LG G Watch shows up in hands-on video for the first time

by: Edgar CervantesMay 29, 2014


We have seen countless photos and GIF images of the LG G Watch, and even some official videos, but the Android Wear pioneer has been successful at staying away from the press’ cameras. Today marks a historic day for Android Wear and LG G Watch fans, as the first hands-on video and impressions hits the inter webs.

In fewer words, this is the first time we see the device in action! The guys at AppDated, a German technology website, managed to be “one of the few” to get some hands-on coverage with the LG G Watch. They happen to be the very first to publish a hands-on post on the device, and they even show us a bit of what the G Watch is capable of!

Performance and software

The whole video is in German, but we can get the gist of things with some patience. The host mostly talks about the device – not so much the experience. To be fair, he does mention this features a very early pre-release software. This makes the device very limited, but we can’t deny it looks mighty smooth for such a “beta” version of the smart watch.

The host even mentions this, stating processing power is surprisingly good. Regardless, this is probably the reason AppDated was only able to show us quick glimpses of the device in use. At this point, we will really take anything.

They were also shown a feature in which the user can simply take a look at the LG G Watch (rotating the arm) and the device would show the time. This ensures you have the time at your disposal at all times, without pressing buttons.

Design and build quality

From what we can take, the guys at AppDated are not huge fans of the LG G Watch’s design and build quality. It’s mentioned this is mostly due to the polarizing colors, which may or may not be liked by the user.

It’s also stated the rubber has a very “beta” feeling to it. This will probably be improved over time, along with everything else. It seems to have a very nice weight to it, though, which makes it feel a bit more solid.


Wrap up

We are all over Android Wear and these devices, so be sure we will be bringing you more details in due time. For now, we can only wonder if the LG G Watch is worth your money. Rumors say it might be priced at 200 Euros, which is not quite a horrible price, but it’s also not affordable.

We also have to take the Moto 360 into account, which does seem to take the longer end of the stick in terms of build quality and design, at least.

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    Ugly to say the least. And doesn’t look quite useful either.

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    Video is offline lol! New video available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ARLLqA_MBk

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      also at “p06pgH9gyNA” —seems like everyone backed up the 360p version :( .. You can search “LG G Watch” hands on to find copies.

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    I’m not really into smart watches. The best smart-watch I’ve seen is really a wrist mount for a small smartphone.

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