LG G Pro 2 made official ahead of Mobile World Congress

by: Shawn IngramFebruary 13, 2014


Unwilling to wait for Mobile World Congress, LG just announced its latest flagship phone: the LG G Pro 2.

As you’d expect given the name, the new phone is the follow-up to the LG G Pro from last year, and a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other phablets. The LG G Pro 2 features a 5.9-inch 1080p display, but LG keeps the phone to a somewhat more manageable size with just a 3.3mm side bezel and and “industry-leading screen-to-frame” ratio of 77.2 percent.

The screen-to-frame ratio means that despite having a a display that’s 0.2-inches large than the Galaxy Note 3, the G Pro 2 is only 2.7mm wider and 6.7mm taller than Samsung’s phablet. That shouldn’t make the phone much harder to handle than Samsung’s phone.

Although, if the phone is too big, there is a new software feature called Mini View that shrinks the size of the display to anywhere between 3.4-inches (slightly smaller than an iPhone 4S), to 4.7-inches (slightly larger than a Moto X). The software feature should make the G Pro 2 easier to handle in one hand, though it does raise the question of why you need such a large screen in the first place.

The G Pro 2 looks a lot like a scaled-up LG G2, down the the power and volume button on the back of the phone, just below the camera. The phone has similar features to the G2, along with a few improvements. On the software side that includes Knock Code, the evolution of KnockON that makes it easy to unlock a phone by tapping out a specific code.

On the hardware side, aside from the giant screen, the big new feature of the G pro 2 is the camera. The 13MP rear-facing camera of the G Pro 2 features OIS+, and is capable of recording 4K video. Most dedicated cameras and camcorders can’t shoot n 4K yet, making it quite impressive that a phone is capable of shooting such high resolution video, even if the screen can’t show the full detail.

Other camera features include 120fps slow-motion video, natural flash, burst mode, and a flash for selfies that turns most of the screen white for more “soft” lighting.

Inside the LG G Pro 2 you’ll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, an Adreno 330 GPU, 3GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and a massive 3200 mAh battery. The G Pro 2 will come in three colors: black, white, and silver

The phone will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat, though when it will ship isn’t known yet. Presumably LG and carriers will announce availability sometime in the near future.

Are you excited to try LG’s new phablet, or are you waiting for another phone?

  • karthos

    The only thing I find disappointing about this is the placement of the speaker on the back, rather than the bottom like the G2.

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m excited about G3, because this shows that LG is most likely going to try to make the screen-to-frame ratio as big as possible (maybe even over 80!). Also it will have big battery, good performance and great camera!

    • Xavier_NYC

      Muffin Man, I concur.

  • English-speaking

    hmm… 5.9 inch screen with overall larger size body than note 3 but battery with only a 3200mah battery? and could’ve included a stylus as well to compete against the note 3. also with that size they could put in dual speakers, larger camera sensor etc… what did they use the extra space for?

    • Amine Elouakil

      It has a bigger screen but a much smaller screen/dimension ration that the note 3

      Only 3200? That’s almost the same capacity as the Note 3 Battery, don’t forget that this phone uses a newer version of the S800, it uses an IPS screen, and it also packs “probably” a more efficient software.

      Stylus? why? why should they copy Samsung, I’m pretty sure that 99% of Note 3 uses their devices without the stylus 99% of the time. it’s 5.9″ while being a few mm while having almost the same size as Note 3, it’s also looks thinner

      • Phil_A_Shio

        Agreed about the stylus, in most polls the number of users that try imo utilise the stylus usually falls below 50%. It’s nowhere near as used as Samsung fanboys would make you believe.

        • Jesus

          If you ‘know’ how to use it, you will use it a lot…

          • KrisPL

            I know how to use it, I watched all the videos I could on Note pen tricks and so on and after awhile you just don’t have time to use it, fingers are always there.

  • namesib

    Virtual buttons. Pass.

    • Phil_A_Shio

      That’s a positive not a negative.

      • patrik

        Yeah because people don’t have different opinions right? I’ll never purchase a phone with virtual buttons.

