zeus Atom

    LG G Watch

  • Curtis Bright

    none really

  • Arpit Gohil

    Android wear is awesome

  • Gelo Alvarado

    Was surprised the LG G watch was Arm based too like the LG G 3. Would love to have both. Learning new things with Android Authority. Thanks!

  • Daniel T

    Really? None, almost all of them are ARM-based

  • Alexander Morales Sevilla

    Great news, I really want win this, thanks Android Authority

  • dsavio93

    yes, the lg g watch, much surprise

  • Johnny1995

    Man, commenting for some kind of contest results in spam whereever you look :/ Good luck to the others ;)

  • pollinho

    Wearables in general, it’s amazing that SOCs have become so small :D

  • Jeff Bastien

    Let’s just call it the gwatch instead of the G-watch.

  • Fizzow

    Lg G Watch ♥

  • Dimitri Canonne

    lg g watch : hope to win from france :p

  • Andrew

    The gear watches and I kind of want to what apple will do but the g watch looks. The best

  • Marcellus1

    Surprised to learn of the cool new “Arm”- (or “ARM” :), pun intended) based watches, like the G Watch or the 360. Also surprised by the ARM-based surface RT, and not so much in a good way :)

  • bryan deris

    This watch looks elegant.

  • Jeremy Kacher

    Just now seeing the lg watch was made by Arm

  • Lahaye

    the lg g watch

  • Samiaji Sarosa

    Can’t wait to do a lot of stuff with it

  • J. Rafael Rodriguez

    Luck to all!!

  • Siddhesh Dalvi

    The new smart watches LG G WATCH and MOTO 360!

  • The Doom Master

    Amazing Giveway Thank you and Good luck to all.. :)

  • Ben Chávez

    This watch will do

  • Finn Evans

    Moto 360

  • Selei Laurenţiu

    The black one looks nice

  • I was surprised to know that an ARM based mac may come soon.. I know its a speculation but still..

  • Jacob Marsh

    Moto 360.

  • The Time I came to know about ARM was the time ARM was starting to get ubiquitous. So none really. But the ARM based Samsung Chromebook and the rumour that Apple was considering it for their macs did surprise me a bit.

  • Patrick Jurkiewicz

    LG G Watch!

  • Cindy

    Honeywell Lyric

  • nik1988

    Moto 360. Probably gonna buy one but the g watch would keep me going until it’s available

  • John Dorado

    The LG G Watch!

  • Boris Rosengarten


  • Ismail Rampurawala

    Moto g

  • Brian Albo

    i kinda want the watch cos its pree cool

  • Jake Harry

    LG G Watch of course!

  • Jc

    dem smart watches

  • Brian Albo

    also i was surprised about the moto 360 being powered by ARM…

  • Daniel

    Great giveawaym good luck everybody

  • WilmaGColeman

    The gear watches and I kind of want to what apple will do but the g watch looks. The best http://tw.gs/W6z5hV

  • scofildo

    the moto 360 i like that little piece of tech ! :)

  • Manvir

    Lg is the best brand , i only buy lg products

  • Simas

    Another Sunday another nice giveaway!

  • ezekieltanch

    Life’s Good.. LG!

  • Adrian D.

    Moto 360 looks great, but would love to own the LG G watch

  • Daniel DS

    I was most surprised to know that the OG samsung series 3 chromebook was RM base, rocking it for more than a year now :)

  • gbbraganholo

    Let’s win this watch! :D

  • Zakidine

    The Nvidia Shield; G watch

  • Jacob

    The lg g2!

  • Damanjit Singh

    Raspberry Pi was (still it is) one of the most amazing ARM based device I’ve used and loved so far. Reason? It’s inexpensive, feature rich and lots of new things to learn. :)

  • Joao Esteves

    I’ll follow some other posters opinions, indicating the Moto 360.

  • Mohammad Rashid

    Love the lg g watch would be awesome if I won

  • Mathew Mohan

    Moto 360!

  • Dwane Almeida

    Samsung Cromebook was ARM based!

  • Guest

    Was surprised that this was ARM based! Seems so small!

  • Alex

    I was surprised to know that my coffee capsules machine, Bosch Tassimo Hot, uses a ARM Processor, the Cortex-M3.

    • Coffee machines use ARM, wow!

      • Zsolt Csaki

        Now that’s surprising O.o

    • NotAnUser


    • Javi

      Wow that´s cool!

    • Wow! Didn’t know that.

    • enoch

      ARM everywhere!!

  • safwan

    LG G Watch

  • Pathetic article

    moto 360

  • Kyle Jeffrey

    Raspberry Pi, so much in something so small

  • Michał Niedostatkiewicz

    Quite frankly, PS Vita being ARM-based was a quite surprise for me.

  • Which device were I most surprised to learn was ARM-based? The new crosswalk button company I work in recently released. As for mobile devices I would be surprised to learn of any not ARM or Intel based.

  • Amos Westerveld

    The OnePlus One!

  • Jasen Walker

    Surprised to find that lots of stuff was ARM based! The Moto 360 seemed the most relevant, because it is so small! How do they fit everything in there?

  • zedboy

    Yeah, it was moto 360 for me, and side note, what’s with this spam!? my god..

  • samih

    Omate trusmart

  • samih


  • wrbl

    The snow google made by zeal are powered by ARM. I thought that it’s some cheapo stuff in them but It’s ARM.

  • Michael Lam

    I thought it was surprising that both the LG G Watch and Moto 360 use an ARM Processor

  • bungadudu

    My Samsung fridge! :-))

  • Steeve Francillon

    Look Good =Life is Good…LG

  • wali bak


  • Diablo9687

    Raspberry Pi

  • lg g watch !

  • Mario Cubeta

    Motorola Atrix

  • Raymond T Cubeta

    Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

  • tocao bernadeth

    LG Optimus Quantum

  • John Mark Cubeta

    Blackberry Playbook tablet

  • adebayuabadi

    lg g watch

  • Midhun Murali

    Lg nexus 5

  • Soh Yew Wei

    of course the Moto 360, ARM powered popular wearable that isn’t even out in the market yet.

  • Andi

    LG G Watch

  • Adis Mešić

    Samsung Chromebook

  • José Martins Neto

    I never win these giveaways. :(

  • Ninfa Cubeta

    Samsung Omnia i8910

  • Matt Kurucz

    Moto 360

  • Moises Funez

    If aakash006 wins I’ll be mildly upset and then go on about my day

  • Mike

    Quite surprised to see ARM CPU in watches to be honest.

  • pallu

    Moto 360

  • Dan

    I was surprised to learn that Microsoft Surface is ARM based!

  • Nabil

    I actually thought that this watch contained a snapdragon or something. But I heard great things about this watch, so I don’t doubt the quality of the processor.

  • Dis5889

    Good luck!

  • Fai Artavia

    Samsung’ Chromebook

  • Naveen

    Thanks for the Giveaway AA:)

  • Carlfinity.net

    I want one!

  • Alana Walker

    Microsoft Surface

  • Abdullah Ayub

    Well, I’d say – The LG G-Watch! I was surprised when I came to know that it is ARM-based!

  • Naveen

    Moto 360

  • Darell James Latorre

    the lg g watch itself!

  • himanshu

    i want that ;)

  • Makkahh

    LG G watch personally

  • Jorge Vilela

    Moto 360, with round screen.

  • Adam K

    I really didn’t know that the g watch had one in it.

  • I was not surprised that smartwatches are powered by ARM. I’m surprised, however, that some Chromebooks, like Samsung’s, can run on ARM.

  • LancerEX

    The LG G Watch!

  • Gaga

    Nexus 4!! Yes!!!

  • Scott Baker

    was surprised to learn the LG G watch was arm

  • arturo

    I was surprised to know that they iPhone 5s uses the A7 processor based on ARMv8-A

  • Thomas Maasz

    Moto 360

  • Odderen

    My coffee maker to be honest

  • J.Shawn.W


  • Jayfeather787

    ME WANT!

  • Nitish

    My smartphone : galaxy note 2

  • Adir Feijo

    I was surprised that the European model of the Galaxy Note 3 is ARM-based.

  • Rúben Santos

    I was surprised by the Brainstormer being ARM, that beast is fast as hell.

  • Mohd Syahmi Ab Hashim

    Thanks for the oppoturnity ^____^

  • Mike Smithson

    My Canon Camera

  • Waterdroid

    I want it man. I just want it!

  • Shishir Kn

    IN Itron OpenWay CENTRON Smart Meter

  • Song Cheng

    LG G Watch :D lovely

  • Shapath

    Moto 360

  • dagray

    I was surprised there were netbooks that ran on ARM processors I didn’t think ARM had the umph to power these types of devices. I thought they were only for cell phones and PDAs guess I was wrong.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    I was really surprised that the Surface RT was ARM based, and it really took a huge hit for that

  • Brian Embry

    I’ve no clue what “ARM” is but, I would dig that LG watch…

    • Hannes Hermansson

      Its a mobile processor manufacturer!

      • Esivo


      • NachoM

        I agree

      • PenangUncle

        ARM is just design the CPU core, Samsung, Qualcomm, etc are the manufacturers.

    • Julian Sobers

      Me too! Cool watch!

  • Alex Fischer

    This is my comment !

  • ChriKn

    I’d love to see a side-by-side showdown between the G-Watch and the Moto 360. Looking out for the IO ;)

  • Michael Spyrou

    Don’t know if I’m surprised anymore coz almost all the best devices are ARM based! :/

  • Nadim Uddin

    Didn’t know smrtwatches, like G watch, were ARM based.

  • Tushar Khatri

    Moto G

  • ziPRR

    Wow, I had no idea the LG G Watch was ARM powered!

  • Amez2012

    The Moto G!

  • Michael So

    Chrome books uses Arm based processors than Intel chips. Surprises me why would they put a mobile chipset to a laptop.

  • wolf075

    A good sidekick for my Superhero phone :)

  • Gowtham Natarajan

    Moto 360

  • Vincent Rocco

    I was suprised to know that PS Vite is ARM based

  • Adu

    Hoping for a LG G watch ;D

  • fauziyansyah

    moto g

  • Daniel Marcinkowski

    I was surprised that the Fitbit is ARM based

  • Didn’t know the LG Got watch was ARM based!


    looking at the comments i realize nobody here knows about arm

  • Sacha Obado

    I was surprised to learn that The LG G Watch uses an ARM processor

  • andywhizwang

    The g watching being arm powered? That was new!

  • João Ricardo

    Motorola Moto G

  • Lola

    Digital TVs

  • bananajuices

    I was supprised some chromebooks were ARM-based.

  • Goh Kaixuan

    LG G WATCH ! :)

  • Ricardo Paradela

    A gamming mice from Mionix that include a 32-bit ARM processor!!

  • T.J.

    I would like to win this. Everybody, just delete your comments and unlike their page on Facebook.
    Also, I didn’t know this watch was ARM based.

  • pjj1805

    I didn’t know coffee machines use ARM Processors, that’s surprising

  • aaaa


  • All of them, every processor is different! That’s why every device feels different :)

  • Sandra Cope

    Nintendo DS

  • Grace

    I wasn’t!

  • john

    samsung devices

  • Sean L. Lee

    The fact that virtually every mobile device in the world is powered by ARM was the most revealing fact of all.

  • Lorenzo Faccini

    This smartwatch

  • Christos Vorkas

    I suppose LG G Watch is ARM based :)

  • Gavin Robertson

    Nest Thermostat

  • j4m3z

    LG G watch

  • el

    I hadn’t think that in coffee machines like tassimo is one

  • chirag

    i only know that my first android phone was arm based…….

  • Niko Rusthollkarhu

    Looks good

  • Matt Atherton

    I was suprised some coffee machines used ARM processors, didn’t realise they were that sophisticated!

  • mary heald

    An Acorn Archemedes

  • Martin

    Lets see how this compares to the 360

  • PSAV

    ARM Seems to be in everything!

  • maelisone

    the LG watch

  • muaz
  • AJ Cerdas

    Oh! cool this is awesome, LG G3 rocks. Definitely want it!!!

  • imscreed

    seriously ARM is going to be the future. It is working on cutting edge technology and the processors are really fast.

  • Rene Rankin

    LG G Watch

  • Zi Hao

    Err, should be Apple rumour about ARM based Mac .

  • Nang Monin

    Lg watch

  • Prathamesh

    like the g watch

  • Karen Cowley

    gta lg need speed force G WATCH

  • Raul Ilbi

    G watch

  • Oliver

    Are computer watches really ready for prime time

  • Ste

    I actually wasn’t

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Most android devices run on ARM.

  • H

    Coffee machine

  • makimac

    I was surprised the smart watch was ARM based.

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    Somehow facebook login not working and cant retrieve my email, so I used normal login with name and email, while Disqus works, anyway I really Hope win his watch like anybody else :P

  • AB Aldo Payardu

    I know i cant win :P

  • debbie godbolt

    hi i didnt realise ARM had been around so long and that some set- top boxes had it installed x

  • Sumeet

    ARM is not something I am interested in.

  • Claire Stephenson

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II

  • Nuno Grilo Pinheiro

    I suppose there is no RISC in saying I was surprised that Raspberry Pi uses an ARM processor!

    • Жека


    • Markymarc18

      Cease and deCISC with the bad puns. =P

    • Agnis Bērziņš

      Me too

    • pedro


    • JustDenDimi


    • max

      Me too

    • julian


    • fabi280

      I totally agree

    • Gökhan Gurbetoğlu


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    • Guy


    • Juan Diego

      same here

    • Bruno Melo


    • Fernanda Soares


    • Dmitriy Sukhanov


    • Eduards


    • Seifar

      Yeah that one is a very powerfull arm divice. I was suprised, too.

    • Elise Wolski


    • Ankit


    • Kermit715


    • benny megidish

      Same here

    • hypahj5

      Same here

    • Pablo Moretto


    • Jorge Mendes


    • Joel Castillo

      I see what you did there! Anyways the Raspberry is awesome!

    • Manuel Severin


    • xphaserx


    • David meh


    • falconion

      yea definitey agree

    • Dan Giulvezan

      Me too

    • Jost

      Same here

    • Harold

      Same here

    • Linda Nguyen


    • Brennan Griffin


    • same

    • Tom F

      Yeah I agree!

    • Lautaro Silva y Rosas


    • Alex

      Surprising indeed

    • Gustavo Mancilha


    • Dillon

      Me too!

    • Dabija Dan


    • IDontKnowMyName

      For sure :)

    • j4ck86

      I agree with you

    • Jeppe Skovbakke


    • Matthieu Tinnes


    • Ricardo

      really suprised

    • jost

      Same here :-P

    • True :|

    • Mikołaj Kiełbasa


  • Saad Azhar

    HTC explorer..my first smartphone
    Before that I didn’t even knew what ARM was. Seriously hope to win.

