LG G Watch gets its first custom ROM, reportedly improves overall performance

by: Andrew GrushJuly 8, 2014

LG G Watch unboxing initial setup (4 of 13)

Although the first Android Wear watches are now available from Samsung and LG, the platform is still very much in its infancy and that means only a limited number of apps and other ‘extras’ exist. Still, there’s a lot of potential for Android Wear thanks to its open nature, and that includes the potential for custom ROMs.

Thanks to the efforts of RootzWiki developer jakeday, we now have the very first Android Wear ROM, built for the LG G Watch. Jakeday is known for creating ROMs that are very lightly modified from stock Android, with most of the improvements focused on making the experience smoother. The new G Watch ROM, dubbed Gohma, is no exception, bringing optimizations that reportedly deliver better battery life and reduced lag when switching between screens. There’s likely at least a few other tweaks hiding under the hood as well.

The install process is different from the typical Android ROM installation, and appears to be a good deal easier. Essentially you need to have USB debugging enabled on your watch, and then it’s a matter of hooking up to your PC and running a simple executable file found within a ZIP.

While Gohma might not be a dramatic departure from the stock Android Wear experience, if it’s improvements work as claimed, it could still help enhance the G Watch’s performance. Equally important, the existence of Gohma serves as a proof of concept of sorts and could be the first of many Android Wear ROMs.

What do you think, like the idea of Android Wear modding, or do you feel that the Google Now-centric experience is best left alone? For more details on how to install the ROM, or to download it, you’ll want to head over to the RootzWiki forums.

  • Mike

    If the ROM is similar to stock but with better performance, why didn’t Google just do that in the first place?

    • MasterMuffin

      There are always these stock ROMs with better performance claims for every device. The non original Android development subforums in XDA are full of the “kitchen masters”. They often just list “under the hood tweaks and probably stuff I forgot” :/

  • Chris

    Don’t get me wrong, I love rooting and romming and all that, but for once I just want something that works out of the box…

    • Giovonni Fareed


    • Anthonydotcom

      Well said. My M7 an M8 didn’t need rooting, but I rooted the M7 anyway for GPE. My M8 is the first non-rooted device since October 2008.

  • Walid El Baouchi

    I wonder if we’ll ever see CM wear :)

    • Mike Reid

      We’ll see various AOSP ROMs.

  • Jayfeather787

    This is more interesting than Flopsy Droid.

  • xoj_21

    i am saving for one now..

  • Anthonydotcom

    Because we all want a buggy watch amirite.
    “What time is it?”
    “It’s … **force close** Dangit! Hang on give me a sec, gotta reboot”

    I’ve never used one custom rom that was less glitchy than a stock rom. Never. Not ARHD, Viper, CM, AOKP, not a single one.
    We’re talking from the G1, MT3G, Droid1, DroidX, GS1, Sensation, Bionic, GS3, NX7, and M7.
    They all add 50 things; Some cool, some are “I’ll take your word for it”, and some are things that now require you to have a work-around.

    I think I’m done with rooting. Give me Nova + Peek + Google Search Everywhere and I’m all set.

  • John A

    This just excites me all the more to the potentiality of Android Wear watches. I’m getting one.