LG G Flex

The LG G Flex appeared in a variety of leaks these past few weeks, but it’s only now that LG decided to make it officially official.

As the previous leaks suggested, LG has a different flexible display concept for smartphones that Samsung’s, with the G Flex resembling certain TVs that currently have curved displays on the horizontal axis.

Specs and features

When it comes to specs and features, the G Flex is expected to offer some high-end features, including an impressive battery:

  • Weight: 177g
  • 6-inch 720p video display
  • 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13-megapixel camera
  • 3500mAh battery

Just like the LG G2, the G Flex has the button on the back, which is another feature we’ve spotted in leaked images.

Also, interesting is the back of the display, which is apparently made of a “special protective film” that can fix itself “within minutes” after being scratched.

When it comes to custom software features to take advantage of the curved screen, it looks like LG hasn’t (yet) gone Samsung – Samsung has some special features based on tilting its Galaxy Round handset.

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex does have a tilting wallpaper and different unlocking effects when the screen is touched in different places.

But the G Flex’s purpose is to offer a better video experience – users can turn on multimedia apps directly from the lock screen – and “better ergonomics” for phone calls.

Pricing and release date

The LG flexible smartphone will hit all three major South Korean mobile operators in November, but the phone is yet to receive an international launch date.

Pricing details for the LG G Flex aren’t available at this time, but we’ll be back with more details about the handset once we have them.

Will you purchase a flexible display smartphone first chance you get?


  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Brilliant!! We have had this self healing plastic tech now for years but no use for it until now. I would do away with the luxurious feel of glass for terminator plastic. Also 6.5 would make more sense to me as the curve would no doubt make this size jump possible argonomicaly speaking.

  • jasxgamer

    samsung craps, LG craps blah blah blah…

  • RanRu

    Time to firm up those buttocks so you can fit this in your back pocket comfortably.

    Also, 720p? On a 6″ screen? What happened there?

    • TjaldidTjaldid

      first gen limitations?

  • Balraj

    I like the special protective film thing..it’s cool
    I had watched the leaked videoof fle

  • angry

    I think this is stupid. If youre going to put inside your pocket its going to be bulky.

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Really? What is the purpose to make curved screen? Decreasing viewing angle, UGLY, not comfortable in pocket, etc

  • Joseph Teply

    LG really 720p????? I was looking forward to this phone. But 720p is a deal breaker for me. I really hope it is a typo or something like that!

  • jangaleon


  • Joseph Awad

    everyone complains about a 720p screen nowadays as if it’s not good quality, when most people can’t even see the difference! It’s a first gen curved display, don’t expect 4k resolution yet.

    cool concept though!

    • Julien Roberts

      Its not just that its 720p, its 720p on a 6 inch screen, sure on a 4 or 5 inch screen its not that bad. But on a 6 inch its definitely noticeable.

      • realist

        do you notice it on a 15 inch laptop screen? :)

        • Cole Raney

          I notice the difference on a 5 inch screen, so if you don’t notice it on a 15 inch screen, maybe you need glasses. Actually, I have contacts and con notice the difference on a 5 inch screen without contacts.

          • Josef

            To be honest it is a big difference between 720p and 1080p when we talk about labtop.

          • realist

            You don’t get the point..nowadays everyone’s a screen expert….everyone talks about ppi, resolution without even realizing they don’t know squat. Screen quality isn’t measured by it’s resolution. Years ago when 1080p wasn’t the standard (for mobile phones monts ago) nobody complained about 720p and it was, and still is, a good resolution for mobile phones, even laptops. When 1080p was entering the market in mobile phones everyone wrote an article about it saying it wasnt realy necessary unless you consume alot of media, and even then you hardly could notice the diference that was realy important. Nobody saw pixels on the screen, and now everyone does. It’s a double standard guys, so please stop being bitchy about everything. Note 2 still has a stunning 720p screen, Motorola X still has a stunning 720p screen, so where’s the problem? 6 inches, vau, so big, no it aint when you see that many laptops dont have 1080p, tablets dont, and many of them still have a great screen to look at and consume media.

          • mobilemann

            because we’ve upgraded and gotten used to high resolution laptops, and phones.

            and you, after talking about how everyone only talks about PPI, only go on to talk about PPI. not how a higher resolution may help some of the problems by non optimal sub pixel arrangements, or the differences between the (am)OLED’s and the LCDs.

          • Cole Raney

            Resolution has to do with how sharp it looks, and while there are other qualities that go into a good display, sharpness is an important one. Especially for text.

        • Andrew Tan

          It is huge different and noticeable.

      • Jayfeather787

        However, it a 720p screen coupled with a Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM should have INSANE graphics performance, even if it not as visually stunning as some 1080p screens.

  • Benjamin

    This phone is good for you if you’ve got a flat ass. It’s actually a butt enhancement ;) Just simply slip it into your back pocket. And there you go! Get 2 of the LG G Flex for the best effect! Money back guarantee!

    • Bryan Z

      HAHAHA!!! Best comment ever!

    • Tom Clowes-Whitby

      then put it on vibrate

    • Chris Voyce

      Very funny and true ha ha ha

  • Andrew Tan

    Both curve phone is the most failure idea in mobile!

  • fredphoesh

    weird photo LG chose… looks like the screen is cracked 2/3 the way down right across (the horizon)

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Fits in back pocket well.

  • Bender

    Hahaha you would have to be a total numptie to buy one of these lol

  • Chris Voyce

    Why would you want a flexible phone it does not have any benefits just a gimmick

  • Ian

    Flex screen..?? So what ..? How is it better..what can it do better than a “normal” boring flat screen..??

  • Michael Souhoka

    If G Flex not so different than G2, I rather still choose G2

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    Hey Chris, Which phone do you think is better the LG G2 or the LG G Flex?

  • xebaaaft93

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