  • mercado79

    Better question would be, what device are you surprised was NOT ARM based. They’re everywhere!

  • Pete Gill

    LG G Watch

  • philip

    Must be the 360!

  • Artur Pacobahyba

    That would be the Moto 360 for me

  • popo007

    Some chromebook that are ARM based, I didnt expect that it can be used in that kind of product :D

  • Ryan

    Samsung Galaxy S2

  • angelarge

    Surprised this device is ARM-based.

  • Mark Sanderson

    Moto 360

  • Bill Wen


    • Mark Bailey

      Never knew that…

  • Bruce

    Looking forward to Android Waer

  • spiderwolf

    Canon Camera


    I have a Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 and that has an ARM Processor. Its the first time I have really used one and really impressed

  • Zakaria Bouali

    The Galaxy S2

  • One for me please!

  • mudit

    lg G watch…….!!!

  • Andrés García

    Surprised by Chromecast, Practicality ARM is all around us

  • Faiz

    Now if only they could lower the price…

  • Julie Feathers

    The G LG watch

  • Dan Banks

    What is ‘ARM’? How does it work?

  • Prasad Chakradeo

    My uncle had a HP 50g graphing calculator. Was surprised that it was ARM based!

  • RogB

    I did not know that they were in home thermostats

  • Marlon

    This looks cool

  • Aditya Gupta

    Most surprised? I’d say Zeal Optics Transcend GPS Goggles

  • Kyle Gustafson

    Would definitely put this to use!

  • Jason Kang

    Moto 360~!

  • kooocko

    Chromebooks, I always thought all of them are x86 based

  • Jayfeather787

    All the comments say that they are surprised this is ARM-based.

  • Sastrowardoyo

    why so serious guys?

  • K1N9


  • J Mark Acapulco


  • bnetty

    My nest!

  • Baz Sharma

    I was surprised with my ARM based Asus Eee Transformer Pad’s smooth performance.

  • RRRo I.

    Well guys i tell you this…ARM-designed chips are in millions of cars, TVs, medical devices, smart thermostats, ARM chips can be found in every iPhone and iPad, and most Kindle e-readers and Android devices.The team who started this came from Apple, that is what i know

  • Tom O’Neill


  • Srikanth Kasukurthi

    ARM everywhere, there is no surprise in it

  • InfamousMango

    I was surprised that my toy robot came with an ARM processor, maybe not cause it was $700 ;p

  • weppekroka

    Pebble Smartwatch

  • Rodrigo Lozoya

    Always wanted a smartwatch

  • David West

    My coffee machine? Weird!

  • alisan.C

    Sony smartwatches

  • Shahidi Shahidan

    Smartwatch is next best thing, I want it ..!!!

  • Kale Gospodar Vremena

    Brateu, smorio si

  • gids

    I didnt know what arm was but now that I do i wonder if google glass uses arm

  • Pavi Guru

    Recently found out my TI calculator had an ARM in it.

  • I like that some of the Chromebooks are ARM based.

  • fernandotta

    cool watch

  • Tiago Pires

    Moto 360

  • Vuched


  • Eduardo Koloma Jr

    Hope this lives up to expectations

  • ryan

    Moto 360! :D

  • Jowin Yip

    Moto X

  • Lorna Kennedy

    My phone has apparently :-)

  • Ayoub Najdaoui

    i have never won anything , i hope i win this time

  • Yamar Oliveira

    Me ver thought the Moto 360 was ARM based

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi


  • Ankur Gugar

    I was most surprised to know that Ubuntu also runs on a ARM based architecture

  • Ane S

    Moto 360

  • Eden

    moto 360

  • Tracy K Nixon

    The Moto 360!

  • Rounaq Talwar

    that watch wud look just perfect on my wrist..

  • Jacob

    The device with the first circular display (I know of) – the Moto 360!

  • Chris woodgate

    Yes please would love this

  • Chris woodgate

    Lg devices

  • Raul A. Gudino

    The Moto 360

  • DragonsofCP

    I’m actually a little surprised to see ARM in watch devices. I thought they would be to power hungry for that.

  • Paul

    The Moto 360

  • Lewis Chapman

    Didn’t realise my Raspberry Pi was ARM processor but hey what are you gonna do…

  • Damian Paredes

    My coffee machine

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Nest! I didn’t imagine such device would have ARM chip inside!

  • Andrey Seleznyov

    LG G watch i guess

  • peppe

    Moto 360

  • Vašek Leflik


  • Roy Shukrun

    I read incredibly surprised the LG watch is going to be ARM based. Right on!

  • Calvin Lieu


  • André Dornelas

    The Chromebooks, I’d never thought that the Samsung ones would be ARM based.

  • Axel Tan

    Just realised that Android is running on ARM Architecture?

  • falconer99

    Surely all watches (except pocket watches) are arm-based?

  • Kadeem Taylor

    I didn’t know the chromebooks and some old samsung devices such as the galaxy s2 used ARM based processors.

  • TK Tim

    MS surface 2!

  • Aunty

    The LG G Watch i didnt know it was ARM Based…

  • Guest


  • Oz Millman

    smart watch LG

  • Rafael Schimassek

    Hurra for Wearables!

  • Gilsondsbr

    I’ll love to have this lg g watch with my nexus 4!!!

  • shivakool

    giveaway for an unreleased gadget cool

  • kikimos

    Alex’s coffee machine and Jorge’s timemachine( a necessity not an option),but that’s on my nextnovel.

  • bakakun028

    allahhu akbar

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    That it is in over 70% of DTVs.

  • Ostap

    ARM based toothbrush?? well that is weird :D

  • Stephen Thomas


  • ssnsmudge

    The Moto 360

  • Joe Tang

    Of course Moto 360!

  • nur

    Google Glass

  • Jack Strongin

    Definitely the Gameboy advance… I had no idea

  • Tracey Peach

    LG G Watch

  • Bobby Joe

    The moto 360!

  • Piotr Rogulski

    Mi TV :)

  • Simon Vandewalle

    HDD and SSD controllers apparently use an ARM Cortex-R processor, I didn’t know that :)

  • bachir6

    Surprised to know that most sensors and processors in my Car are ARM based !

  • loc’d up

    new toy to play with

  • Khairi

    Used to own an EOS 5D Mark II. Didn’t realize it was powered by an ARM based processor until recently…. Thanks to you guys, I learnt something new…..

  • Luigi Addante

    LG all the way! I think their phones are great so I know their watches are gonna be great too :) the fact that all devices contain this tech amazes me. Can’t wait to learn more about it

  • kaschuba

    I would love to have one!

  • Reka

    The Moto 360!

  • Jaki Paredes

    The raspberry pi! And the android wear devices like the g watchq

  • Diego


  • John

    Great looking watch, thanks

  • X DoZ3R


  • Faroze Ali khan

    Apparently the Gameboy had arm and that is surprising. Please pick me I would love the LG watch to use with my nexus 5. Keep up the great work guys you are my favorite source for tech news

  • Jurrien

    I actually didn’t know ARM, but wenn I say their Facebook page: Nest of course

  • Raven Swart

    I was surprised the watch would use Arm!

  • The Pebble!

  • Nice

    Moto 360

  • Anand Baburajan

    Nest, of course…

  • Felipe Mesquita Ramos

    I was surprised to see that most fitness wearables (the cheaper fitbit mostly) run on ARM chips, hope to get less consuption on the M series to make smarwatches battery last for at least a week

  • Raghav Chopra

    Was most surprised to know that GoPro Camera is ARM-based.Nice

  • Austin Smith

    moto 360

  • Justin Gossett

    Looks like an amazing watch. Cant wait until in launches.

  • Vyrlokar

    For me, it was the Kindle (eReader, not tablet). Then again I also learnt that there’s a rather standard linux environment in there too.

  • Faroze Ali khan

    Up sorry my last email was wrong I did .ca instead of .Com sorry for the inconvenience

  • RajeeV

    ARM was and on LG watch :O

    strange … Well i prefer to use in my CPU not in watch lets wait and watch how it turn out 2 be ;)

  • catherine warburton

    Would love to win!

  • Jeremy Byrd

    I was surprised to find an arm cotex a8 in the new air hogs Hawkeye

  • Przemysław Szymański

    g watch

  • omar corbella

    The Chromecast

  • Christine Northrop

    was suprised that Google uses Arm processors in it’s servers

  • Adrian Hernandez

    I want one

  • Jack Kinelo

    Raspberry Pi

  • andrew

    Lg g watch!!!!!!

  • Winston Purnomo

    I was surprised to learn what “ARM” even was, thought it was a marketing gimmick at first.

  • Hanis Hassim

    A Watch of course! =D

  • Jim

    My computer graphics card

  • Denis De Fazio

    So many things use arm processor that I am surprised just by reading the comments here.

  • Lucas Teixeira Gouveia

    Just saw a guy who built 3 ARM-based cpu’s capable of running HDMI content…..pretty awesome!

  • salvagebrav

    Raspberry Pi

  • Daniel R.

    Lg g watch!

  • Louise Comb

    I don’t know what ARM-based devices there are, or what it means, but I’ll go with the LG G Watch, as I guess that meets the criteria.

  • affan2

    ARM on the wrist?

  • legonz

    LG G Watch too?

  • kerjani

    A microwave owen with arm. It was a huge surpeise

  • Caroline Clarke

    I’m surprised that practically every mobile device in the world is powered by ARM! Wow!

  • Matthew Bekaert

    I kinda prefer the lg watch above the Moto 360, so this is ideal. Now I only need to win

  • Joel Lee

    didn’t know that the Raspberry Pi is powered by ARM! No wonder its so powerful and versatile!

  • Garry Hawkins


  • Mayank Tanwani


  • Gabriel Sanchez

    Raspberry Pi

  • Cristi

    I was surprised that the Nintendo DS was based on ARM

    • Jonathan Bratanata

      nintendo ds was based on ARM??

  • purushothr

    Nice i believe!

  • Michał

    Raspberry Pi

  • Sergio Lopes

    i was surprised that google glass uses arm processor

  • Andrew Jackson

    I’m not surprised by any item being ARM based these days, seems to do just about anything.

  • Folco de Jong

    I was most surprised to learn Intel’s Jarvis headset had an ARM chip inside… Even if it was just at the demo.

    (source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2429647,00.asp )

  • Ranjith

    I’m actually NOT surprised by widespread ARM usage.

  • Stephen Fronda

    I would totally love this thing. Finally a smartwatch worth owning!

  • M.Marouane

    I would say it’s the Kairos mechanical watch

  • Michael Lynady


  • Kylie Posnett

    Raspberry Pi

  • Sándor Szűcs

    Moto 360

  • Avana

    I hope I’ll win!

  • John Wayne McClung

    I was also surprised about the Raspberry Pi being ARM-based.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Here’s hoping aakash006Sharma gets excluded from the competition this time around.

  • John Forbes

    Raspberry Pi

  • Avana

    The M8!

  • ray

    1 st i ever heard of arm

  • kaizen99

    The watches of course!

  • limjingyang1

    LG G Watch

  • Siddhant

    I was most surprised that all the devices with snapdragon processor like numerous Samsung devices, almost all the latest devices and the nexus 4 and 5(sorry guys the 5’s still my fav one even if i don’t own 1). all these were arm based! That’s a whole lot…

  • adnan ali

    i was surprised to know that the arduino uno which i am using for past 2 years is ARM based.

  • Richard Randall

    Moto 360

  • brett

    Calculators. I always thought TI made there own processors

  • Giovanni Ledon

    I would definitely like to have one of those watches! Well see how it compares to my Pebble

  • Harry BF

    I only just found out the Bosch Tassimo Hot uses one. I’d never have guessed!

  • spaz698

    Moto 360

  • David Colfey

    My HP printer

  • Mike N

    The Tassimo Coffee maker

  • undercoverduck

    okay thats a p damn cool promo

  • undercoverduck

    no idea what ARM is so eh I guess each and every device ever made?

  • Anthony Treadgold

    very thing surprised me

  • Migz Cuad

    The LG G Watch!

  • Jack Jennings

    Raspberry Pi! Whoaaa

  • mei

    i dont think i’m that surprised,i mean almost all android device are using arm.

  • jonathan3579

    This is exciting stuff right here. I was surprised to hear my car’s entertainment system is using an ARM processor.

  • sian hallewell

    Sorry but I dont know what ARM is. watched the video but no wise, sorry

  • dylan posada

    LG g watch

  • George Lafiatis

    Great, Thanks for the giveaway

  • Martyn Butler

    love my LG kit

  • Jakub

    I was surprised when I found out that this is powered by ARM: Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller.

  • karin

    I was surprised that all(almost) android devices use an arm

  • Ofek Arazi

    I guess I was surprised that my coffee machine was ARM based…

  • Glaive

    Looks good, want one :)

  • facedown41

    Surprised that this watch had it, I figured they would keep using qualcomm chips.

  • Bevan Edwards

    So I did a bit of research and found out the Canon 5D Mark II is ARM-based. I had no idea. As a filmmaker than primarily uses Canon DSLRs, that’s incredible! I was very surprised!

  • Khaled Karam

    Well I’d like to have an LG watch and ARM processor rocks!!!

  • valapsp

    moto 360

  • Lucki Grrl

    I’m so behind the times. I hadn’t heard of ARM before, so it was surprising to see it was in old devices like game boy advance!

  • Concerned

    Looks nice. a lot of new tech stuff coming out.

  • Nivedit Majumdar

    Although ARM is used in virtually any phone (The Cortex series, 80386 and 8086 architectures – present everywhere!), I was surprised initially when I learnt that it’s used to power the Raspberry Pi. Gives it a heck load of power!
    Oh and hoping to win the G-watch. Cheers, Android Authority; and good luck to the others!

  • Renzo Pacheco

    LG 4K Ultra HD TV

  • reevester

    Woah, ARM is gonna make a big splurge by powering the G Watch/Google wear devices!!

  • Anton Orlov

    Apple Newton eMate 300, Nintendo DS, plethora of nokia devices

  • Stefan merrison

    I’d have to say the Moto 360!

  • My Canon DSLR

  • Michal Bartoníček

    Raspberry Pi

  • Ang Chin Chun

    Would love it if I won this awesome smart watch. Currently using a lg g pro 2. Would be a perfect match.

  • John

    Raspberry pi

  • Tom York

    My Arm needs a watch!

  • Riccardo

    My fridge!

  • Siewert Damien

    Love the LG watch. Looks fantastic.. :D

  • reti

    Moto 360

  • glein

    My first nokia symbian tbh. Back then I hadn’t bothered checking it out, so I thought it’d be something like MIPS powering it.

