September 9, 2013

LG G pad 8.3 aa (3)

Earlier this month, LG officially announced the G Pad 8.3, the company’s first tablet since the G Slate. While we’ve already shown you our hands-on first look at tablet, we also wanted to take some time and show off what is easily one of the tablet’s coolest features: Q-Pair.

So what the heck is that? Q-Pair is a new feature that allows you to easily sync notifications, alerts and memos across your phone and tablet when paired together (sort of like Blackberry’s bridge feature). While LG’s booth specifically demo’d the feature using a G Pad and LG G2, it worth mentioning that the feature should work with any Android 4.1+ handset.

So what kind of memos and notifications are we talking about? Q-Pair not only sends your SMS and social network notifications from your tablet to your smartphone – and vice versa – but it also pushes your calls from your phone to the tablet. Furthermore, any Q Memo taken on one device will show up on the other, at least when paired.

Keep in mind that all of these notifications are actionable, meaning that you can respond to them, that even means you can answer a phone call directly on your tablet.

Let’s jump in and take a look:

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