Report: G Pro 3 to feature in-house LG processor, launch in early 2015

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 24, 2014

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Earlier in the year we heard mutterings from Korea that LG is preparing to enter the application processor market. Similar to the custom Exynos processors developed by rival Samsung, LG will be designing its own range of processors to be manufactured by TSMC for use in future smartphones. Although a schedule for any products containing a custom LG chip remained elusive at the time.

Now new reports from Korea suggest that LG could debut its own SoC sometime early next year, quite possibly inside its upcoming G Pro 3.

The translation is a little rough around the edges, but the gist seems to be that the low-tier LG-F490L ODIN processor powered handset that cropped up in rumors this summer was just an experimental device for LG’s testing purposes. Industry sources suggest that the first commercial handset to feature an in-house LG chip will be the G Pro 3, which could appear in early 2015, a year after the launch of the G Pro 2.

LG has not officially given out any details on the G Pro 3 or its custom processor designs. But if the G Pro 3 is anything like its predecessor, we can expect a large handset around the 6 inch mark with some top of the line hardware.

With LG’s smartphone business making decent gains this year, a custom SoC business, alongside its in-house display technology, could help secure its position as a leader in smartphone technology.

  • wat

    G Pro 3 needs to be 6 inches 1080p (2k likely), 6-8mm thick, 3GB RAM and 64 bit octacore to be notable in the time period it will launch in.

    • David Rutla

      Waterproof as well and then im sold

      • wat

        Yeah I really think we’re at the point now that all flagships have no excuse not to be dust and waterproof because it no longer makes phones need to be bulkier or thicker. I wonder if and when Apple will ever do it.

  • Cux

    And possibly something like s-pen, to finally make some competition with Note line up, but something that will be really comparable to s-pen, not like g3 stylus, something with pressure sensitivity and apps for pen. The G pro 2 is specs and hardware-wise identical to note 3, but Samsung still charges at least 100 euros more for note 3 just because of the pen.

    • wat

      We can dream it will have a pen but Samsung, owning massive shares in Wacom, makes it very unlikely.

      • crutchcorn

        Yeah, although it’s sad to admit, it may be some time before we see another mobile pen at the level of the S Pen

        • wat

          Now that Adobe FINALLY bothered to make NTrig work in its apps it might become a bit more common and make it to phones but because the pen has to have a battery the pens have to be huge… the only other solution is to have a bluetooth pen like those you can get for iPads but they are also huge. Wacomsung needs to be fairer in pricing and availability.

          • crutchcorn


      • Mista_Mr

        sometimes dreams come true! at least that is what i tell myself.

    • dule_lfc

      i own a g pro 2 and really don’t see why would i need a stylus or why phablets in general would need one…a friend has a note 2 and he used it about a day or two when he just got the phone and that’s it he doesn’t use it anymore….

  • look like a boss

    i prefer 5.7 inch and 4gb thats is the best

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  • Jay

    Why would you schedule a release date after the holidays?! If the Pro 3 launched closer to the note, I’d probably end up going LG.