  • Jakob Švab

    Man this would be sweet as hell to wear:D

  • gaylord legaspi

    Virtually every mobile devices

  • Estimote Bluetooth beacon

  • Daniel Vieira

    The LG watch

  • Mislav K.

    Raspberry pi

  • Akbar Sha Ebrahim

    This is my Third try for the GiveAway. Hope I’ll win :P

  • Debbie Snell

    I was surprised to find a centrifuge was powered by ARM

  • s5592c


  • Sia

    let us win

  • mark

    I Dont wear a watch but ill give this a try.using g2

  • Dylan

    The Nintendo 3DS!

  • cr

    Dont have much idea about other devices working on arm but winning this would be cool

  • June Etherington

    The LG G Watch

  • peng2257

    I just google search and GoPro was the one surprised me.

  • tcboy

    ARM servers based on cortex A-57

  • Futilizer

    I didn’t realize it but my Nexus 7 (2012) is ARM based. It’s gotten very slow since the newest updates though :'(

  • theiowakid

    This is pretty cool!

  • David Webber

    I wasn’t too sure that wearables would ever appeal to me, but they’ve actually become rather sexy as-of-late. I’d love to get my hands on this!

  • Fadhil Taufiqul

    Best Watch Ever, simply that

  • Denis Toska

    LG G Watch

  • Antonio de Marco

    Didn’t know the Moto 360 had ARM ;) Really surprised with that, It’s a must buy

  • barbara daniels

    The watch,, totally awesome

  • Elbert Jann Demasu-ay

    Moto 360! :D

  • Renz Carl B. Supnet

    I am no longer surprised to see that something is powered by arm. Almost everything I know is powered by it.

  • Kendal Schiebelbein

    Tassimo! !

  • Peter Hebben

    At my work in industrial automation surprisingly almost all motor control and remote sensing equipment is powered by ARM Cortex-M3. In others words without ARM no modern mass production.

  • Mahesh Nair

    Nexus 7

  • siggy

    LG watch looks killer!

  • Le


  • Jovie Brett Bardoles


  • Jeffrey Curry

    I was surprised that raspberry pi uses a Arm processor

  • Gerald Hudson


  • Gary Brooks

    Been following the ARM technologies for quite a while so am not surprised at all what it’s used in.

  • Alexander Morales Sevilla

    really I was no surprise about devices with ARM architecture on the processors, because i know the big advantages of this architecture for the efficiency of mobile devices

  • Greg

    My #blue Raspberry Pi :)

  • jkchong

    The world runs on ARM, no surprise about that. And Google I/O folks have all the fun!

  • kvkskumar

    I have worked with many architectures and I am sure there will be applications of arm in many fields that I dont actually know

  • Socaddict

    Never realised the Zunes used ARM processors…

  • bruno silva

    i want that watch

  • liz749

    The Tassimo surprised me!

  • Gergö

    Pretty much the LG G Watch. It’s amazing how such a small device can house that much power!

  • Ole

    I wasn’t really surprised by anything. Haha

  • sukrit ahuja

    From the first I phone, to the Microsoft surface to most of the android phones and now wearable s like lg g watch , nearly 90 % of all communication devices use arm processors, my favorite would be the lg g watch :)

  • Daniel Gosk

    the Nest Learning Thermosta

  • Naman Choudhary

    LG G watch

  • Anil Kumar

    wow.. i want that watch :)

  • John Ford

    Don’t all watches use ARM technology. I put it on my arm.

  • Dan

    The Rasberry Pi

  • Paul O’Hagan

    Raspberry Pi

  • Robert Potts

    I kind of assume everything is ARM powered unless its a standard pc format…

  • Ramjali

    Was very suprised to find that my electronics assignment was based on the Arm cortex discovery board. Was suprising easy to program.

  • Crisdel Dela Cruz

    Nice watch

  • Cornea Lucian

    Moto 360

  • JohnnyB

    i was surprised to discover that National instruments Crio uses an ARM processor

  • Cecelia Allen

    Had never heard of ARM until now so I guess the LG watch which looks amazing

  • nightwish2517

    Just can say G watch looks nice and stylish as all LG devices:)

  • Jeff KIM

    surprised to see that most operating systems are ARM based such as iOS, Tizen OS, Android, FireFox, and etc.

  • Amelia Kennedy

    The LG watch x

  • Mrtamer

    Such a small computer, LG G2 watch.

  • tony solinan

    I know arm,made tech for a lot of varied products, so it’s part of the Android wear,and that is good to know as I have always liked arm technology, they are one of the company’s I’ve been watching over the years as I like all kinds of technology!

  • JohnnyBronco

    ARM powers a load of mobile devices so I can’t really say I’m ever surprised to see it on new technology, that watch is the best though!

  • Vanto

    this watch

  • Brent Desjarlais

    Thanks for this, ARM.

    • Brent Desjarlais

      Oh! Sorry, surprised to hear about Nest as ARM powered :-)

  • Gunni

    I’m more surprised if I learn a device ISN’T ARM powered these days, x86 chips in mobile devices… no thanks!

  • DiGrifter

    I already knew that ARM powers most mobile devices.

  • I was surprised to see that my NAS uses an ARM processor

  • Ellie Harrington

    Nintendo DS!

  • G13NN H

    Raspberry Pi

  • warriorscot

    Surprised to find out how much lab equipment is ARM based, particularly the instrument sensors.

  • Xenios Kofteros

    None, I expect to find it everywhere, there’s bilkions of them !!!

  • Japala

    Why we should be surprised, ARM should be embedded everywhere! :)

  • Dean M

    Smart watches certainly have a lot of potential, hopefully we’ll start seeing them as more than just a smart phone accessory.

  • tony solinan

    Well its time for the Sunday giveaway, like I said I like arm,as they are in so many products,

  • Labhrás Hernon

    Moto X

  • mohd sultan

    I was surprised to know moto 360!!! was arm

  • Dhruv Garg

    rasberry pi for sure.

  • djbp

    Synology NAS

  • ironical

    LG G watch

  • Daniel Callander


  • Mike Ciulla

    Champagne Gold ftw

  • Joseph Bloggis

    Arm stuff is everywhere!

  • Mel

    go pro surprised me!

  • Garren Mcgaugh

    I’m just surprised to learn how many diverse products ARM are in!

  • Austin Phillip

    LG Watch –

  • Moshe Yakubov

    Lg watch

  • Andy Whitmore

    LG watch would suit my wrist better than a smart phone.

  • Ivan Marincic

    Good luck everyone(Fix EUW)

  • Radu Pal

    I was actually surprised to find out that the Sony Smartwatch 2 uses an ARM processor.

  • Jon

    Zeal Optics Transcend GPS Goggles

  • Seryoga Gerek

    Moto 360

  • Seryoga Gerek

    LG G Watch

  • Ooi Teik Leong

    Surely the LG G Watch ftw

  • Wang Dániel Xu

    Samsung Galaxy II is ARM based? wowowowowow

  • Claudio Martelli

    Didn’t knew that GoPro uses ARM processors!!

  • Joshua Zuriel

    Cars that have ARM based computers

  • RJMcDonald

    Yeah, the raspberry Pi.

  • Martin Repeaterr

    SII is ARM based woa….also no have Wlanrepeater active ._.

  • Guest

    I was mostly surprised to know that ARM technollogy is used on servers.

  • Moto 360

  • César Felisberto

    I was mostly surprised to know that ARM processors are used on servers.

  • Oliver Persson


  • radichev

    Raspberry PI

  • Dragos Nicolae

    I suppose that motorola got me red-handed, moto 360 was cool enough because i taught it would use the classic Qualcomm processor but i am good with it,it’s very awesome to own 1 :D

  • Aarón Grados Bardales

    I have just acknowledge that Raspberry pi uses ARM, and it is a big surprise

  • Marcin Jarząbek

    Awesome give away

  • Herbert Castanha

    The Nest Learning Thermostat was the product that most got me surprised.

  • Jordi Gordillo

    moto 360

  • This watch is mine.

  • Farouk Ahmad

    i love to have this

  • Jeff B


  • Jamie

    I didn’t know Raspberry Pi’s use and ARM processor.

  • Noel Kelly


  • Eduardo Imagawa

    LG G Watch!

  • Nick Schellevis

    I did not know even the simplest of chips use ARM technology… For a school project we used a small board with ARM based chip. Did not expect that.

  • Наталья Ерёменкова

    Good luck everyone!

  • lg g watch

  • andreinic

    LG G Watch

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Scaevola

    No device is really surprising, ARM is on every device these days.

  • Raspberry Pi Version B ofc

  • Amit Jain

    I googled ARM…and was surprised by the list of devices that use ARM processors


  • Cheng Sokdara

    LG G Watch

  • Ramon Rosario

    Practically everithing uses ARM

  • Guest

    I’m always surprised when I find out devices DON’T have ARM chips!

  • David Vessey

    I’m always surprised when I find out devices DON’T have ARM chips – they’re so ubiquitous!

  • Anthony Gonsalves

    Not really surprised about any device being ARM-based. They are, quite literally, everywhere! It is estimated that 60 per cent of the world’s population touch a device carrying an ARM chip every day. ARM technology powers the vast majority of smartphones and tablets. At a push I would say the Nintendo DS all the way back in 2004..

  • Terry P.

    It would have to be Raspberry Pi that surprised me the most

  • Rick

    GoPros, various coffee makers, pretty much any electronic item out there.

  • panagiώtis

    good luck to everyone. lets see what the new google watch have to offer

  • gogobarril

    I did not know the Xperia Play used ARM

  • rahul

    Chromebook powered by arm processor

  • Chris Wiedmaier

    Probably the nest thermostat, although it really shouldn’t surprise me.

  • Zivar RocKoo Reloaded

    just amazing and so classy too

  • Maciej Zięba

    I was surprised to find out that ARM processors are also used for server solutions and not only for mobile devices.

  • Emre İyican

    my htc one

  • muddy46

    This watch.

  • Thomas Long

    I guess it would have to be the watch that suprised me

  • Biplab Shrestha

    Just learnt from comments that Raspberry Pi,which I’ve heard a lot about, uses ARM!!!

  • Marcelo Cordoba

    I was surprised ARM processors are used for servers

  • Vritant Luffy Bhardwaj

    nintendo DS was the most surprising one for me

  • wittyakash

    Google glass!

  • Trong Nguyen

    Nokia N900 with the ARM Cortex-A8 core!

  • Autumn Kechely

    Thanx for the giveaway!

  • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

    ARM are good for devices so I’m not really surprised when I heard about its use in any device

  • Andrea Corrado

    Surpised ARM is in everything..

  • Frederic Babord

    From reading the comments, I was surprised that both the Nest thermostat and the Raspberry Pi use ARM architecture!

  • Arvind

    Moto 360. just wanna get hands on an android wear OS!

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    Moto 360 and this

  • Tster

    I was most surprised to learn that the Apple Iphone was ARM-based.

  • Micah Kramm

    The nest

  • Bonzai

    My many Raspberry Pis that I have around my house.

  • Mariano Bacigalupi

    My HP 49 graphing calculator.

  • Gom Taye

    Nokia N8

  • Jim Pap

    I was surprised to see something so small with so many things inside it. I would like to see how small this processor is to fit in that thing. LG G watch is the answer.

  • Brenden Keene

    G watch. Yes.

  • WowThatIsaLongName

    Probably the Moto 360

  • Steven Dolbey

    I was surprised that Microsoft was stupid enough to put an ARM processor in the base Surface. Again.

  • crni83

    raspberry pi

  • Allen Jones

    Would go excellently with my LG G2!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • chris


  • xiaodong shi

    me! me! me!

  • immatrowl

    Moto 360! Best ARM-based device ever!

  • Peter C.

    I was most surprised by watches and thermostats!

  • zero110100

    Rasberry Pi

  • Kevin Cozens

    LG G watch!!

  • Shashi Mohan

    g watch

  • Jiří Novák

    Nest thermostate and the Nintendo DS

  • Nick Kocsis

    I didn’t watch… but I am excited about the G Watch

  • Anthony Catalano

    Gorgeous design

  • Paulo Silva

    Coffee machine? I am surprised…

  • Shane

    When I was messing with a Raspberry Pi I managed to emulate an x86 with the ARM processor. Mind you, it was a very sloppy and slow emulation.

  • Anthony Catalano

    Didn’t realize the nest used an ARM processor

  • Kiril Golov

    I was really surprised to learn that the Raspberry Pi had an ARM processor.

  • Dhruv Mehandru


  • Rogério Rocha

    I’d have to go with the Samsung’s Chromebook. But what really surprised me is the performance beast that machine turned out to be.

  • Andrew Sumowski

    I would love to have this arm watch on my arm. And the contest ends a day after my birthday awesome.

  • Eddy Chan

    I was surprised that the Nintendo DSi were one of them.

  • Forgó Péter


  • Nate

    Probably devices that I don’t know about.

  • MaverickX

    An ARM-based Smartwatch! Yeah, that was surprising. Win or not, I’m going to be getting my hand on the LG G watch. Their smartphones have been beyond exceptional, and I expect the same from this as well. All the best to everyone :)

  • miguel gomez

    í was shocked when i found out that the lg g watch was arm powerd

  • Marc-Andre

    I was most surprised to learn about Nest.

  • Andrei

    It would be Google Glass

  • LG G Watch of course!

  • Fahmi Rizal

    Lg is not popular in my country (Indonesia)

    • Fahmi Rizal

      but i’m waiting for LG wearable device..

  • Michael Torres

    I had no idea the Sony BRAVIA KDL-32L4000 HDTV had a ARM CPU in it. The more you know!

  • Kailen

    Im surprised about moto360 this watch looks much slimmer then the gear series and I like that



  • Jakub

    LG G Watch

  • Marcus Adamson

    I was suprised that just aboit everything uses an ARM processor

  • riyaz ali

    LG G watch

  • Anyelo Minier

    This time i will win !!!! :D thank you android authority for #sundaygiveaways

  • Pablinski Tejero

    I want it


    LG G WATCH!!!

  • Gregor Alan

    Great to see ARM getting into wearables.

  • Pete

    Yes please

  • Caleb Edwards

    I was surprised to learn that Apple a7 chop was arm based, thought apple had their own specific stuff

  • Kevin Kuo

    Umm…I was not surprised, I already knew. I Macs starts to use ARM processors, I would be surprised.

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Bindy

    How good thus watch looks

  • Alison_M

    I’ll admit to having to look it up, but I’m amazed at the amount of products that use ARM including Smart Meters.
    That’s one of the great things about entering competitions – you actually learn something new :-)

  • kriskris

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  • Eyita

    Would love to win.

  • Rick Rndzvz

    my Nokia 6120c, well ARMed by ARM 11

  • Ayman Ezzat

    LG G3 and this is so cute giveaway

  • Alex Melbourne

    The Honeywell digital thermostat

  • Refugio Alvarez

    I would love to have the watch.

