LG gives us our best look yet at the G Watch

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 22, 2014

lg g watch gold 360

A wave of Android Wear-powered smartwatches is coming later this year, and one of the first will be the LG G Watch. Details are still sketchy, but LG has now revealed more features of the smartwatch, along with a trove of images showing the device from every angle.

The G Watch will feature an always-on display, unlike the Samsung Gear 2 and some other smartwatches on the market that require a gesture or a tap to wake up. For a device that serves, among others, as a watch, that’s a pretty important feature, though the always-on screen will surely reduce battery life. LG has not detailed how it plans to mitigate this issue.

LG will offer the G Watch in at least two color options – Stealth Black and Champagne Gold. The “minimal and sleek” device will be dust and water resistant, though LG has not yet revealed its IP rating.

The only other Google partner to reveal an Android Wear product so far is Motorola. The Moto 360 features a striking round design, but the G Watch is very attractive as well. If features were the same, which device would you pick right now?


  • Teh

    No matter how capable werables all companies make I’d still go with sweet rounded moto 360

    • Chris

      But I assume (hope I’m wrong) it’s just going to be too expensive. Is $300 fair? Yeah…I guess…would I pay it? Hell no. $200 is the MOST I would spend on this kind of accessory…I mean think about it. It doesn’t do anything extra, it just makes a couple things easier.

      People throw their money away too easily.

  • wkoffke

    Still look like the kids spy toys from the 70’s

  • But it’s not round!

  • dogulas

    Even though the 360 looks better, it has that odd black void along the bottom, making it fall short of a truly round display. I wish they could have found a way to eliminate that.
    I actually think the LG will end up being a bit more functional for this reason.

  • xPnoyStar

    Looks like SW2, only not so bulky.
    Moto 360 is the best among them all.

  • Stijn Raedts

    A square design isn’t that bad, but the moto looks very classy with it’s rounded screen and very small bezels finished with a metal ring around it. It just looks more expensive (Hopefully it isn’t that much expensive though).

    • Colby Leong

      Agreed, Sony’s SMW2 is great, light, and does what little a smartwatch can do. Plus, the new update is a great, and much needed improvement. The Moto looks like what a classy and more laid back, almost business like smartwatch should be. Not too in your face like Samsung, but more refined, the Pebble and SMW2 seem to be in a middle ground between the Gear and Moto, design wise.

  • The G watch looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but without the camera on the watch band. I suppose the G Watch will have an advantage if you can swap out the band.

  • najiy91

    sony smartwatch 2 is the best!(‘~’)

  • joser116

    Why can’t they just make the front face symmetrical?!

  • Chicken Luvva

    yeah its square that is like soooo last year ,round is the new square man.

  • DarxideGarrison

    I’d prefer a 360° display but in a sports watch like design. The Moto 360° has a classy look but that doesn’t fit my style

  • Deveron

    Why do you have a Samsung/Apple patent infringement poll appended to an article about the LG G Watch?

    • Deveron

      Also, Moto 360 for me (if any).

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  • mmmmmbop

    Hmm, no biometrics on the back. One of two basic features I would want on a smartwatch is absent. I guess I’ll just stick with my automatic. It’s classier anyways.