LG G Pro 2

Late this evening on Sunday night, LG has just officially announced the LG G Pro 2. The successor to the LG (Optimus) G Pro, it’s nearly 100% likely that we will be seeing it at Mobile World Congress, 2014, an amazing event held this year from February 24-27 in Barcelona.

One of my personal favorites, and arguably one of the slimmest bezel toting devices at the time, it featured a remarkably sharp display 5.5 inch display packed into a tight form factor.

LG made big strides in 2013, and 2014 looks to be even more exciting in terms of what they will unveil. We know they’ve been mass producing their 2560×1600 5.5 inch displays, so it’s likely we will see this in the LG G Pro 2!

LG Quad HD Display

Will the LG G Pro 2 feature a 2560×1600 538 PPI 5.5 inch display?

Stay tuned to Android Authority as we will be live on the ground bringing you the absolute best coverage and hands on videos of the latest and greatest from all the major (and minor) OEM’s! Excited?

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • Shawn Anderson

    Very excited for this! LG is stepping it up. I wonder if Samsung has a similar display for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4….

  • AndroidBoss

    I hope it looks better than the current LG G Pro. Otherwise, LG has awesome LCD displays for phones.

    • Mr_Vault

      ?? And what’s wrong with the looks of the current LG G Pro? Are we picky or what?

      • AndroidBoss

        The button looks ugly although it glows. Also the back camera. And yes., everyone v is picky about their phones :P.

        • Mr_Vault

          The button looks GREAT and it glows and give notifications. And yes, I AM picky about my phones. :P.

  • Bala Chandan

    I feel its nice display….lg has awesome display

  • Jaun Lombard

    If it launches with a Snapdragon 800 then it is an old phone! Same goes to the S5…if it is Snapdragon 800, I will wait for the first Snapdragon 805 because you will end up like a person that bought a S4/ HTC One with snapdragon 600 and then their competitors launched Snapdragon 800’s!

    • Adam Koueider

      Yes it does. And trust me, it won’t be slow. It was originally designed with that resolution in mind so don’t worry about it being sluggish (unless you’ve got a poorly optimized OS)

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      Do you know S800 has couple of variants and the best crop of s800 is yet to see the mass market ?

      • Matevz

        For real? As far as i know there are only differences in GPU clock (450 and 500MHz).. are there any other differences?

    • Mr_Vault

      Gee, have you ever even used one? I bought an LG G Pro about 2 weeks after ATT started offering them, then unlocked it and moved it to my Tmo account. It’s hands down the best phone I’ve ever owned. In May it will be a year and I’m in no hurry to update. The 1080p display, the OLD Snapdragon 600, 2g RAM, 32g storage, removable battery, sdcard (another 64g of storage), etc… makes it so enjoyable to use. A few times, I’ve forgotten to plug in my charger overnight and the battery always makes it a second day without charging. Battery life is unbelievable. I’m sure the newer one will be great too, but don’t dis the old ones. You sound like some guys on the Corvette forum that rave over the C7 but I’ll be keeping my C5. I’m sure the new Vette is great but so is my older one. And so is my older G Pro… out-

  • Balraj

    i really like that display

  • masaya shida

    hope LG will change their ugly user interface on kitkat

    • Harry

      they did! with the gpe version of the tablet and the nexus5 :).

      Kidding aside, I agree with you. My only reason to not buy the otherwise awesome G-PAD3 was the UI.

  • Jayfeather787


  • jjordan

    I was hoping the display would be bigger actually…with the way lg does bezels a 5.8-5.9 inch screen could fit in the footprint of my current device the note 2…

  • apianist16

    Dang, it’s been awhile since the last major product announcement. ;) I think LG could challenge the phablet market with this if they do it right with flagship specs.

  • Jesus

    Long live the physical home button!