We’ve done quite a few drop tests over the past months, with smartphones and tablets made of plastic, metal, and glass. Regardless of their build material though, all devices proved vulnerable to drops on their glass screens. Sure, some may survive the frontal impact (the Xperia Z1 for instance), but when you have an exposed sheet of thin glass, it’s only a matter of time until the unthinkable happens.

With a new generation of curved designs upon us, there’s hope that smartphone screens could become more resilient to accidents. In theory, the curvature of the phone should shrink the area that is exposed to impacts, making face drops a little less dangerous.

But that’s the theory. How about the practice? Our Joshua Vergara got his hands on the LG G Flex and put it to the test. As usual, he dropped the device on its back, side, and front.

Disappointingly, the G Flex’ screen cracked when Josh dropped it on its side. With the glass screen extending right to the side and lacking the protection of a frame, the G Flex couldn’t survive a direct impact, and the final face down fall only extended the damage.

It seems that the curved profile of the G Flex won’t help it after all. While the plastic-based display may be immune to cracks, the glass on top is still frail, and it will likely remain so for the near future.

What about the G Flex’ other amazing trick, the self-healing back? Josh got to test that out too. While fine scratches went away, the deep scuffs persisted, even after a few hours. That shouldn’t be a surprise – we’re still a long way from truly self-repairing materials. But we’re on the right track.

Follow us for more LG G Flex coverage, and don’t forget that we have the Galaxy Round in our labs. Stay tuned.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
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    The video is private.

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    Really dude? Filming with an IPhone? lol

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        Would’ve been better filmed with another G Flex. Ya know, to show off it’s killer video prowess.

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    Nice iPhone advert…

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      After watching this video I’m wondering how authoritative AndroidAuthority can be about Android device when you realize even the staff member uses iPhone

      • SSDROiD

        After watching any drop tests on any websites I’m wondering how real the staff members are. Drop tests are useless and prove almost nothing about a device’s construction. A true test of its durability would be to have it lying still on a table and drop various objects on it, thus checking how much damage it can take to the same spot, whereas even a single dust of air can change whether the phone survives or not in a drop test.

      • number29

        I’d hope people writing about one set of devices would have a significant amount of experience of other devices.

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    if you dont want it put it up for lottery or give it to me! dont break the phone. people find out what happens when they drop their phone, we dont need you to break a perfectly fine phone.

    • SSDROiD

      I agree 100%. In addition to the fact that these drop tests are nothing but ridiculous. A true test of the construction of a phone would be to have it lying comfortably on a table and drop differently sized objects with different weights down on it, not have it randomly fall on the ground where even a single push of wind can effectively change whether it survives or not. That would be an authentic test of its construction, whereas this is just terrible.

      Please stop with these drop tests and give them to people in contests instead!

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        Right on point! Who just watches as their Phone hit the ground! I always just dive for it and try to minimize the impact with my foot if I cant make it or whatever I can do!

        They could have 2 Give-Aways for Sundays like that!

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    You should team up with the slowmo guys, that would be cool! Good video though.

    Must say I’m disappointed by the result though, I was hoping it would do fine, this was suppose to be the future !

  • Andrew Hope

    I didn’t think it had a glass breakable front, which was kinda the only USP for me, so no, all that money for a useless gimmick?…. Errrr , no thanks, you’re better off with a G2 if you like LG phones

    • NeedName

      yeah. .. thought the same, but looks like the covered the plastic screen with gorilla glass or some other easily shattered glass. . . seems pointless.

    • MadCowOnAStick

      But the G2 broke after the drop test, lol (wasn’t operational)

  • Bone

    No surprise since it’s covered by glass, and curved glass may be even less shutter proof than flat, the change will come via plastic over the screen. And certainly no surprise with the self-healing GIMMICK, it’s relatively soft plastic that SCRATCHES EASILY, so of course some easy scratched will go away, normal ones however don’t. If however some other material like kevlar was used, there may be no scratches at all.

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    Look at that iPhone sitting there, getting off on Android phone drops.

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    It’s always good if the phone still works after the test. I was really dissappointed when Xperia Z1 got destroyed!

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    So there isn’t a flexible plastic display & still glass?

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    Maybe there could be drop tests done with a screen protector applied to show how much it helps in reducing screen damage.

  • Android Developer

    Wasn’t the main advantage of a flexible screen that it doesn’t need a glass and can’t be cracked?
    I remember I saw videos that hit flexible screens with hammers and they still looked the same…

  • Guest

    People! Why are you surprised? They never said that the digitizer touch screen will be flexible so of course it is still made of glass!!! What they’ve said is the display is flexible and it is!

    • Andrew Hope

      Guest, unbreakable non-glass screens & digitizers are indeed coming very soon & I personally thought the LG G-Flex was the first to market in that respect, hence the ridiculous price of innovation! Without that USP, it is a useless gimmick just like the Samsung Galaxy Round. God LG even copies Samsung’s crapness!!!

  • Klein Tamás

    People! Why are you surprised? They never said that the digitizer touch screen will be flexible so of course it is still made of glass!!! What they’ve said is the display is flexible and it is and as you can see on the video it didn’t break!

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    Wondering with which phone or camera have they filmed ? Really the quality is stunning !

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    You can’t give me good advise on Android phones if you are using an iPhone. That is just false advertising and proves to me you guys are using Android to make money and you don’t really support the platform.

    I’m never coming to this site again.

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      Don’t worry, Droid Life has a guy who uses iPhone too. There’s a running joke too as he told people to buy a certain phone even though he was going to buy the next iPhone no matter what.

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    Should have flimed with a lumia 1020 if you really wanted quality or just get a good video camera