  • Leo Kanellopoulos

    well i have to say, lego mindstorm was the strangest one for me. I realised a few years before, while doing some programming project and i have being playing since!

  • Rosalind Sargent

    My coffee machine

  • Meny Beth Terry

    Game Boy Advance.

  • Praneil Jadhav

    New fan of LG as i have bought LG L90.. so its great to have companion for it :)

  • jason ritson

    great prize


    I came here to say i was surprised when i knew asus zenfone a500kl uses a arm processor, but reading the comments I found out that raspberry pi also uses one, and that’s even more surprising!

  • Laurens Wisse

    Android wesr is awesome!

  • DJ Lewiz

    The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook

  • Kacper Salamon

    G WATCH!

  • Blowntoaster

    Can’t wait to see what Android Wear is going to look and work like. And to win this G Watch and to be one of the first to rock an Android Wear device would be a dream…

  • Magy

    Lego Mindstorm

  • TheYaz

    The best thermostat

  • Jarl

    never been surprised about devices using ARM processors, tbh

  • Paul Wilson

    Surprised that Raspberry Pi is ARM-based.

  • Francis Michael Velasco Depalc

    Xperia PLAY!

  • Armagidon

    In the AMD Opteron Server Chips

  • radu

    moto 360

  • ryan

    the watch

  • Jeevan

    The raspberry pi!

  • Dejan Subotic

    The Moto 360!

  • sai prithvi raj

    Raspberry pi definitely!!

  • J_Pod

    Honestly it was my first smartphone {HTC Sensation). I had no idea what ARM was until I had an ARM device I used every day

  • Deepman

    LG G watch rocks with ARM pwering it.

  • Emilitoo997

    LG Watch!

  • Haldun Çelikağ

    Raspberry Pi and nest ^^

  • Vic


  • Mave95

    I want to win ;-)

  • Brian Lamb

    My netgear rangemax router I’m using to post this

  • yiftah

    my coffee macine

  • Degueldre Gillian

    I’ve no clue what a “ARM” is but I would love to win a smartwatch :D

  • Sham Mann

    I was surprised that the Sony erricson Xperia play was an ARM device! I didn;t know many devices using ARM so when I went on their homepage and the xperia play popped up I was like “DAYUM”.

  • Charly Castillo

    I really don’t have a phone compatible with this but fuck it. If I won the first thing I’m doing is gettin g anew phone lol

  • Akshay Sharma

    vrAse! :O

  • givemethatwatch

    I was surprised to find out that the entire dutch transit system (ov chipkaart) runs on arm!

  • Luciano

    For one, my Nokia 5800, which to this day is still alive and kicking, and powerful enough for me to install Windows 95, but i have to say the prize goes to the Raspberry Pi, i can do absolutely whatever i want with it and still get an amazing performance, did i mention i can do WHATEVER i want with it?

  • Андрей Колбинов

    хочу эту хрень

  • Shaun Morris


  • PrinceR


  • marcusorwen

    The Moto 360 and LG G Watch is quite suprising to be running on ARM.

  • Rezo Chkhikvadze


  • ashleigh allan

    my tassimo


    moto 360

  • Guest

    neither! because I know ARM’s potentials!!

  • Pranav

    A digital thermostat, I would like to win the LG G Watch!

  • Kyle

    Samsung Exynos

  • Luis Sousa

    Moto 360 ftw looks so awsome… Lg watch would be awsome tooo

  • jt23

    Gd gd

  • Lovro56

    Mostly surprised that so many devices are ARM based, such as teh aappaa phones



  • Kevin Ko

    I’m surprised that my phone is ARM based because I didnt know what it is .

  • Ross MacFarlane


  • Marwan Mohamed

    I’ve no idea what “ARM” is but, I would love that LG G watch <3

  • Konstantinos T

    all my previous phones were ARM powered, so no surprises there..

  • lol


    ARM is in everything. no surprise here.

  • DiamondAvatar

    I thought the LG G Watch was Snpadragon, so I guess that surprised me.




    This is the FUTURE!

  • Tim Mclaughlin

    I’m supriesd my setup box uses arm I would have never thought!! p.s like the lg g watch

  • rafael ceja

    The LG G Watch

  • Ángel R. Ballesteros

    My surprise went away some time ago. Now I’m conscious that ARM processors are almost in any device which requires high computing power at low power comsumption.

  • Dylan BabyCakes Stiers

    looks great i need it

  • Rômulo Vitoi

    LG G Watch.

  • Richard Dieu

    I was most surprised when I found out that the Nest thermostats run on arm processors. Pretty cool, I wonder how they work exactly.

  • heff


  • Saeran Maniparathy

    Was very surprised when I found out my Steelseries Sensei Mouse has a ARM microprocessor

  • Alex Popara

    I was surprised that mostly ARM made nvidia graphics cards.

  • Nishtha K

    I was surprised to know that my current router
    Asus RT-AC68U is actually a dual core router running on ARM cortex. Also I actually thought the ARM processor and the snapdragon were different but now I know they are both by ARM.

  • techguyjordan

    pretty much i was surprised most of my devices use ARM

  • Gabhain Briain


  • safal

    lg watch

  • Setex

    Looks great!

  • omer nahum

    Moto 360!

  • Cade Brewster

    I was also surprised that the Raspberry Pi ran on an ARM processor when I first heard about it! I really want this watch!

  • Ismar

    I am now used to see arm processors everywhere, so I am really never surprised to see that some product uses arm processor.

  • Zach Ball

    I had no idea the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors were ARM based, I was surprised.

  • Darren

    Not surprised, but my raspberry pi is ARM based :)

  • Xavier Perez

    the htc desire.

  • Jordan Kendziora

    I was impressed by the fact that my fan has an arm architecture woooo

  • Vasko Peshterski

    My coffee machine I suppose

  • Matt Alteria

    I’m sure my car has a something with arm in it and I hope they release the LG g watch at Google i/o

  • Sunny Liu

    LG G Watch

  • Definitely the Moto 360.

  • Raymond

    none! I know ARM’s potentials!

  • Fussolia

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Ryan Worthen

    LG G watch. And it looks awesome

  • Ben Wasserstein

    I am surprised android and windows phone use an ARM

  • thewafflehouse

    Not really surprised on what is ARM powered, since it’s always been used for low power devices. At the end of the day, if you want Power with low power, you go ARM.

  • pranav pardesi

    Moto X

  • Dan Collins

    Great giveaway.

  • themeisterphilosopher

    I never win but LG G Watch looks very interesting and I need a new smartwatch my dog destroyed my pebble.

  • manosome

    “ARM” what is this, never heard about it!!

  • Daniele Santini

    The Arduino Due!

  • david

    im surprised apple with all of its individualism decided to use the ARM architecture instead of a home brew of their own.

  • aron gebrehiwot

    I really didn’t know that arm was a think and that it is in my phone but you learn somthing new every day huh

  • Martin Rajdl

    i was surprised that so many things run on ARM o.O

  • Seon-Ho Kim

    Does the Tesla Model S use an ARM?

  • Ricardo Azevedo

    apple i didnt know they did

  • Domen Šincek Nedeljković

    I really want a watch :3

  • TriaX46

    My galaxy S3!

  • Brad Farbstein

    Moto 360!

  • Arjun

    Didn’t know the Apple iPad ran on ARM

  • Andrei Neculai

    I was surprised to find out that the Game Boy Advance uses an ARM processor.

  • Jesus

    I want to wiiiiiin

  • landyz

    love to explore what was ARM is…

  • Kinzenator Kinsey

    I couldn’t name any ARM devices until i knew the G watch was one :L

  • Ander Gimenez

    I was the most surprised that the computer of the Dragon V2 space capsule runs with an ARM processor.

  • Lasse Engen

    I am surised that amazon Kindle uses an ARM processor

  • HamPeetasai

    Probably Chromebook ! I thought it’s gonna use Intel based chip

  • Andy Godber

    There’s no ‘ARM in entering – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

  • Kabilesh Vijay

    gg i want it

  • Jason Chung

    The moto 360!

  • Joonas Nuppis

    Lg g2

  • Tomek Grzyb

    Moto 360 :)

  • Mike Vs

    Moto 360.

  • Robin Steinberg

    I was slightly surprised about the Samsung Chromebook being ARM based.
    Actually I have never been THAT surprised about any device being powered by an ARM chip.

  • Michal G.

    For me, Western Digital My Cloud Drive

  • Stephen

    The first Arm chromebooks surprised me a lot – ARM’s always been considered as a low power architecture so putting it in a beefier device is definitely new

  • Francesco

    The LG G Watch itself!

  • yousef ahmed

    My microwave

  • Muralidhar

    Was surprised about Galaxy S2

  • Albertas Vinclavas

    The Moto 360

  • Percy Alba

    I am surprised that the Samsung galaxy s5 uses an ARM processor.

  • Aftab Husain

    The Samsung Galaxy s3 was an awesome device and it used a cortex a9 arm processor!

  • Shikhar Bhardwaj

    I was not surprised cuz for portability these devices do need ARM!

  • Lukas Klinger

    Kindles run on ARM :)

  • David Spencer

    I had an LG cell that I loved don’t remember the model

  • Kenny Beegun

    Moto g

  • leo

    LG G watch vs Moto 360, any idea which is the better one?

  • John Stroud

    Gwatch ftw!

  • JONATHAN Villa

    Raspberry pi and nest use ARM

  • Chad Greenblatt

    Looks really good!

  • Alan Tran

    I didn’t know my samsung galazy s2 uses ARM

  • Agnieszka

    the always reliable Samsung Galaxy S II :)

  • Shubham Sharma

    Android Authority rocks!!!

  • Martin Knap

    HTC Evo 3D

  • Salvador Salgado

    THE MOTO 360 !!!!

  • Eric.Wu


  • AndroidBrian

    My smart smoke detectors from nest….

  • Augusto Vasconcellos

    Moto G

  • Michael LaBa

    the Nintendo DS uses ARM, the more you know!

  • Jonas Butz

    I also was suprised that the Raspberry Pi was ARM based :)

  • Boris

    iPhone 5S

  • Androsi Buzak

    my moto g

  • Jaroslav Boudný

    It was definitely a washing machine

  • Andrei Petrescu

    Not really surprised, to be honest, as almost every capable device out there, that uses low power consumption, is ARM-based.

  • mike

    The Samsung chromebook

  • SKG xDarkVoidx

    Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  • Dionicio Diaz

    hi, I am from dominican republic

    hola soy de republica dominicana y me gustaria ganar este premio

  • stunna27

    Would love to win!!

  • Imran McGrath

    Nintendo mobile consoles use ARM? Themoreyouknow.

  • Freddy Skaff

    I was surprised to know that ALL my devices are powered by ARM

  • Dave

    LG G Watch

  • Ian

    i never knew that my android phone was arm-based.

  • Ciro Pentangelo

    The moto 360 uses ARM? whaaat?

  • Siem

    A network router.

  • Ivan Mabanag

    idk ARM :))

  • Miguel

    Maybe the W8 tablets!

  • Gmanx2


  • SoapyToad

    moto 360 was cool

  • Adam Lehodey

    Even printers, like the Hewlett Packard PSC 1315 run arm!

  • Trevor C

    I hope I win this gem, always wanted a smartwatch

  • Raspberry 3.14 :P

  • vzangel

    Nintendo 3DS

  • Marcel Seemann

    The Nintendo DS

  • Razvan Urzica

    My Humax RG-100 Digital Satellite Set-top-box uses an ARM9 Processor :D

  • Minol Chutra

    None actualy. They growing bigger by the day.

  • Daki

    I’m not really surprised at all just because ARM is so dominating. So the question can’t be answered.

  • sjgadsby

    I’m surprised when small computing devices aren’t ARM-based.

  • Steven Coppard

    theLG G Watch lol

  • Minol Chutra

    None actualy. They’re growing bigger by the day.

  • Pman

    All the wearables, Moto 360 ftw

  • Ryan Forsyth

    I would like the LG G Watch!

  • Derrick Jolicoeur

    … Wait… some televisions sometimes use ARM processors?… I mean…a CPU is a CPU, but honestly, the software on any TV I’ve seen is so terrible and slow that I never thought it actually had anything potentially decent in it… I mean come on. My Phone is better than pretty much any TV I’ve ever used. Other than the size, and display input ports. Only slightly important features : )

  • Dino Ramkisoen


  • Arturo Robles


  • Giannhs Mpekas

    Yeah i was surprised that the arduino was based on ARM Cortex M3 ;)

  • Hassan Arshad

    well i have no idea about arm devices but i like lg g watch

  • Muamer Hajdarević


  • Antony Guan

    I know arm is in devices that’s all I know but g watch?

  • I was surprised that apple devices used ARM based architecture . most of the time apple does their own thing.

  • Thomas Chris

    It would appear my Asus Transformer Prime is ARM based – and NVIDIA Tegra based … Thats a win win situation if ever there was one

  • Nagasaky2x

    Chromebooks! seriously, why ARM?.

  • sead

    i dont know about ARM ..

  • abdessamad

    raspberry pi use ARM processor ? say what ?? i m suprised

  • Ckil

    I hope they are cheap

  • Hannes Hermansson


  • adriantorres187

    I was surprised to hear that my nephews Nintendo DS uses an ARM based processor.

  • jammerz

    The Honeywell Thermostat.

  • leonardo

    I didn’t know that in my WiFi router is an ARM processor, even a processor

  • Wouter Cooremans

    My good old Nintendo DS :D

  • That would have to be the chromebooks

  • Daniel

    i didnt know that so many of the next gen of wearable tech like the LG watch or MOTO360 use ARM cortex tech..was real surprised on that :-)

  • RanTa Yan

    I want one!

  • KOhones

    iRulu 7 Tablet

  • Moosler

    Game Boy Advance was the most amazing, when I look back

  • mcmaximax

    My gaming mouse.. the steelseries sensei

  • Winson WS

    I’m surprised that almost all the mobile phone, notebook and smart-home appliances were ARM-based.
    But I’m more surprised to know that Apple’s IOS was also ARM-based.

  • RanTa Yan

    I never heard of ARM but I’m glad to know they’re in many gadgets that I love like my phone.

  • Jānis B.

    I dunno, almost anything runs ARM processors, except PC, consoles, servers, laptops etc.

  • Wes Bennett

    Well all the phones in my house as well as my nexus 7 tablet have ARM processors. My pebble steel also has an ARM processor.

  • I’m surprised that the LG watch is ARM powered.

  • MyneWorld

    A TV : MeLE new 4K Android TV Box with Mstar 9180 Quad Core ARM Cortex A9!

