LG G Pad 7 specs detailed in benchmark, powered by Snapdragon 400

by: Andrew GrushMay 14, 2014


Over the weekend LG revealed it had three new tablets in store for us, expanding the G Pad series with the Pad 7.0, Pad 8.0 and 10.1. What they didn’t tell us was pricing, release targets or even the specs.

Leaving us in the dark, LG merely promised that they would tell us more in the weeks to come. Thankfully we might not have to wait any longer to get a hint at what’s to come, as a new AnTuTu benchmark has shown up for the LG V400, which is believed to be the LG G Pad 7.0.

While the G Pad 8.3 had some of the most impressive specs in its class, the 7.0 doesn’t follow in the same footsteps. Instead, the V400 offers a modest 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 CPU with an Adreno 305 GPU and just 1GB of RAM. Other specs include a 7-inch display with a modest 1280×800 resolution, a 3.2MP rear cam, 1.3MP front cam and 8GB storage. As you can see the specs here don’t exactly scream powerhouse, but at least the tablet’s benchmarks indicate it will ship with Android 4.4.2 KitKat.


With modest hardware under the hood, it’s likely that LG is positioning the G Pad 7.0 as a low cost tablet, though we really can’t say how cheap they are aiming for. It’s also important to note that this doesn’t mean the G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.0 will offer the same frugal specs as their small-sized brother. Of course it doesn’t mean they won’t either, for now we can’t say for sure one way or another.

What do you think, if LG can get the pricing right, could the LG G Pad 7.0 be a sold choice for those looking for an entry-level tablet or are the Snapdragon 400-powered specs just too low?

  • Tsadok Salomon

    It has to be not over the £100 mark

    • Kass

      Hahaha…very lol.

      Seriously though, please look at the current market and then re-evaluate that unrealistic £100 position for a piece of tech like this (this is not a budget, poor quality, no-name Chinese brand!). If you had suggested that it should be priced at no more than £150, I would certainly agree with you – the majority of the spec sheet was with us 2 years ago with the original Nexus 7.

      But, as of May 2014, getting something of this caliber for Moto E money is a bury-your-head-in-the-sand pipe dream…and then some!

      • Tsadok Salomon

        Well I disagree with you considering i can get the nexus 7 2013 model £150 and that is for the 16 g model so excuse me and of course most of all the lg doesn’t even come close to the specs of the nexus 7 2013!
        And look at the market today phone always been more expensive than tablet so that is not a good example sorry!!!
        And especially if they want to capture the market and go head to head with Samsung!

  • Those RUMORED specs for the LG G Pad 7.0 reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Tablet that I just looked at in the store (Best Buy) for $200 which has 1.5GB RAM, similar screen resolution, 8GB and more. I wonder if the 8 inch will have similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8 Android Tablet. I would hope there is better specs there. Personally I can live with 8GB (which is 4-6GB for user) on a Smartphone, but not a tablet especially with the games in the Play Store. Funny thing is, you can get a Nexus 7 (2013) with best specs except no microSD card slot for $200 right now in some stores and online.

  • Cool J

    Beautiful tablet. If it has front stereo speakers..

  • Rick jaan

    so tab4 = g pad7 (spec wise)

  • Igor Antolović

    hmmm Samsung specs without 512 MB RAM. LG has to be smart.

  • jdanielcook

    How stock is the UI? I could use and upgrade from my tf201 that runs a browser and some games well. I wouldn’t want too much change to the UI though.

  • mistakes

    sold choice or solid choice

  • Raj

    Pls release lg g pads fast and vanish samsung tabs…. I m waiting for lg gpad 8.3… hope it wil b resonable pricing option..

  • eddeta

    Ogrnut for under 140 Eur in Hungary… great thing for that price,and does the job that it’s budio for – content consumption