LG G Watch first impressions [VIDEO]

by: Edgar CervantesJune 27, 2014

We are wrapping up to head back home from Google IO, but we wanted to give you our first impressions of Android Wear and the LG G Watch before heading out of San Francisco. We already showed you an unboxing and setup tutorial, but we have played around with it for a bit and are ready to give you our first impressions.

We happen to really like this device, even though it is still in its infancy. More applications and functions will come, but the LG G Watch holds very strong considering the circumstances. As our very own Joshua says in the video below, “it’s a wonderful jumping-off point”.

While the band is not “premium”, it’s very comfortable. The device is also water resistant, ridding your mind of the worries of deeming your device worthless after a splash. The screen is not as sensitive as we are used to with smartphones, which did give us a few annoyances, but at least you won’t get accidental presses.

LG G Watch unboxing initial setup (9 of 13)

We enjoy that Android Wear also has a surprising nature to it. As you swipe up, down, left and right, you will run into some functionality you didn’t know was there. You can also control your music, but the controls are still a bit limited. It needs more command abilities, like being able to choose a specific playlist.

Google seems to have organized the UI very well, especially for having such a small screen. We found you don’t need to try to hard to get anywhere, proving Google did a good job setting notification priorities.

Give the video a look for more details and stay tuned for our full review, which will be coming very soon.

  • Jayfeather787

    Yay I can wear it in the shower!

    • Jonathan TAM

      it’s a 1+1.

      • Jesus


  • Mystery Man

    Great video. Will be great for navigation.

  • Victor V.

    I’m really starting to hate the word “premium”……

    • Michael Samsara

      Premium is like so many words that become buzz words and quickly loose any – if they actually had any – cache they might have had to begin with, for instance, how many times have you heard someone refer to a girl or woman as beautiful? When, if truth be told, probably at best she is pretty and though certainly worthy of thinking untoward thoughts about of a biblical nature, never going to rise – even on her best day – to the level true, riveting, take your breath away holy grail being of really beautiful – as a Sophia Loren or Bo Derek of yesteryear commanded – you may choose for yourself whatever bountiful beauty from today’s bevy of beauties strikes your personal fancy and fill her name in here: ________.

      Premium as well as “Revolutionary”, which is so oft used by that company that uses the name of a fruit, have lost any meaning and have become a way for unimaginative advertising copywriters to not have to think too hard about writing things that actually qualify as premium or revolutionary copy.

      Personally – I think this “watch” is ugly as sin and why anyone would want one is beyond me, of course I also think the whole range of new devices like Google Glass as well as these oversized “Beam me up Scotty” affectations that being part of the cool crowd sporting the latest of whatever means you must chase after – are of little, if any, practical value beyond being conversation pieces for those who have nothing better to do with their limited times here on earth – but, to each his own.

  • unreal

    Forgive me for living under a rock, but what phone is he using in the video?

    • andrew

      The Oneplus one young rock dweller…

      • unreal

        Lol. Thanks

  • kleinerSK

    Does it really have to be so bold and ugly? I think the Sammy goes more into the right direction.. regarding the functionality you probably will get used to it very soon and don’t want to miss it anymore, but as long as these gadgets are that chunky, I’ll pass.

    Just in addition: It’s time for curved or even bendable displays, then we can talk about wearables..

  • The Mosquito

    jeez its massive you would need to wear an exoskeleton to lift that sucker!!

  • Are these type of “watches” really that popular such that more companies will be making their own? I guess I just don’t see the point of having one…

  • Chris

    Ugly and fail!

  • Yuga Max

    a square watch.. So crazy LOL