LG’s G Pad to feature an 8.3-inch Full HD display, to launch at IFA – report

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 14, 2013

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For two years, LG has seemingly abandoned the booming Android tablet market, after the 8.9-inch Optimus Pad disappointed critics and failed to attract customers.

But it looks that LG has been plotting a comeback. The first clue was a trademark filing that included the term “G Pad”, among a few others, suggesting that the Korean manufacturer was working behind the scenes on a new tablet.

Now according to the Greek site TechBlog, the G Pad is not only real, but it’s coming our way in just a few weeks. Citing sources with knowledge of the device, TechBlog claims that the G Pad features an 8.3-inch display of 1920 × 1200 resolution, which translates to an approximate pixel density of 273 ppi. An unspecified quad-core processor (probably a Snapdragon 600 or 800) and 2GB of RAM will power the device.

In terms of design, the G Pad is reportedly going to feature an aluminum back, and, despite the size of its display, it will be narrow and thin enough to fit in a pocket. LG’s new Android tablet won’t feature a stylus, nor will it have voice calling functionality, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has.

LG is supposed to unveil the G Pad at IFA, in the first week of September. While this report is pretty sketchy, we’ve heard some gossip about an LG tablet coming at the Berlin show ourselves so we tend to believe it. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Diogenes

    LG has a built in marketing slogan with this device anyways.

    “Our G-pad sure hits the G-spot.”

    I’m sure they’ll sell tons.

    • Heath Canterbury

      Pipo Electronics has launched an impressive new series of tablets that stand out for their excellent build quality and performance — the Pipo M7 Pro ($255) which for roughly the same price as the new Nexus 7, features a much larger 8.9 inch display with 1900×1200 screen resolution, a Quad core processor, along with built-in GPS navigation — and is packed with features that compare to the new Nexus, and offers premium speakers, WiFi with both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequencies for greater connection, as well as the choice of using standard Android O/S or a Windows style User Interface that makes the Android experience much more intuitive and easier to use. The new Pipo M9 Pro ($285) model offers a 10-inch version and 3G HSPA+ is available with either model for $25 more and work with any GSM Carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile, and an Android phone SIM card maybe used interchangeably with both devices.

      One of the first to carry the new Pipo tablets is T ablet Sprint– which also offers a new Miracast TV adapter($39), similar to Google Chromecast – but with a lot more features and performs much more like Apple Airplay technology.

  • heat361

    The title says 8.3 and the article says 8.9. Is it 8.9 inches or 8.3?

    • cycle454

      8.9 was the old optimus pad or whatever it was called, and they mis wrote later

  • olbp

    When will they bring out the G string?

  • S.L Jones

    Is me or is LG really stepping their game up?! If it’s as beautiful as their G2 with limited bezels, not as limited of course being as though it’s a tablet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing from LG as of late

  • Fewl

    To be honest, most people don’t know how great Optimus UI is because you might haven’t tried using it with your real experience. Since the first nearly perfect LG Optimus G, LG has improved a lot in term of user experiences. LG offers a lot of customization more than any other phones on the market actually. Go LG

  • 2gerry

    You’re really something else. Last I checked, the Note 8 LTE does not have a voice calling feature…not the US version at least. Just data lte. Can u direct me to some official info that confirms what u said about voice calling? You need to be more specific when writing. If the international version has voice calling, then specify that. You and your articles, and yet you’re a senior editor? Unbelievable!