  • Tony Byatt

    PlayStation Vita

  • Henk Peter


  • yossi


  • Stefan Felix

    I was surprised to find out the xbox one controller runs on arm. http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/inside-the-xbox-one/

  • Рудигер Сэм

    Goclever Chronos smartwatch

  • Jan Moskalew

    Every mobile device

  • Adrien Couplet

    I was surprised that the Raspberry Pi was using an ARM processor

  • Dinindu De Silva

    LG G watch. Love it

  • Rudolfs

    A pen.

  • Ricky Brendle

    Moto 360

  • Andrew caldwell

    I was surprised to learn my nexus 7 is powered by a arm processor. And it would be amazing to win a smart watch I have been looking forward to the release of it ever since roomers started.

  • yossi

    lg g2

  • Cartomagic Bicycle


  • yossi

    lg for life

  • Sam Dewhurst

    thanks for the giveaway i was suprised the rasberry pi uses an arm porcessor

  • Mike45450

    I was surprised that the Gameboy Advance ran an ARM processor.

  • Bernard Nguyen

    I was surprised that cameras are ARM based.

  • Aditya Pawaskar

    was surprised to know my iPhone runs an ARM processor!!

  • Chuck Sammet

    G, what time is it again?

  • Henk Peter

    my phone (a htc desire c) probably has arm processor architecture

  • Suren Suntharalingam

    What the hell is ARM?

  • dimitriszara

    i have a free wrist.. i can take it

  • HàXém Hàrràs

    lg g watch

  • Matsan Vadim

    I’m in..
    My phone I guess, cuz I had no idea what arm is and thought I know everything about my m8

  • Amjad Farah

    woot smart watches finally

  • Vong Jr. Phonsiri


  • Sabin P.

    i want that smartwatch :D

  • John Bauer

    I have been waiting FOREVER to get my first device new enough to review and start my review channel! My friends has a raspberry pi and I didn’t know until now that it was ARM.

  • This LG watch!

  • Jed Harper

    Raspberry Pi

  • Joran Tielens

    Would love to test this

  • Manuel

    LG Watch

  • Munzir Hussein

    Xperia play for sure!

  • Jhun Cruz

    samsung smartphones

  • Miha

    LG Watch TO-GO please….

  • .BRICKS studios

    I found out that my android tablet is running ARM.

  • Alex A.

    The LG G2

  • DmitryK

    LG the best!

  • Axel Tidehorn


  • maninblacksuit

    LG watch

  • Geraint Edwards

    I was surprised that the nintendo dsi was!

  • shaqir aznan

    im suprise to know an ipad air actually uses this processor

  • Enrique

    Samsung smart phones

  • BLiTz$tRe@k

    Raspberry Pi!

  • Otto T

    First thing i’m pretty sure it had was samsung galaxy s2

  • Prashanthan Ganeswaran

    Samsung omnia.. Used to rich one of those back in the day!

  • Jebediah Thomas

    Raspberry Pi

  • idan655

    This one ofcourse

  • Zarif Ahmed

    The LG G Watch!! LOL!

  • josh

    moto 360

  • Rizwan Ahmed

    The best watch ⌚ for the G’s. The G Watch.

  • gamebusterz

    That my set-top box uses one

  • Michael C

    Surprisingly, Roombas run on ARM processors.

  • ichuck7

    I was surprised and relieved to find that the G watch runs ARM. With the low power architecture, the battery will last a long time.

  • Daniel von Seckendorff

    I didn’t know much about ARM, but I had some idea. I suppose the G Watch would be my favorite if I won it.

  • luis abreu

    lg g watch

  • Ryker Cooke

    Samsung Galaxy S4

  • antonio castro

    haha my TV and my ps vita have arm processors inside!!

  • Chris Jones

    I was surprised that the Acorn Archimedes was arm based considering the school was using just the 6502 based BBC’s. And the interesting thing is thats how ARM got their name. “Acorn RISC Machine” :-)

  • Danny Caldwell

    I could do with a new watch.

  • Nathan

    A smart thermostat.

  • richard veenstra

    i was amazed to find out that even electric engines use arm architecture.

  • Alex B

    Lg g watch looks cool

  • Ethan Landau

    Surface rt

  • Jake W

    Nintendo ds for sure was a shocker

  • Desi WN


  • Sergei

    Raspberry Pi

  • Dallas

    Nintendo ds

  • Manuel D

    I didn’t know smart watch were under ARM too

  • Erik

    I was surprised that the Artega GT’s dashboard has an ARM graphics controller.

  • Maxim Averbukh

    LG G Watch

  • Karan Thakkar

    I didn’t even knew arm untill i had worked on a project which needed it…….
    I was surprised to see it being used it raspberry pi n smart tvs

  • Vitalik Zasadnyy

    Moto 360

  • Akshay Prabhu

    The chromebook is a ARM based device! -_-

  • Elleuch Bahaeddine

    Motorola 360 and LG G watch

  • Mihnea

    G Watch

  • janukss

    Raspberry pi

  • Blaž Kvas

    Raspberry PI

  • zexton

    The galaxy nexus

  • Justine Hughes

    Nintendo DS

  • Alex

    I think that the most astonishing thing is that ARM powers almost all smartphones and home appliances such as smartTVs and set top boxes. They were not doing that well before smartphones put them back on center stage!

  • Amon Todd

    I was surrprised to learn that Raspberry Pi runs on ARM archtecture!

  • William

    raspberry pi

  • mixity

    rasberry pi

  • oliver maiti

    I was sooooo suprised that my phone used ARM processers, now gimme the watch

  • Ilja

    Without a doubt the biggest surprise was the Nintendo Ds, I really didn’t expect an ARM processor in there.

  • Jason Lo

    My calculator is ARM based?! I know for sure my lg g2 is arm based

  • Kareem Ayman

    The WLAN on the PSP is based on ARM9

  • Flynn Greenberg

    simply awesome

  • Jose Moya

    I was surprised to know that nexus 7 has it

  • Edwin Vargas

    I wonder if smart tvs use ARM

  • Jane Thomas

    Im not sure … i guess the LG G watch!

  • Trevyn Beck

    I bet they will power most smart watches this year!

  • sangrg

    Raspberry Pi

  • Raymond Walls

    I’m interested in the LG G watch

  • Awesome… Note 1

  • I was surprised that Pebble uses an ARM processor, I thought it has something more simple

  • Josh

    The nest thermostat

  • katg2309

    i knew about the arm processors cause i am an electronics engineer… would love to win the lg g watch.. :)

  • Tanel K

    Surprised that Kindle Fire E-readers also use ARM architecture.

  • атанас атанасов

    is google glass running on arm

  • Alonso Medina Morelos

    nice one! :D

  • Rio Amaterasu

    This device is what i’m surprised the most, since ARM made an “ARM”-based device ;) i thought it was a pun at first…

  • Max Tyler

    The raspberry pi surprised me haha!

  • William Saunders

    I was most surprised to find that the Microsoft Xbox 360 steering wheel uses ARM. Hope I win that smartwatch

  • Tabile Raziya

    I was suprised my Nexus 5 used ARM.

  • Roy Lok

    G Watch

  • doctorwho

    Gameboy and Nintendo DS all have ARM processors :O

  • Tomás Hurrell

    The Android satellite… unbelievable

  • Nicolas Ra

    i just realized that my LG nexus 4 is running on ARM

  • Adam Price

    Linksys WRT1900AC uses a dual core 1.2Ghz ARM processor (As far as i know) O_o Holy jeez thats basically an SII powering it… IT’S A ROUTER 0_o

  • David Haig

    The LG G Watch

  • Jagrav Naik

    I was surprised that Apple devices run on ARM!

  • Beardr8

    Raspberry Pi

  • Francisco Alberto Velazquez

    Great looking watch!!!! Big hopes for the tech!!!

  • Juliee Fitze

    I’m surprise the coffee maker uses it.

  • yabosid

    It’s pretty cool they use ARM processors to simulate the human brain.

  • Ismail Nabilsi

    I was surprised the my blackberry playbook is ARM based

  • joey b

    I was suprised to learn that my OG ipad ran on ARM

  • Nigel


  • Luka Kastelic

    G Watch

  • Jeffrey W.

    I was surprised the Ouya console was an ARM processor!

  • Jaskaran Dhillon

    was really surprised to find that honeywell smart thermostat uses an ARM processor.

  • Sarita

    Pebble uses arm :O

  • Randy To

    I was suprised that most of Apple mobile devices used Arm

  • Andrew420

    I don’t even know what ARM-based device mean, but i extremely want lg g watch

  • Sam Towers

    Nintendo DS :)

  • AustinBlackson@gmail.com

    ARM looks like a very nice company

  • Alexis

    The Motorola 360

  • Elliott Strandman

    Nexus 5. I HOPE I WIN!

  • Andrei Suciu

    Fitbit Classic

  • Sáñçhäý Pãhâlwáñî

    LG G Watch it is!

  • Twinkle Marquez Cimanes

    I’m surprised that “ARM” is such an influential company and have connections on almost every mobile phone company. Yet they’re not as much as popular as them…

  • Definitely the LG G Watch, ARM is very powerful and I didn’t expect it to be on a little wearable. But now it seems that it will be a great wearable indeed!

  • jay

    found out the smart tv uses cortexa17

  • Warren Wong Eu-Wie

    didn’t expect the LG G Watch to be ARM-based!

  • Chris

    Raspberry pi

  • Serotheo

    Several Chromebooks.

  • Ash Marchkins

    This looks like a very cool smart watch!

  • Guest

    Microsoft Zune HD

  • Martin Parsley

    The moto 360 :)

  • George Germanos

    The Sony smartwatch 2 (sw2) uses ARM O.o

  • L. Groenevelt

    Atari was cool but this LG Watch is wearable!

  • Christopher Lambers

    My moto g got one :P

  • John Alec A. Tuba

    I’m surprised that DIGIC, Canon’s control units that are used in their cameras and camcorders are using ARM processors. Cool!

  • Vaibhav

    for me to learn that even set-top-boxes are powered by ARM processors was surprising…

  • Samtak R Prakke

    i was surprised the apple chip was based on arm, ergo my phone. hope to win the cool giveaway!

  • avery

    Need ARM in everything! I’m a fan of the square shape. I know circle is more traditional, but the G Watch looks slick!

  • Nicolai Dagestad

    What surprised me most with the arm processors was that the PS vita uses one ;)

  • Łukasz Kowalczuk

    Zilog Z80

  • Ionut Lala

    I was most surprised to hear that the Surface RT is on ARM. It was hard to believe Windows was running on something that was not x86. Times have changed…

  • E.T.


  • Gary Wilson

    Cool gadget

  • Miru

    Dell Latitude E4300

  • Victor

    LG G Watch

  • Sinan KOZAK

    LG watch

  • John Conatser

    the galaxy note 4 i think is ARM

  • Teddy Kurniawan

    i surprise arm can make smartphone popular

  • Raes Aref


  • Dominic C

    I was most surprised by the coffee capsule

  • Torto

    kamaan!! lg gwatch for sure

  • Alin

    Well, given the fact that almost all that is mobile and technology related has an ARM processor, I couldn’t say i was surprised about a certain product being ARM-based. However, I didn’t know at first what processor was in the Raspberry Pi. So i guess i could say Raspberry Pi.

  • Ilyas Esmail

    I would love to win. ARM is beast

  • Vlada

    Samsung ARM Chromebook

  • Derek Williams

    The Moto 360

  • Aaron Tryness

    The Samsung Chromebook Series 3.

  • Da Homie Jonathan

    I was surprised to find out that iPad air uses ARM systems

  • Fergus O’Hagan

    I was surprised to learn that my nexus 5 was ARM-Based :O

  • Andre Fernandez

    The new Quad-Core Chromebook Air is ARM based? Shocking!

  • Jesus Adolfo


  • Hannu Halme

    Well imo it’s not that surprising to find arm processor from any device nowadays since you need some processing power to handle even the easiest tasks – like controlling the lighting of you house for example. Great giveaway anyway guys!

  • Ali Al-korsan

    The iPhone has it! Boooo! How dare they! Even my note 3 has it amazing! Did not know that

  • princeton

    My Xperia s has arm processor..

  • Guillermo Molina

    the Samsung Smart Bike, LOL

  • Major

    I was surprised that the LG G watch uses ARM processor :)

  • Jenosan Annamalai

    The Surface Pro 3

  • Abhi

    i was surprised to learn that some Chromebooks run ARM processor

  • Daniel Shestopalov

    Wanna try this one out =)

  • Andyrx Jiang

    Nearly everything mobile has a ARM processor? I thought only low end devices in the past were powered by them.

  • Vz Miikkk

    IPhone im sure it have a ARM processor

  • Jake

    I was surprised that nest had one!

  • Johnnie ‘Walker’ Katsoukis

    Gimme gimme…i want to have a smartwatch!!!!

  • Alexander

    Laptops and desktop PCs I guess. I didn’t know they were also using ARM.

  • Kent Hua

    nest thermostat

  • Vaibhav Mhatre

    I was surprised to know that SSD uses ARM chip.

  • Nicolas Gevers

    The raspberry pi!

  • Vincent Miedema

    Lg g watch

  • Oliver Nxi

    Didnt know that it was in android aswell as apple devices even tho i did a project in Technology on it !

  • Norman Fong

    Moto X x8 processor platform uses Cortex M8’s for always listening.

  • anthony harrington

    Tassimo was a surprise!

  • Lavin Williams

    IPhone I think is an arm architecture processer

  • Diogo

    Nice, keep it up

  • It should have been obvious, but I only just found out that Google Glass uses an Arm processor.

  • Moto 360

  • Tom York

    Didn’t know that Fitbit was ARM based..even though it sits on your arm

  • Matthew J,

    After digging around a little I found that my IPad is working off of ARM.

  • Stoyan Angelow’

    a lenovo laptop, cant remember the name exactly. It runs on android and its 10.1″

  • Oleksii Ustenko

    Surface RT

  • JoseFikuii

    I am not sure but isnt the moto G Arm and Dalvik based? XD
    I need a moto g :’C or a nexus xD

  • pwave

    i think almost all galaxy phones are arm based .

  • Joseph Ciotti

    The nest, yo!

  • Puk Popa

    i think intel uses some arm processors

  • Lyn Bosomworth

    Virtually every mobile device in the world is powered by ARM. no way I had no idea

  • maped

    LG G Watch

  • Sachin Mistry

    HTC one

  • Colton Blumhagen


  • Saif Patel

    My coffee maker! Bosch tassimo

  • bikeohio

    High-tech coffee machines!

  • Anton

    gaming keyboard like the Gamdias hermes gkb2010

  • Seb Harwood

    My HP chromebook 11

  • Hogan

    I was suprised about
    The LG mytouch

  • Plamuske

    I was really surprised when I found out that my foot is ARM-based o.O

  • Marvin Tseng

    My Internet router!

