LG G Flex self-healing power demoed in promo video

November 12, 2013
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    In addition to having a flexible display and a somewhat flexible chassis, the LG G Flex also has one feature many smartphone users would love to have on their devices: a back case with self-healing powers.

    The company has posted the video above on its Korean YouTube channel, in which it shows the phone’s self-healing power in action. As you can see, after being continuously scratched, the back plate heals himself in just a few minutes, even after being repeatedly scratched in the same place.

    LG is yet to explain how the technology works, but in the description of the YouTube video it did say that only light scratches that occur normally during every day use can be fixed, while recovery from deeper scratches or drops may not be possible.

    There are various technologies out there that could be used to offer a self-healing material for use in smartphone and tablets, and we can only assume that more device makers will adopt some of them in the near future – LG is certainly on the right track.

    We’ll tell you more about exactly the LG G Flex fixes itself once we find out more details about it ourselves.


    • Jayfeather787

      Pretty cool idea. I still prefer a case, but this is amazing.

    • MasterMuffin

      “What is it?” you may ask. It’s magic, MAGIC I TELL YA!

      • dodz

        this tech is been in the past decade now.

        • MasterMuffin

          So has magic. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

          • JonDuke19

            Do you need water for that… BURN!

            • MadCowOnAStick

              Nope, he needs self healing.

            • poop

              Someone give this guy a medal.

      • dodz

        haha this made me laugh.

    • Shark Bait

      if it works like that in the real world that a pretty big deal!

    • Raven

      What sorcery is this?

      • shahin


    • AssToast

      If this gets really advanced like recoverable from drops…etc

      case makers would go out of business

      • SSDROiD

        “Oh no, I lost my phone in the ground and it’s completely shattered. Oh well, I’ll just wait 30 minutes and it’ll be perfect again!”

        • Android Developer

          seems legit, at least in about 10 years .

          • Claude Poirier

            nah! even if it was possible, nobody would make an invincible phone because they would kill (maybe slow down :) the market!

            • Android Developer

              why not?
              maybe they will have labs for fixing issues end users will get for this technology.
              For example “Help, my Android device was shattered and now it was regenerated to be an Iphone” .

            • keithmaxx

              Blasphemy! Blasphemy, I say! Lol.
              Wouldn’t it be great if self-healing would become intelligent enough so that, say, a damaged Nexus 5 “heals” into a Nexus 6-to-be?
              Google (and X), I have thrown down the gauntlet.

    • Mayoo

      Self-Healing : Check
      Adamantium claws : LG Nexus 6 rumored

    • http://pixelpaperskin.com/ Hoang Cao Nghia

      Self healing is not something new, many screen protectors can do it, some phone cases can do it. Before that, a lot of cars can do it.

      As far as I remember, there’s a dumb phone from an European company (Siemens or something) have self healing and finger print resistant paint around 2005.

    • mali

      To a certain extent it’s self healing.. such as micro scratches.. as a fan her mention. like how some shields do. Zagg.com. but a flexbend phone worries me.. can it take a better impact fall?.. does it mean that all the backs will be or metal?.. does the screen feel like glass or something different? I am indeed interested to know more. :)

    • Jason Yuen

      impressive. Now let’s see HTC do it with their metal bodies.

    • Balraj

      LG g flex is a pretty cool device released after a long time :-)
      I like the healing effect..
      I thought AA would have decoded by now…

    • Jesta

      That’s impussibru

      • mrjayviper

        not sure if you noticed, but LG is Korean not Japanese. unless ignorance is at play of course… :)

    • Kelly

      Hopefully this comes to US carriers at a decent price, I don’t know if I could go back to a perfectly flat phone after owning my Galaxy Nexus for 2 years. Every time I use my wife’s flat Galaxy S3 it just seems wrong.

      • Jonathan Engelbart

        I hear ya there buddy I love the slight curve of my Gnex. Flat phone don’t feel right to me now because I’m spoiled lol

    • Fred Chiang

      it uses microcapsules that get broken and release bonding substances

    • Meh

      When will they apply this tech to screens? Sapphire glass with this as a coating would be awesome.