New LG G Watch will be round, we’ve got the teaser video to prove it

by: Jonathan FeistAugust 25, 2014

LG is letting us in on a little secret, their new G Watch will be round. LG has released a teaser video showing off next to nothing of the actual watch, but the message is clear, we are in for a whole mess of rounded smartwatches during IFA in early September.

Some are calling LG‘s new smartwatch the G Watch 2, but may now get the title G Watch R, as speculated from the video. We’ve previously learned that it will attempt to increase battery life and viewing angles by trading out AMOLED for the original G Watch‘s LCD display. We’ve also not yet confirmed if LG will try to get their Odin SoC in the device, or just stick with the tried and true Snapdragon processor.

LG G Watch 2 G Watch R Circle

There is not much else to learn here. LG even opted to leave the description of the video blank. However, slowly looking through the screen flashes of the video, we see many different renderings of the new G Watch. Plenty of round watch face designs, plus a bunch of tiny widgets depicting calendars, fitness and navigation tracking and more.

Be sure to check out our previous coverage of the new LG G Watch to get all of the info we have so far. Which, sadly, is not much.

What is most interesting here is that LG is making great moves in the wearables market, possibly even in line to beat Motorola to market with a round faced smartwatch. If LG didn’t already have the G Watch 2 in development back in June, I am sure they noticed that Google I/O attendees were happy with receiving LG’s square smartwatch for free, but what the crowd really wanted was Motorola’s round faced Moto 360.

LG G Watch 2 G Watch R Circle face

We now have a slew of round faced smartwatches headed our way, Moto 360 is due at IFA, ASUS and HTC are due soon, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Apple is expected to launch a circular watch as well and now we can confirm that LG will launch a circle at IFA. These are exciting times for wearables, or at least for smartwatches.

We’ve asked you time and again if you’d rather the square Samsung or LG smartwatches over Motorola’s round watch offering, but now that there will be a handful of round watches to choose from, is Moto 360 still on your radar?

  • Well this is just great…

    I thought the wait for the Moto360 was justified and easy but now there’s this. I hope, for my own sanity, the two watches release fairly close in time.

  • Sabik Biswas


  • great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tupac151

    If you see carefully the video the watch is square and the display is round.

    • harrold


  • crutchcorn

    This is fantastic! First off, I am glad that it will be 100% round… That does bug me about the Moto360. It’s great to see design play such a big role with the OEMs because they really have to to succeed. I love LG and can’t wait to see.

  • Mahmood Qadri

    For a perfect circle… Shots fired!!

  • bat0nas

    What are chances those watches will have internal GPS and could run fitness apps (endomondo, runkeeper etc.)? Never heard yet about internal GPS in Android watches. Or am I wrong?

    • The 360 can run Android Fit or whatever Googles fitness app is called so yes it should have it. I may be wrong though.

      • bat0nas

        It will run fitness apps for sure. But 360 might be dependent on the phone and will just record fitness data w/o GPS data if phone is not around.
        Because I didn’t see any specs mentioning GPS receiver in those watches.

        • Stadi

          Same here. I think I will wait for the first completely round smartwatch with an integrated GPS receiver.

  • _X_

    Haha when word came out that Samsung is going to make a round watch people be like “Moto 360 Copy” “Again Samsung Copies” “Samsung always behind and waits to see what others do and then copy”
    Now that LG is making a Round watch everybody cant wait for it…. :/
    Now I can’t take any Samsung bashing serious as the comments in this section proves that people just comment based on their anti-Samsung views instead of using logic.

    • Manisha

      Widely popular brands are bound to have a lot of haters.

  • I’m not even interested, I have my eyes set on the Moto 360 and that’s that. After having the G3 nothing can convince me to buy another LG product.

    • AD1980

      What did you dislike so much about the G3?

  • MasterMuffin

    Wouldn’t AMOLED with black watchfaces be better than LCD?

    • John A

      Imo, yes, definitely. I have the G Watch and it is one thing that bothers me slightly about it when in a dark environment. Rather than having a black background, I have a slatey black background that emits too much light through it. I guess I’m more aware of this as I have an amoled screen on my phone.

    • abqnm

      For battery, yes. For outdoor visibility, not so much.

      • MasterMuffin

        I thought they can now make really bright AMOLED displays

        • abqnm

          Yes, they are much brighter now than they used to be, but to achieve outdoor readability, the brightness has to be very high and this uses much more battery than an LCD panel. And in a watch, battery is extremely important due to the limited size.

          • MasterMuffin

            Not if most of the UI is black! Custom skins aren’t allowed though, so I guess you’re right

          • abqnm

            Yeah there is a lot of white in the Wear interface. Watch faces could be made to save battery on AMOLED, but that’s about it. Too bad, because I love AMOLED screens.

          • MasterMuffin

            Same, AMOLED FTW

  • annierwise

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  • Luka Mlinar

    So am i to believe that this will have a full 360 display? Well the Motorola is virtually bezeless so i rather have a lower bezel than a 360 one. Also the Moto has a really good design. LG is a good brand and all but i don’t think they can pull off a better watch.

  • @lex

    All I can say is, Motorola better hurry up with that 360. The more they delay it, the more time competitors have to rush in with their circle design, which is the only edge Motorola had.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It was only a matter of time before Samsung or LG would make a round watch to counter.

  • Mike Bastable

    Looks like the lg does not have the bottom black bar area that the motto does…if lg solved this problem then this looks like the only round smart watch in town…..

  • László Stadler

    Since it was revealed that the Moto360 is not round I stopped being interested. Now I have hope again.

  • Lilith_Black

    It makes a lot of sense for the watch to be round this time (circle case).
    However, what I’m puzzled abt all this hype is that I see not much value in forking out so much for smart watches. (There is too little function, taking to ur wrist is awkward, it does not help with not looking at the screen while driving)