  • Michael b

    I did not know that Apple uses ARM…I would think they would use something different than what android uses

  • Stefan Vacarita

    Cool Watch, i wait it for G3!

  • Iulian POPESCU

    the uSb 2 go

  • Luke Galloway

    fitbit flex? That’s nice but not as nice as the g watch!

  • Jose

    I was surprised that the watch used ARM processor.

  • Chris Knopff

    Long ago it would have surprised me, but I don’t think I’m surprosed to see their processors appearing in anything.

  • Demiurgo31

    My Cleaver internet radio has a ARM chip processor.

  • Would love to try it Google Wear on LG G Watch but I am gonna keep my eyes out for Moto 360

  • Vladimir Lazarov

    i was surprised to see that my prestigio multiphone 3500 duo was an ARM-based device.

  • Hendrik

    I was really suprised when I heard than (smart) TV’s run on ARM CPU’s.

  • TheSakizu .

    The moto 360 i suppose

  • Elaine Savage

    The LG G Watch

  • Alison Joyce

    coffee machine, i forget these are computers too!

  • Moto 360

  • Paul-Ove Eidem

    I have not yet been suprised by anything having ARM prosessor…

  • Eric JingPop Mockler

    The Nest.

  • anon

    i was surprised when almost everything in the known universe is arm

  • Jay

    iPhone Baby Love that sexy beauty!

  • lp

    surprised that so many products were ARM-based. e.g., the Bosch Tassimo machines. love the watch. thanks

  • Simon

    Would love one!

  • pat

    I was surprised that my smart TV has an ARM powered processor

  • Amir Debbie

    I was surprised to know that my Samsung Galaxy note 2’s processor is from arm :)

  • George Ramsey

    Seeing into the future i’ll be most surprised to see the mac with arm processors.(Would be amazing in MacBooks to get even more insane battery life)

  • Romeo S.

    i guess the moto 360!

  • Robin Jahnsson

    I didnt know that ARM even existed. Lol

  • Daniel Hippolite

    I was most surprised to know that the iPhone was arm_based because I’ve known apple to have patents on everything from software to hardware and this is the first thing I see that both Android and ios devices share.

  • Mohammed Al-ogaily

    The Original Windows R/T machines, since i thought they will stick using ARM with Mobile Phones only

  • Chesten Chong

    I think it is safe to say I’m dumb enough to not know that ARM is in most of the devices I own which includes my current phone the LG optimus g. So yea this is all news to me.

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I’m surprised to find out that the iPhone 5 is Apple’s first ARM technology device. At least that’s what I heard.

  • Andrzej

    My Lenovo tablet is ARM based, i didn’t know that :)

  • ana georgievska

    Ford SYNC

  • Rob Miles

    Gameboy advanced never knew that! Learn something new every day!

  • Jay Lim

    moto 360

  • Süveges István

    smart TV

  • Andrew Richard Stroup

    I was surprised that the vita used an ARM CPU, it’s so powerful!

  • Timothy Bibbs

    You know what really surprised me, my old set top box has an arm processor! These things are everywhere

  • Michael Marcarian

    I knew that most devices run on a ARM architecture but not the apple tv

  • Alexander Kirichenko

    I’ve surprised about smart tv

  • Loek Vliex

    I like to learn stuff about electronics and this part about arm processors was really nice, but I guess a lot of electronic “smart” devices run on ARM

  • Lee Chu

    I had no idea my Nexus 5 was ARM based.

  • realist

    want one :)

    • realist

      apple tv

  • Athil Gafoor

    I was surprised to find that my uncles old newton message pad run on an arm processor, surprised to know that they are in this business for a long time

  • Anita Mitchell

    lol,I don’t know what ‘ARM’ is….. but this is an awesome item to learn about. :-)

  • Alex AC

    I was surprised how many thing run on ARM.

  • Milan Stankovic

    Didnt know of arm till now… Even the Nintendo DSi has it… So I guess my Z1 has i too :D I love tech stuff and know a lot about it but I didnt know about ARM…. I would love to get the G watch… I really want a smartwatch but I dont have the money for it now :)

  • Mohnish Dutta

    I was surprised that apple ipod 4th generation used arm processor the A4 chip

  • Danish Din

    Sony Xperia Play

  • Anne ‘Hedge’ Paess

    Raspberry Pi – was not expecting that.

  • Markus Krause

    Nvidia Tegra

  • Mateusz Mórawski

    Nintendo DSi

  • Nick Pang

    I didnt know the pebble was powered by ARM!

  • The Nexus 5!

  • Krysak

    I was surprised with Hewlett Packard 20b Business Calculator!

  • Edson de Jesus

    Some Chromebook models.

  • Francisco Pineda Amaya

    The Moto 360

  • Murad Qasimzade

    LG like you

  • Shubham Pawar

    A television set up box!!!

  • max19970

    i think it is the arm-based lg g watch… Huge hardware and software in a small watch…

  • Daniel Mor

    I was surprised to know that there are ARM processors in almost anything, from cameras and printers to coffee machines

  • Solomon Davis

    Actually was surprised to see that the moto 360 was arm based because its a nice piece of hardware and thought it would have an amazing processor / diffrent to separate it from other watch’s as we’ll as go with the design aspects being built from the ground up since a round form factor was never done before

  • Aleksandr Chernyy

    I was surprised to know that Nest had one!

  • Benjamin Macdonald

    i was surprised that Rasberry pi uses a ARM

  • Grimar

    Was surprised to learn that the Exynos 4412 cpu in my Note II uses ARMv7, had completely missed that!

  • Terrell Russell

    Ipad air lol

  • maria rodrigues

    i like this

  • zaid fareeq

    this watch :)

  • Antonio Diaz

    My old texas instruments calculator had an ARM professor

  • Ola

    my lg g2

  • amar bashir

    The moto 360

  • Ali Rafiyan

    LG is doing great this year. My next phone will be LG

  • Robert Cohen

    The nest thermostat

  • Vincenzo Gasparo

    Which device were you most surprised to learn was ARM-based? Toothbrush!

  • Aaron

    Raspberry Pi

  • i was very surprise to learn that apple A6 was based on ARM

  • Ali Rafiyan

    And also I wasn’t surprised from anything

  • Viresh Daya

    LG G watch

  • Jari

    I was surprised to find arm based mcu on sd Card.

  • Ruben Marquez

    LG G watch:)

  • DestryLP

    Zeal Optics Trancend for sure. Pretty much the future lol.

  • Ali

    Lg g watch

  • Murat Aydın

    LG G Watch,

  • Rachel

    I didn’t even know that any arm-based device even existed until the LG G watch.. lol

  • Aj Bondoc


  • dallasdave

    That coffee machines have ARM

  • suj

    I’m surprised that the arduino due has an ARM architecture.

  • Adam Lehodey

    Even printers like the Hewlett Packard PSC series!

  • forenuser

    Using Acorn/ARM since 1994 but i just can not resist:

    “Besser Arm dran als Arm ab”.
    (German pun on the company name)

    But using and knowing ARM for so many years i am not surprised to find it anywhere..

  • Tamás

    Raspberry Pi: Cool ARM based computer
    Lg G Watch: Cool ARM based smartwatch

  • Lisa Dee

    I’m surprised at the Raspberry Pi

  • Christoph A

    the lg g watch

  • Dj_Mike238

    A smartwatch with Android Wear? This is really cool *-*

  • Carlos

    I hope this time can win : )

  • Lesy Fox

    Surface RT

  • Nuno Costa

    The raspberry is the most awesome cheap device using an ARM processor

  • districtjack

    The LG G Watch of course.

  • ast00

    All car manufacturers use ARM based things in their cars. And they also use damn Java!

  • Edward Guerreiro

    I’m going to say the Moto 360, just to answer the question. But, really, at this point, I would be more surprised to find out a smartphone wasn’t Arm-based.

  • Punam Gupta

    The LG G Watch

  • Silviu

    Lg G watch + arm should make a good combo :)

  • pumptrainer

    Raspberry pi surprised me

  • Andreas

    Great, the LG G Watch

  • sasha4ster

    Moto g?

  • James Elliott

    The LG G watch.

  • walid elass

    I was surprised the fact that the Air Hogs Hawk Eye uses a ARM processor

  • Yasin Balti


  • Nicolas Mercier

    The LG G Watch !

  • Guest

    I was surprised to see Motorola developing the Moto 360 because I wouldn’t have expected them make something ARM-based.

  • Varun Baddam

    i was surprised that iphones use arm

  • John Stanley

    My Chromebook

  • Pit

    Beaglebone black :D Linux single board computer.

  • Nabu

    lg g watch

  • Roger Fabian Román

    I was shocked when i found out that the raspberry pi was ARM-Based

  • Edward Hu

    I was surprised to see the LG G watch!

  • It came at most surprise, to find out that the LG G Watch was ARM based.

  • Aaron

    LG G Watch!

  • Jon126

    Surprised by this.

  • omar awad

    Lg G Watch

  • LaDeX

    I may have to agree with Roger down there. Raspberry Pi was a surprising product.

  • Qnyx

    Raspberry Pi – hands down, i thought it was something else powering it :D

  • Ajay

    Suprise that most devices have arm

  • Hiann

    My old motorola Fire XT with the ARM 11. I was surprised because i’ve always heard “snapdragon this, snapdragon that”, It was good to know that my one was especial :)

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins


  • Колосов Илья

    Sony Xperia Ztwo

  • Aloïs Ghyssaert

    My snapdragon powered htc desire x. But soon I will have my lg g2! :)

  • Rafin Khan

    I’m suprised that it is in the g watch

  • Bader Reda

    I had no idea that set top boxes used ARM architecture.

  • rndll

    Those 3rd party car head units.

    I gave up on my pebble. I wonder how this would fare?

  • Arnav Gosain

    Practically everything that is considered as a machine uses an arm intergrated circuit or a processor! Love <3 Arm

  • Shaun

    Raspberry Pi

  • Jarno Marinelli

    the ouya

  • Erico Kompatzki L

    Nintendo DS

  • Girish

    iPhone :O

  • Ryan Shiels

    Raspberry pi was the most surprising for me

  • Tamir Zimerman

    Raspberry Pi

  • Cristi

    Well i was surprised to find out that amazon kindle2 has ARM processor.

  • Robert

    Can’t wait for comparison to Samsung Gear 2 on features!

  • I was surprised to learn the iPhone was ARM-based.

  • kyle j

    G watch

  • Jovana Mladenović

    Sony Xperia J

  • Jai Patni

    The Micromax Canvas HD is what suprised me.

  • bryandk

    I didn’t know my Nexus 7 2nd gen. had a ARMv7 CPU

  • Pacnet Myers

    I was most surprised by the fact that the Raspberry Pi uses ARM. I thought it would have some other x86_64 CPU.

  • alacrify

    Okay, here’s a comment!

  • Sági Norbert

    Cool :)

  • Irving Perez

    What about traffic lights! They use ARM as well and their architecture is a 32-bit RISC processor to save energy.

  • Glen

    LG G Watch!

  • Keira Dempsey

    Love is always open ARMS

  • Clyde Tedjoprawiro


  • Chand Hamal Thakuri

    Thumbs up for Lg G watch

  • Renato Zgorelec

    Lg g watch

  • Daniel D’Oleo

    The OnePlus One, was impressed that company offered such a good soc as the SnapDragon 801 on a budget friendly phone.

  • Nikola Čejović

    My SSD.

  • Zachary Kew-Denniss

    The pebble smart watch

  • Alexandra Dixon-Mersh

    Raspberry Pi

  • Alex z

    The LG G watch and the Moto 360 both look really good.

  • Danny

    Coffee machine

  • Ahmet C.

    Actual computers using ARM. That’s just crazy.

  • Egor Govorukhin

    The LG G Watch sure!!!

  • rosie154

    The Nintendo DS

  • jose ramos


  • Tushar Sindhu

    The raspberry pi!

  • Aaron Riemer

    a stove

  • Bogdan Mitrache

    Probably LG G Watch

  • Colby Ho

    Was surprised to discover that the Nokia N900(my favorite phone in the past) was equipped with an Arm processor

  • Jamie

    LG G2

  • Damon Feetham

    The Raspberry Pi

  • Mohamed Adel Kheir

    Nokia N900

  • Mathias Christensen


  • Ahmad Firoz

    The LG G WATCH surprised me a lot & it is arm based :)

  • Vitor Hugo Silva

    Raspberry pi, definitely

  • Márk Lengyel

    So… 5 minutes before this comment, i dont even known what was a ARM processor, then I looked it up on the google, and it says that its less power consumpting than other processors. Is that correct?

    …Oh and i was suprised about the lumia 2520, which if i’m correct its uses ARM too…

  • Alan

    Would work nice with my Nexus 5

  • ch1lerx3

    Playstation Vita

  • Paul Villalobos

    The LG G Watch!!!

  • itsmax

    Most fascinated ARM-based device would be in the Intel’s directors’ smartphone and tablets years before the Haswell!

  • Scotsrat

    Archos ArcBook RK3168

  • Kaspars

    I giggled a bit when i saw that HP-49/50 Calculators are ARM based. ;)

  • Jack Kidd

    Motor g

  • Jack Kidd

    Moto g

  • GreenSage

    The next moto device!

  • Andrew A

    Im suprised Apple products use processors with ARM architecture.

  • Sim Piin Hor

    Really wish to get this first Android Wear device !

  • Eric Reardon

    Samsung Chromebook

  • Zoltán Moravčík

    Moto 360

  • King gg

    Would like to enter the contest!

  • shahir shamim


  • mark

    I want one pls

  • Filippos Kamitsakis

    Moto 360

  • shahir shamim

    nexus 5

  • Kyle

    Honestly the LG G Watch.
    I’ve researched and for some reason, I didn’t know. Maybe I didn’t do enough research.

  • Johnee Beresford

    My friend’s mother’s car stereo uses an ARM processor.

  • Harry Davies

    Nexus 5

  • Marcus Vinicius Rizzo Scognami


  • Urko

    Raspberry Pi, for example!

  • fawzi hennes-boulos

    galaxy s5

  • gwlk

    My arm.

  • David

    arm? that watch looks nice

  • Eduardo

    nexus 5

  • diesel51p

    Apple Newton eMate 300, I just started Apple products.

  • Bob

    LOL my ssd uses ARM

  • Andrew

    LG G watch

  • Brittany

    I love the LG G watch!

  • arnoutdc

    Moto 360

  • Milica Kuvalja

    Raspberry Pi

  • Lukas

    Of Course the LG G Watch! :)

  • Ozek

    My media server.

  • Seby Petre

    The moto 360! Amazing device.

