LG G Health trademark discovered; it may be LG’s first smartwatch

October 28, 2013

LG Logo

A trademark filing for “LG G Health” apparently reveals that the South Korean company may be working on a smartwatch of its own, although nothing is yet official.

The LG G Health may be the name of such a product, according to the documentation available from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) found by Phandroid.

The document clearly mentions the fact that the G Health is a mobile device and lists “watches” as well, although the “smartwatch” term is not present:

Watches; Watchbands that communicate data to personal digital assistants, smartphones, and personal computers through Internet websites and other computer and electronic communications network.

The trademark filing has an October 23, 2013 date, although that doesn’t mean a product launch is near.

LG G Health

What’s clear from the name is that the device will surely have some health-related features on board, which makes perfect sense for a smartwatch.

This isn’t the first time we hear that LG is interested in making its own smartwatches, with a previous report suggesting that such a device may have a flexible display on board. According to the same report, the device could be launched at some point next year.


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