LG G Flex successor reportedly in the works, will feature bendable chassis

by: Andrew GrushNovember 25, 2013

LG G Flex Hands on AA (13 of 19)

Flexible display technology might indeed be the future, but we still have a long ways to go before it’s mainstream. Right now, the closest we come to such devices are products with curved displays such as the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex.

Looking for something a bit more flexible than the current-gen Round or G Flex? You might want to turn your attention towards the rumored LG G Flex 2. That’s right, we are already hearing the first reports about the G Flex’s successor, which the Korean media claims may be officially announced sometime in the second half of 2014.

The so-called G Flex 2 will take the Flex’s bendability to new heights with a special hard rubber chassis that will reportedly be able to flex up to 90 degrees. While the media doesn’t specifically make mention of it, it seems likely that the device will also feature other flexible components such as a flexible battery.

Not much else is revealed about the G Flex 2, and of course LG has yet to officially confirm the device.

So how likely is this rumor? It’s hard to say. While the G Flex is still very new and hard to find outside of South Korea, it’s possible that LG wants to get a jump on Samsung and their rumored next-gen handset with wrap-around display. Until we learn more concrete details, speculation is certainly advised.

What do you think of flexible smartphones — truly useful or more of a gimmick than anything?

  • Shark Bait

    Well judging by the drop test its hardly more durable, which make me think, what’s the point?

    • MasterMuffin

      Maybe they won’t put the glass on G Flex 2?

      • Shark Bait

        Its part of the touch screen isn’t it?….. Back to the old resistive days!

        • MasterMuffin

          Couldn’t they do capacitive with bendable plastic?

          • Shark Bait

            I guess, but I believe it can only be thin for it to work, plastic having little conductance, and then I imagine it would be bendy and be horrible to use

          • MasterMuffin

            But glass has a low conductance too, or is the glass in smartphones special? Because if it is, I bet they can do that special treatment for plastic too. And yes the usage would probably feel horrible, but it wouldn’t break! :D

          • Shark Bait

            It has something to do with the crystiline structure which can hold a charge.
            Maybe they will use graphene..…seems that will do everything in the future !

          • MasterMuffin

            Yes graphene is the thing these days!

  • Mayoo

    “hard rubber chassis” … I already hear Apple saying metal is better.

    • J_Pod

      And the year or to after that they will release a “hard rubber chassis” phone and call it the most innovative thing ever since sliced bre- cough I mean the original iphone.

  • Suhas

    LG innovating like crazy!!!

    • Shark Bait

      Yeah, but what good is a bendy phone?

      • Mayoo

        1) In your kitchen, take some dry cookies.
        2) Now find some Jell-O and add some gelatin to it. Let it cool.
        3) Take a cookie in one hand and a jello piece in the other.
        4) Do a drop test.

        • Shark Bait

          i get that idea, but the current one didnt do well in the AA drop test (which is an industry standard now =D). I was hoping for indistrutable….

          i just think a bendy phone will be crap to use. imagine tryping on a floppy keyboard. See my point?

          • MadCowOnAStick

            uhmmm… i don’t think it’s THAT bendy
            and LG innovating like crazy? samsung introduced the idea first somewhere that i don’t remember…

          • Shark Bait

            Maybe not, but do you see and uses for a bendy phone? (Other than it be cool)

      • Balraj

        Nobody thought tablets would be successful..So wait until it becomes less expensive, maybe you ‘ll get one for yourself

        • Shark Bait

          Who though that?
          I can see a use being able to unfold my phone to make a tablet, and I can see where curved screens will be good.
          However I just dont think a device that can flex at right angles would be at all useful

          • Balraj

            Maybe they are takingit step by step
            But flex disp will have a user base..
            Let’s wait and watch….

    • Balraj

      True…I wish ppl give the respect they deserve..

  • Mayoo

    This article is short but goes right to the point that was mentioned when the G Flex was only a rumor: Today, the hardest part is not making a flexible screen, it’s making everything else flexible.

  • satsmine2k4

    I hope the flex 2’s smaller cousin becomes the Google Nexus 6…

    • Ugslick

      G3’s more likely.

  • Alan Shearer

    Rubber chassis FTW!! I live for the day I drop my phone and it bounces back into my hand undamaged :P

    Basketball phone anyone?

  • King Dong

    Why would you want to bend it??

  • Abhishek Kumar

    i dont think it will be possivble. They might build a flexible chassis but what about the motherboard? and other components like RAM, Processor etc??