  • tfrankson

    im surpirsed lg g watch has it

  • I just want the watch…

  • Daniel Legovich

    Ford Sync

  • Madeline Connolly


  • NeonMunky

    Interesting, I hadn’t known that the Raspberry Pi was ARM powered!

  • Zgypt119

    My own nexus 5 is arm product, well I guess the g watch is too shi better add to the mix

  • Emil Babu

    I think my LG G2 is rocking a qualcomm’s snapdragon 800 system, based on ARM.

  • Steve Owlovsky

    I was surprised to know that my beach flip-flops uses ARM processor. that awesome!

  • Callum Fawell

    This watch would go well with the HTC One M8 by my side!

  • What does’nt run arm these days? Raspberry Pi uses ARM surprise!

  • Shepherd Ndungu

    Like others, I was surprised that the Raspberry Pi used the ARM processor.

  • Nana Kofi Owusu

    The Meizu m9

  • Julian Langiano

    LG watch if any

  • Leon Liang

    What is ARM

  • Amr Atef

    Google glass

  • Bruno Gomes

    I already knew that ARM processors are widely used where low energy processing is needed but, had no clue that it was also used by the military. It just shows how reliable these are!

  • Stephen Cmptek Nicholas

    LG G watch

  • gilalexandel

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime

  • Efrain Hernandez

    The G watch.

  • KitcatFelix

    Honestly? I was surprised to learn that there were even different architectures on processors; Up until last year, I thought processors pretty much all spoke the same language, and didn’t have different builds and the like. It wasn’t until I tried to look up a way to put Windows XP on an Android device that I realized that it is very, very difficult do to the different processor types.

  • Dorota

    smart watch LG

  • Julián Giles

    I want it!!

  • MasterMuffin

    I was sooooo surprised when I heard that my Nexus 5 is powered by ARM. Totally ;) I hope the draw is random and not based on who had the biggest surprise :D

    And to people who are asking what ARM is: SERIOUSLY? … ಠ_ಠ

  • Squintalio

    Lg Watch looks great can’t wait to try one out!

  • Darshana Weerasekara

    Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Aviad Fried

    Today I will be surprised if someone told me is pc has ARM processor.

  • Dan Childs

    Raspberry PI. Tiny little pc that can run Linux. All for under £25. Amazing.

  • Kelly

    This would compliment my G Flex well.

  • MrChrisDruif

    Not really surprised (because what DOESN’T run on ARM nowadays?) but another “wrist thing” that has it is the Nike+ Fuelband!


    To be honest, the Moto 360.. but LG G Watch looks great

  • فيصل الملاحي

    i hope to win ^^

  • Tomas Santos

    I love lg best when it come to televisions and sound and my favorite mobile devices

  • jhonny8

    I really just want that watch

  • Alicia

    This watch!

  • Jason Benson

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the digital television use a RM processors but in this day and time I guess that should be expected now.

  • Wamadeyo

    What i was surprised to find out that laptops that are running on windows 7 was capable of handling ARM based processors. Now you dont hear that everyday do you?

  • Daylend Gonzalez

    I was surprised to hear that the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has a ARM

  • Yu Zhu

    Bosch Tassimo Hot, uses a ARM Processor, the Cortex-M3

  • Siddhesh Narvekar

    I think Akash tablet has ARM based processor

  • Deirdre O’Donnell

    ABS, (as in automotive) though I suppose I really shouldn’t have been…

  • David K

    All of them… I have no idea if my Nexus devices or TV or anything runs on arm.. But I’d say I need all the devices I can get

  • Mystik

    Rasperry Pi

  • Nate Parris

    Moto 360

  • Tenzing Sherpa

    Maybe the nexus 5 but I dig that watch

  • אינדיבידואל

    well, most ATMs are ARM based..didn’t know that.
    do they work with the G Watch? :P

  • ribs

    Nintendo DS

  • Lawrence Lo

    Window RT for sure! I did not know about it before!

  • LG watch

  • Derin

    Tronsmart minipc

  • Bakirsaad200

    Moto 360 definitely

    Name: Bakir Rasheed

  • Dan Levinson

    I was most suprised of course from the LG G watch to be ARM based! (of course….)

  • Animaxtor

    The Hero GoPro

  • Terry Breeden

    Rasperry Pi

  • Ambkor

    I was surprised that ARM sounds like RAM! :D

  • Fabian

    The LG Watch!

  • That has to be coffee machines. All other tech I knew about.

  • Juhász Ferenc

    The device I’m using right now my Nexus 10. If I’m right this runs on ARM Cortex-A15.

  • Carlos

    I was surprised to know of Ubuntu Touch

  • smart tvs

  • weeeecomments

    Good luck guys

  • I was surprised that there’s a watch which is ARM based.

  • Abhijeet

    The Sony Smardband and how it is useless on hand but correlates down to your phone! :D

  • Muhaimin Arif

    My Galaxy Nexus! and LG G Watch

  • Mj Usman

    LG G watch i hope ot is better than gear 2

  • Calvin Argueta

    I was surprised my Nexus 4 had a arm chip

  • I’m never surprised to hear that ARM processors are used in any low
    power device, they seem to dominate in this arena now a days. It’s their
    market to lose.

  • Matt Dreas

    I was surprised to find out that so many devices use ARM-based processors. That’s why I love watching Android Authority, Android Central, and Pocket Now. I learn so much about what I love!

  • grayson360

    This and the Moto 360, I believe, are going to cause a change. A good one too.

    I’m surprised my sisters old candy bar cell phone from 2003 had an ARM chip in it.

  • Michael Jen

    I’m surprised I didn’t know more about ARM. Going to do more research now about it!

  • Randall Ito

    I have to say in general, I didn’t know ARM was involved in so many devices. There isn’t a specific device where I said, “I didn’t know that ARM architecture was in here,” however, I’m just amazed at the sheer distribution of the platform.

  • Mo Rizvi

    I’m most surprised that the smart thermostat was ARM based since its mostly used for phones so it’s weird that it was used for a thermostat.

  • Jonathan O.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I would say I am fairly tech savvy, but I have never heard of ARM….. Time to start my research lol

  • Outspoken

    Yay smart watch

  • Etassin

    The lg g watch O_o

  • Karl Vincent Capiral

    The exynos. I thought Samsung was going to build an SoC entirely by themselves. But it’s a good thing it uses ARM based big.Little tech.

  • Aaron He

    My phone, the LG Nexus 4…I really love this phone. And I’d love to bring these two devices together :) *hope*

  • The Surface RT

  • Google Nexus 5

  • Данило Мартиновић

    moto 360 !

  • Cillian Martin

    Didn’t know apple products had arm processors

  • Richard Gao

    the Nexus Q, Google’s failed sphere

  • Victor Melgen

    this item precisely, I men how much power does a watch really need?

  • arthur

    moto 360

  • Animaxtor

    Hero GoPro

  • Ananay Mehta

    i guess nokia N900 used it..

  • Menyhárt Levente


  • chester zoppi

    Nexus 7

  • coopere

    That’s one smart watch would be happy to wear

  • Hamza Qayyum

    I am waiting eagerly for the Moto 360!

  • Chris Lazo

    can i have it?

  • Jeremy van Wieringen

    I found a list with products powered by ARM but I thought more devices were running ARM. Even the latest dishwashers need a processor, or it might be due a not updated list.

  • Fabian Pineda

    I’m not entirely surprised. ARM is currently breaking all known paradigms known during the Intel era. Still, a watch that uses a CPU is still an impressive feat for any consumer accessory.

    So, defenitely the G Watch and the new home appliances.

  • juliebooth

    LG watch

  • Osaz Erimwionghae

    Microsoft’s latest flop: the Surface Tab! Seeing as they like to distance themselves from anything remotely common ha

  • Jet Ming

    Looks cool!

  • kiddddddd

    I was surprised that palm pre use it

  • Hunted

    Cool Watch.. My Asus transformer TF101G runs on ARM.

  • Nuno França Franco

    the Raspberry Pi! lol

  • Nuno Martins

    Would be easier to choose one mobile device that doe NOT use ARM architecture….

  • Felipe Gouliouras

    I was surprised that even the G Watch uses a ARM processor.

  • Ariel Jacob Majcher

    mine mine mine mine mine mine!
    Raspberry PI

  • Demitri Bautista

    I was surprised that the Bosch Tassimo Hot has an ARM PROCESSOR

  • Rohit Gangatharan

    Nintendo DS running ARM based chip? Certainly surprised me.
    G watch would go nicely with my Nexus 5 :)

  • Sherwin

    The sammie GSII

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    LG G Watch

  • Trent Beaver

    watch out

  • Max Vierlboeck

    I was surprised that my own was, LG G2

  • brainthef

    I am very surprised that the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY is arm based

  • Michael Rieder

    Supprised the Pebble uses ARM

  • Jacek

    I’m suprised that even fridge have an ARM cpu inside. It was like a science-fiction 20 years ago, but now we have a watch, glasses and who knows what else will be powered by ARM, maybe shoes? ;-)

  • ShafakCool

    Moto 360 for sure :)

  • Renato O.

    LG G3

  • Iziris

    The Xperia Play was running an ARM processor! Awesome device.

  • LA Times

    Didn’t know that galaxy S and SII, are/where rocking the ARM processor.

  • Udit Harnal

    Samsung galaxy ace

  • Beylie

    I thought the Rasberry Pi was Intel based. ARM FTW!

  • jorre

    Does the G Watch have a ARM-processor?!

  • Vreixo Gonçales Caneda

    Definitely coffee machines!

  • Kyriakos83

    I didn’t know that my Nexus 4 has ARM!!

  • Emiliano Gomez

    I don’t know

  • Marat Goferman

    The lg g watch

  • Rahul Mhatre

    I was surprised to find my washing machine using ARM processor!

  • Andrei

    I would like LG G WATCH

  • Ahmad Jarrad

    Protectors running processors, that happen to be ARM… SURPRISED me, followed by the fact that Huawei devices run ARM, as I just figured the Chinese would just make their own….

  • Adam Varga

    Moto 360!

  • cybergamer

    hmm… the old blackberries for sure

  • dan

    Lg g watch

  • Jeremy Villa

    Samsung Chromebook 2. My wallet could use a hand with the LG G watch!

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    A perfect companion for my Nexus 5!

  • Steven Di Vita

    I would love this watch!

  • Sam Reaper

    My ASUS m530w in 2008.

  • Søren Nordtorp

    There is an ARM11 in my Raspberry Pi :) Thats proof of how well it works :) And I would so love that G Watch :)

  • Daniel Lovrić

    Basically I think it is the iphone4 , cause I didn’t know that it is ARM based

  • Mikael Grahn

    Probably that my router apparently have a ARM processor.

  • John Pepworth

    Never even heard of (ARM) until now.You learn knew things everyday.

  • Ayaz Nizamani

    very nice

  • Udit Dokania

    ARM is a great company in processor manufacturing and graphic cards i have a desktop which is running in arm processor its much better then intel processors i found and graphic cars are really good the top contender to nvidia
    The device wich i found to be most interesting is apple I-Phone

  • Sunny

    Probably all mobile devices including the Asian and Blackberry.

  • Filip Zacek

    I was most surprises to learn that my washing machine uses ARM architecture.

  • George Arghire

    I guess the most surprising would be the older smartphones, like the ones designed 2005 and before (nokia n80 comes to mind).

  • Adam Ferens

    I was surprised at the moto 360, but I like the Lg G watch much better

  • Aron Fiechter

    Didn’t know ARM also powered smart watches!

  • Süveges Istvánné

    LG G Watch

  • Nicolas Ricardo Enciso

    The Best complement for my nexus4

  • Salvador Flores

    Even my coffee maker! O_O

  • Edinson Esp

    The E-Books carry within them a ARM chip

  • Peter Eric

    The Microsoft Surface RT, Thanks For The Giveaway.

  • shayant sital

    i was suprised that my blender uses a Cortex-m3 (arm proccesor)

  • Eric Kung

    moto 360

  • Sergio

    As long as it has Android and not Tizen, I’m ok with this

  • Shaneel Chanderpaul


  • Jonas Fuhrmann

    Moto 360

  • Thomas Mehari

    I want to wiiin

  • Another try

  • Justin

    The LG watch! Of course.

  • Gauthier Abel

    I always thought my Raspberry Pi runned a Pentium or son, un fact it was ARM!

  • giovanny

    The lg g watch pretty much

  • andry_naples

    I was surprised Pebble is ARM-based

  • Jack

    cool hope i win. Was surprised to hear that motorola are making a wearable, but it looks really cool…

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    The Moto 360



  • In watch. Like LG G Watch.

  • John Buluba

    I was really suprised with the samsung chromebooks!

  • aj34

    Moto 360

  • maxwell kuffner

    My phone

  • Adam Dimla

    I was surprised to learn that pebble smart watch runs the ARM architecture inside its core!

  • Thomas Mehari

    I was surprised that the Samsung Chromebooks were ARM based

  • Mystery Man

    M Send pic of it thanks

  • Gorea Vlad

    LG G Watch

  • Mark Bailey

    Nest is arm based? Didn’t know that till the comment that said it was!

  • Cris Raymund Balde

    The Pebble watch!

  • Moto 360

  • Armando G. Mondul

    Samsung Flash SSD use ARM controllers!

  • Leonardo Petraglia

    Moto 360

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    i was suprised microsoft would make an arm based device and dedicated a part of their team to make windows rt which now they are clearly trying to get rid of since Microsoft Surface Pro 3

  • Poison

    lg watch

  • rgomesf

    Nintendo DS

  • FDLF_5

    it’s really impressive that ARM creates most of the every day intelligent devices

  • AdazeeI


  • Yil Kizilcan

    indeed the cofee machine, Bosch Tassimo , uses a ARM Processor.

  • Kissog Iyampillai

    I know that ARM is big. I`m using a Nexus 5 & 7

  • Cosmin D.

    Rockchip RK3288 Chromebook

  • Paweł Dziubałka

    I am surprised that the ARM processor was included in Alexs coffee machine.

  • Fares Bs

    The GREE Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller is ARM-powered

  • Steve Giralt

    The Gwatch!

  • Horea Heghes


  • DuFF3N

    i was surprised that raspberry pi uses an arm processor and also samsung’s chromebooks. I always taught they use x86 architecture and intel processors.

  • David Rodriguez

    Amazon Fire TV

    • puzz123


  • Hermie

    I want this. yumyum.

  • Ondřej Daněk

    Garmin Forerunner gps watches are using ARM processors inside.

  • Robert Ruelas

    hope I win!

  • Aldrin Villamayor

    I’m suprised that texas calculators are ARM-based

  • Joseph Flanagan

    My printer?!?

  • stitch9108

    G Watch or Moto 360, I am waiting for you :-D

  • bjmayo523

    Just about every tablet outside of the Surface Pro. Wish I had some stock in ARM now.