      • namesib

        I completely disagree. I consider the positives of hardware buttons (fixed reference point, bezel put to use, 100% of screen space 100% of the time, distinction from the actual screen, no chance of burn in (for AMOLED devices)) more preferable than any positives of virtual buttons.

        • Phil_A_Shio

          I felt the same way till I got my LG G2, but to each his own :)

          • Nick b

            Yup. Lg g2 is awesome.
            Too bad i dropped mine and now it awaits repair.

          • Phil_A_Shio

            Aw damn that sucks, did you have a case on it?

          • 93foxwcubes

            Yup. Case and screen protector. My cousins and i were watching a boxing match on it and had it on top of my stang. Wind blew and it fell 3 feet to concrete. Landed on its corner and screen shattered. It went crazy after that. Dont have the doe to fix it right now. Been out of the job for 3 weeks.

  • It has got awesome specs and absolutely no issue at

    all..It is the perfect phone You just have to look at complete specs http://www.mobileosworld.com/2014/02/lgs-g-pro-2-specs-comes-outfitted-with.html

    • Jack Jennings

      Who whoa, chill out…. Perfect is a ridiculous term to throw about!

      • Norezz

        It would’ve been perfect if only it came with a Quad HD display and a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor. Everything else is great.

        • Jack Jennings

          You don’t need a 2k display. Be reasonable. And I could do without the software personally. Just, stop saying ‘perfect’.

  • phuongot

    what did they use the extra space for?

  • le_lutin

    Sounds like it has the same camera as the LG G2. Hopefully the software features will get ported over at some point.

  • Raaj

    This phone’s got a Mini-Me???

    Oh wait.. it is only a Mini-View :-P

  • Groud Frank

    I’m liking the specs on the G Pro 2 however I’ll beholding out for the Note 4 while the Note 3 keeps me company. Whether or not you like or accept this fact, no one does phablets like Samsung and their phones are packed with features to make use of that extra screen real estate which makes it a tool and not just a big slab of glass and circuits. How many of these phablets support multi-screen operation?

  • Mike Bastable

    Not perfect but LG certainly seem to be kicking it at the moment, looks great with excellent specs…keep this up and,who knows, maybe they will make a profit soon!

    • Phil_A_Shio

      They do make profits though, not as much as Samsung but they are profitable.

  • AndroidBoss

    Looks nice.

  • Jayfeather787

    This is awesome! Also I don’t want to be a grammar nazi, but it says on the the third line of the sixth paragraph, “can’t shoot n”. in? Also, in the 4th paragraph, it says slightly smaller than the iphone 4s? Do you mean 4s, 4, 3gs, 3, 2, and 1? All had the same screen size. Nice innovation apple.

  • tony solinan

    Wow a bit too big for me,but I’m waiting for the G3,to see what it’s like specwise,so the SSg,Gxys5,HTCm8,or LGG3,&maybe SonySiriusz2,I just hope that

  • Sunny

    Better go for G3 instead.

  • Norezz

    I want to upgrade to a great QuadHD resolution phablet from my HD resolution smartphone. I was really hoping for the G Pro 2 to come with a 2K display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 2.5 Ghz processor :(. Why didn’t LG release two version of the phablet? That would’ve been better. I guess i’ll have to wait till the summers to buy one :(.

  • tony solinan

    M muffin I agree I’m waiting for the Samsg, S5,HTCm8,or the LGg3,as for the
    Gpro2,well in Ireland we don’t have the same mobile phones that our other
    European allies have,or what’s in the USA,we only get some mobiles, one store, ARGOS,has the LG G2,the past 2months,and that is almost €600,and they ARGOS,is a british multistore, the stores here only stock some of what you see in the mobile tech world!

  • tony solinan

    If it takes too long to wait, and if the phones I am interested in are not here by
    April, I might go for the LG Gpro2,if? Its available in R.O.Ireland!

  • tony solinan

    I’m irish so nice√ if LG Gpro2,comes here as we don’t get the same mobiles as other countries get,even though we’re in the Eurozone?