  • evilfatcow

    Not really surprised. ARM is great. Low battery consumption. Maybe moto 360.

  • Robert Chk

    I was surprised to know that my tablet has a arm based cpu

  • Mirjana

    Pocket calculator :)

  • Irina Andrei

    I was surprised to know that my sunflower uses a ARM processor (sorry I didn’t know what to write)

  • DKevino

    Looks pretty cool

  • Dan Sisler

    I was most surprised that the Raspberry Pi was an ARM-based device.

  • Kelly Caffrey

    i have 2 ARMs. ;)

  • Ahmad Shazlan Kamarudin

    Wow Nest is using ARM? I didn’t know that lol

  • Boby Brown

    The pebble watch

  • elle’ya mathers

    Surface RT

  • Andrei Pintea

    The LG G WATCH of course

  • Dan Anthony

    It’s amazing the inroads ARM has made.

  • Job Bahlmann

    I heard that the moto 360 has an ARM architecture.

  • Philip Ly

    probably the windows RT tablets.

  • Nest thermostat system

  • Alvin Hom

    Nintendo DS

  • devstaff

    I’m not really surprised as I usually research stuff before buying, but I’m a bit surprised to see that companies are able to pack so much power into arm SoCs which are not bigger than a coin.

  • Abhishek Saraff

    My First tablet Nexus 10 runs on ARM. I love it and i still own it.

  • droid1234

    Good progress from LG. GWatch would be interesting.

  • RedDragon

    The Xperia Play…

  • Daniel

    Nintendo DSi! :D LG G Watch FTW

  • AgronSelimaj

    Yes, please count me in.

  • Kayaker

    Chromebook (Alex) by Samsung

  • Akshay Agrawal

    not really surprised about arm anymore but i guess some of the chromebooks

  • papajohn

    The nest smoke alarm…

  • Marty

    Samsung Chromebook 2

  • Renzo Ascarza

    Moto 360!

  • Ramiro Ferraresi

    im just mad cause mine phone is x86, soo much incompatibility! :S

  • xavi

    i didnt know my fridge uses an ARM processor… amazing!

  • goodlad2k13

    great prize

  • Tom

    The most amazing ARM device I’ve ever used is probably the one in my phone, I mean, it brings me over the day and follows all my steps! And I’m using a Nexus 4, only if you want to know.

  • Regilio Bouma


  • Nathan Kirsch

    I was surprised to know that my toaster is powered by an ARM processor

  • Mateusz

    I was most surprised by fact that there are some coffee machines that are ARM-based

  • Jay

    My coffe machine !

  • Haziq

    IPhone 5s

  • Kurtis Thrasher

    can’t believe google chromebooks are powered by ARM…they are pretty decent!

  • Carl N

    Moto g

  • Thomas Hickey

    I was surprised to find out that the Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman had an arm processor.

  • Shawn McAdam

    I’m surprised that the original Nintendo DS runs on arm.

  • Maja

    Pebble watch

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    Chrome Books having arm processors was a shock to me -.-.

  • Matjaž Jemec

    The G Watch

  • Marius Cristian

    I was pretty surprised to see canon powershot a470 using an ARM processor because,well…it’s a camera :D

  • pitch007

    I was surprised to see that the Palm Pre had an ARM processor and I heard mostly good things about the performance

  • Ανδρέας

    The LG G watch runs ARM :)

  • Jersern

    Raspberry Pi

  • Daniel Zarin

    I was surprised to find my first smartphone, the HTC Wildfire, based on ARM!

  • Joe Marsh

    The Apple Newton MessagePad, as it’s now 20 years old. I didn’t realise ARM had been around this long!

  • Mad Wuman

    Google TV

  • Kirk D’Costa

    I was surprised to learn that the Telsla Model S is based on ARM cores to run the two displays in the car

  • Surface RT

  • Allan Song

    I’m surprised the iPhone uses an ARM architechture.

  • Georgi Sacramento

    TV Box

  • Omkar Patil

    My first android phone was nexus 4 and I’m still using.so i think inever had a device with ARM but this could be my first time when i get my hand on LG G-watch.

    Thanks ARM &AA For this giveaway.

  • Matthew Azzato

    Found it that some temperature gauges use ARM smart ones of course not the red line ones

  • Kalen Gmanny

    Definitely surprised that raspberry pi was ARM based, along with the Nintendo DS. My Microsoft Surface uses its architecture as well as almost all smartphones!

  • Antonio Cristiano

    never surprised: everything is ARM.

  • matthewbissell

    The Raspberry Pi

  • Joel De los santos

    The use ARM procesor for make servers :D

  • Wellington Costa Alves

    the G watch!

  • Wellington Costa Alves


  • Wellington Costa Alves


  • Wellington Costa Alves

    LG G WATCH!!!

  • Ronan McGoldrick

    My e-reader.

  • Kostas K

    The LG G Watch… lol

  • Simon Czechowski

    Amazing Give away :D

  • Ilija Petrovic


  • André

    LG Wacth

  • Amandeep Singh

    That watch…

  • ben


  • May

    Can’t believe the raspberry pi is powered by arm

  • ben

    fire tv O_O”’

  • Vakhida

    Amazon Fire TV

  • amancarlos

    omg. i cant believe this. if i win, i can finally finish my LG phone, tablet, watch combination!!

  • Christoffer Persson

    I would love a LG G Watch

  • Marx Lenin Carbajal Alegre

    The LG watch

  • John Cao

    The LG G WATCH

  • Vilou Uolivz

    LG g watch!

  • Jonatan Andersson

    The Moto 360

  • °Marco°

    I was surprised that my old canon powershot had an arm processor

  • Zino

    My surface RT, thought it had a x86 processor. Explains the good battery life :)

  • awgilyas

    In a Samsung microwave that I had

  • Alex

    I was surprised the Moto 360 had an ARM processor.

  • Niket

    my coffee machine the Bosch Tassimo Hot,

  • Hugo Q.

    I never knew that nest run on ARM. The more you know… I want it!

  • Umer Mughal

    Raspberry Pi uses an ARM processor along with some smart phones. =) watch please !!!

  • Oliver Bender

    hmm dindnt know nest was running on ARM technologie

  • lugworm

    My Bosch coffee machine

  • Studying :/

    Viewsonic gTablet

  • the Moto 360

  • Tudor

    my chinese tablet has an ARM GPU processor, the Mali 400 :D

  • Nicholas Kickbusch

    My phone is arm based wow

  • Tony Ward

    LG G Watch

  • Thierry

    I am surprised to hear that rasby is powered by an arm chip

  • Roberto Orgiu

    To be honest, more than just ARM, I was surprised G Watch has got (according to rumors) a Snapdragon 400… :-)

  • Mark Luna

    LG G Watch duh :P

  • Raymond Gan

    The competitor of this watch: The Moto 360!

  • Moto360

  • ‘Ahmed Mejri’

    Wo everything i own is ARM based!

  • staticfx

    the Moto360 :)

  • papacap

    LG G watch

  • Terry

    I was surprised to find out that Samsung’s new smart TV’s have quad core arm processors.

  • Ryan McGuinness

    I was surprised by the Raspberry Pi

  • Raj Kusuma

    I didn’t know Apple A7 was Arm until after ages that thing is FAST! Dual core chip competing and on par with a 8 core is somehow not digesting well with me

  • Antonin

    lg g watch

  • Glen M

    The LG G Watch would be amazing to have. I was most surprised to find out it will power the LG G Watch.

  • The Samsung Chromebook is an ARM based device that really surprised me with it’s use and success. Especially with it being the number #1 selling laptop on Amazon for the entire 2013 calendar year.

  • Madalin Prahoveanu

    Comment :)

  • Aaron B

    My old HTC phone.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Colin Burt

    Leapfrog Leapster2 surprised this device has such a high powered component

  • Ivelin Hristov

    Black one looks better

  • damien bickel

    The moto 360…

  • Risvegliare R

    I know arm was almost around us with the cortex for iphone and mali for android, but didnt know they also powered nest, tonium pacemaker, and other stuff aswell

  • Declan Frank

    Although I am more excited for the moto 360 I am happy to have such an awesome smart watch :)

  • William

    Be so fun to have one of the first Android Wear watches.

  • Eugenio Marletti

    The Moto 360!

  • Humberto N.

    Let’s see if this is as great reveal, as the LG G3..

  • H

    LG g watch

  • Marvin Fraser

    Was surprised to know that my old nokia n95 was ARM based.

  • Will

    Raspberry Pi

  • Oliver Crete

    I was actually kinda surprised some of the first Chromebooks were based on ARM. I always assumed extensions couldn’t run on Chrome for Android because they would have to be rebuilt for the different architecture – but apparently not. Is it then possible, assuming Chrome for Android was updated to support extensions, that we could get access to all the extensions already available? That would be awesome. :) Thanks for running this awesome giveaway (and the ones every week too!) and good luck everyone!

  • Lee L Kennedy

    The LG G watch!

  • Owen Rahadiyan

    Wasn’t really surprised to find that it was ARM-Based.

  • setirax

    Samsung’s ARM chromebook.

  • Luke

    I was most surprised to learn the LG G Watch uses ARM. That’s cool.

  • Agusti Bau

    saying that any phone is suprisingly ARM is bullshit since 99% of phones are. The gameboy advance was ARM also.

  • Sharif .

    The Moto 360!

  • Shameer

    I knew of ARM before but I had no idea that their cores are used in chromebooks?! More specifically the Samsung XE303.

  • Roumen Guha

    My Nintendo DS uses the ARM946E-S!

  • Andrej Čuščak

    I was surprised by Zeal optics transcend gps googles

  • johnjessie

    I was surprised to find out my FitBit Flex was powered by an ARM processor

  • Tjaldid

    Surface 2 rt

  • Noël Léon Dalstein

    Wasn’t surprised by any device that was ARM-based. Because of some reason.

  • thomas hurst

    Google’ nest

  • Stergios

    Nexus 5

  • Guillaume

    it was the G Watch

  • Garnet Vanterpool

    Seeing that my first android phone was the Motorola Droid. I would say that I was surprised to find out that that phone was ARM-based.

  • Jakob Ev

    I didn’t know the Gameboy Advance was ARM-powered!

  • Rafael Silva

    Raspbery Pi uses ARM :D And its freaking awsome

  • MrRichTea

    Answer: LG G Watch :)

  • Abby Shaw

    Raspberry Pi

  • Chris Scotina

    Would love to finally win a giveaway from one of the people I am subscribed to you youtube

  • @rrie


  • Novee Ralph Edicto

    Most of the device now are powered by ARM based ARM based SoC. No surprises there.

  • okiwa002

    All of my Samsung phones ran using ARM processors. I know the G Watch will also.

  • Hobo

    ARM powered pacemaker seem to exist. Not really surprised.
    It would seem ARM is running everything even your hearth nowadays.

  • Josh Hill

    Nest, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi Micro Computer,

  • LG G3 has an ARM processor…that is exciting

  • Eufrasio Lopez

    my wifi router runs with an arm proccessor!!!

  • Martin Francis Mpukani

    I was surprised that most android wearables use ARM processors

  • The HP 11 Chromebook

  • Antonino Clemente

    Moto 360

  • Steve

    The motor 360!

  • Zacc Jewell

    LG Nexus 4

  • Marlon Shady

    happy sunday! :D good luck to u all n i hope i win ^_^

  • brenden pragasam

    There is no doubt in saying that my nexus 5 uses an arm processor

  • Marlon Shady

    moto 360

  • Sliem El Ela

    Definitely the Rasberry Pi!

  • maksym marchenko

    awesome, LG G Watch is ARM?

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    95%? I didn’t know it was that much!

  • Antoine Estrada

    I’m surprised that a apple device runs on ARM since they always try to use different things then what Android uses.

  • kieran

    I was most surprised to learn that apples a series of chips are based on arm chips

  • Joe Cramer

    I didn’t know the nexus 7 2013 had an arm proccesor architecture

  • Phil


  • jmahr1127

    I was most surprised to find that the tablet I’ve been using for a year was ARM based all along!

  • Suzi Hulbert

    LG Watch

  • Sahil Tiwari

    Lumia 2520. I was expecting it to have an intel processor

  • Luke C. Wojick

    Moto 360 and pebble. Smart watches are the best

  • Milo Van Snick

    crossing my fingers so hard they hurt…

  • Nathan B.

    amazon fire tv

  • Nuri

    Moto 360.

  • Sergio Lujan

    lg g watch! :)

  • guard_pat

    LG G watch

  • Pranay Prasad

    LG G Watch

  • Brandon

    I must say I was surprised that NEST thermostat uses an ARM processor…

  • Javier F

    the lg G watch!

  • tony bland

    go on then

  • Haik

    Well I sure didn’t know that there was an iPhone with ARM based processor!

  • Ainārs Lejietis

    I was surprised that ARM is even in Sims, Smart cards and electronic passports.

  • Jhan-Michael Lyons

    Awesome giveaway! Kudos to the AA team ^_^, my strange device that I was surprised runs on ARM are that some laptops use the architecture. Always thought it was limited to phones, tablets, and small set top boxes/media sticks.

  • Scott Beaudry

    Looks interesting, but how will it compare to a pure Google watch?

  • Tim J

    The LG g watch

  • BennyBrick5

    The G Watch was the biggest surprise to me!

  • Domonique Johnson

    This would go perfect with my G2, Thanks

  • Oobi Oobioobi

    I was surprised my dog had an arm chip in him when he ate my phone /rimshot

  • Wouter de Boer

    I think the use of the g watch will be verry interesting

  • Sean Hatfield

    I had no idea my iPhone 5 has an ARM based architecture!

  • i hope i win!

  • Felipe Ruiz-Tagle

    the GameBoy Advance use an ARM7TDMI that was something new too learn

  • Eric

    IPHONE has ARM!!!!????

  • ghassan

    I would like to try it because I have no idea!!

  • Daniel Song

    My old GS2 run on a ARM!

  • TechInfo

    LG G Watch

  • Richard

    Surprised that the iPhone 5s is using ARM!

  • tigox brata

    raspberry pie for sure haha

  • Paul T

    Lg G Watch :)

  • Jorge Pérez Berrio

    LG G Watch

  • Peter

    I was really suprised when I heard that gaming concoles use arm

  • Nandiwardhana


  • Paulo Almeida

    The LG G Watch which I’d be more than glad to be sporting on my wrist :D

  • Ebrahim Ravat

    At first when I didn’t know much I didn’t know what ARM was, I found out it was British based and felt proud :D

  • Henrique Cardoso de Faria

    For surge the raspberry pi

  • Adrian Chinchilla J.

    Good luck to everyone ! this device looks really good

  • Andrew Freeman

    Moto 360!

  • Abdirahman Abdiman